204 Beauty Salons, 164 Bars Reopened Since Covid-19 Lock-down Ended


The Chief Health Inspector Sharon Martin has given a breakdown of the number of business places approved for reopening since the coronavirus lock-down ended.

Businesses were approved up until December and after December quarterly permits will be granted.

Martin says businesses which do not comply with sanitation and social distancing measures could be asked to close.

Beauty Saloons and Bars have topped the list.

Below is the full breakdown.

63 Churches

68 Restaurants

15 Gyms

204 Beauty Saloons

66 Nail Saloons

71 Barbershops

164 Bars

23 Grocery Shops

21 Casinos

23 Charter Vessels

9 Tour Companies

3 Day Care centers



    • I guess you have it and will be spreading it that’s all some of you do thrive on negativity. Am still waiting on the hundreds of ppl you all. claim to have the virus here and the hundreds that were gonna die

    • Why so negative? Because businesses open we are going to get covid!?! Please just stop.. you need positive energy around you

  1. Why the negativity? Don’t these people have their family to feed and look after? God never gives a man more than he can bare. If God wanted an outbreak it would have happen.

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