2024 Grade Six National Assessment Assignments



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  1. Looking at these lists and the students on them and the schools they come from and the schools to which they were assigned, it is obvious that there is a lot of prejudice in these assignments.

    The government might want to pay more attention to the government schools, rather than cosying up to the private schools which get the best of everything, including teachers and textbooks.

    It will help to overhaul the schools’ syllabus to ensure that the students are doing the subjects that would serve them in good stead. Makes no sense to have so many students go to the hoity-toity schools to learn subject that they have no future in. Our country is experiencing a shortage of technical studies in everyday skills which would be more beneficial than studying subject that they cannot use in their jobs.

    If we don’t change the curriculum and show more interest in our students who are more inclined to practical subjects, we will continue to import our plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc. Our leaders need to stop giving special treatment to the private schools and start paying attention to the children of the people who vote for them and put them into power.

  2. @I See. There is no prejudice. Private school students are citizens too. I think I read somewhere once that around half of all primary school students attend a private school. Those parents still contribute to the Education Levy etc. but they still save the government tons of money by paying for the teachers at those schools. There are many good reasons why a parent might choose private school for their young child e.g. school hours that match their work hours, better discipline for a difficult or at risk child, protection from neighbourhood bullies if the child has frenemies where they live, moral or religious traditions that match their family values, or an academic environment that matches their child’s skillet. There is nothing wrong with any of that. Choice of school for young kids is good. For some, the government schools are just fine, but every child has different needs. Many of the primary private school kids go on to government secondary schools so of course their names should be on the lists for schools where they are a good fit. There are no “hoity toity” schools. If a child has extra academic talent they should be placed in a stronger academic programme that allows them to live up to their potential both for their own benefit and for the benefit of society. Yes, other skills can be developed in the school system as well, but everyone needs certain basic academic knowledge in math, language etc. After secondary school they can choose a tertiary trade school or practical or academic programme that matches their interests and talents. Yes, students who are more talented in areas outside of academics should not feel lesser just because their academic grades are not as high as others, and projects and programmes can be added to the secondary schools to allow the others to shine and be appreciated more for their unique combinations of gifts and talents, but you don’t need to disparage the good academic students to make others feel better about themselves. All gifts and talents are important and should be appreciated.

  3. That comment about prejudice makes no sense. Why was that comment even published? Only government school families vote? Don’t be silly. Congrats to all the children who wrote the exam and are now moving on to the appropriate secondary school for them. The Ministry knows what it’s doing to manage the school system including both public and private schools. There are already tertiary trade schools for those who wish to attend. Best wishes on the next chapter of their lives for all the students.

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