2023 Cabinet positions announced (Full List)


Sir Molwyn Joseph-Minister of Health, the Environment, and Social Transformation.

Sir Molwyn

Daryl Matthew – Minister of Education, Creative Industries and Sports.


Maria Browne – Minister of Housing, Works, Land & Urban Renewal.

Melford Nicholas -Minister of Information, ICTs, Utilities and Energy.

Charles “Max” Fernandez – Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Transportation and Investment.


E P. Chet Greene Minister of Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Trade and Barbuda Affairs.


Steadroy Benjamin- Attorney General, Minister of Legal Affairs, Public Safety and Labour

Gaston Browne- Prime Minister and Minister Finance, Corporate Governance and Public Private Partnership

The previous Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda consisted of at least fourteen members.

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    • I still can’t believe Antigua people put back Maria in there for Gaston to thief the lands. What, we can’t see or we don’t use common sense? Voting for Maria is double Gaston. I want to puke all over again. Y’all vote for the opposite of “cutie” Benjamin again. What was it, money or the fact that he call everybody sweetheart? Antiguans, time to wake up, voting along party line will be detrimental to our future generations.

  1. The ABLP/PM has cornered itself into a very challenging position and probably one of the best position the country has for years. (a win for the citizenry). The fact that there is only one seat separating the overturn of governance one can only expect that has government has got to deliver some of basic needs for the citizenry. Water on a consistency basis, Salaries to the public sector on time, Medical facilities meeting the maintaining adequate supplies, It appears to the authorities to be have gotten the message evidence of the reduction of ministries. The oppositions are aware that the people doesn’t expect much from them as they are not in a position to deliver Jobs, infrastructure etc., all they need to do is just show up in Parliament and oppose almost everything without offering solutions and wait for the blunders to happen. The current composition of parliament doesn’t mean that CORRUPTION will end however with that backdrop of our Parliament the government must DELIVER if their wish is to re-elected the next election. Let the GAME begin!

    • Yes @ Alex the government has now got to deliver now that there will be more balance and accountability in parliament.

      The ABLP – hopefully – has recognised this fact and will put the citizens and the country first and we’ll see an end to self-enrichment, cronyism and wastage.

      As you put it Alex … “Let the GAME[s] begin!” 👍

      • Brixtonian, Parliament is not the place for accountability. Parliament is where we pass laws. Yes, they can ask questions from the PM and that has always been done. You have the Publics Accounts Committee headed by the leader of the opposition office for that. But Pringle has never done his job well. And then you have the budget debate and the debate on the audited financials when laid down in parliament. How often have you seen the opposition debate audited financials in parliament? That tells you about the caliber of people we chose to represent us. They have no clue when they review the financial statement what to ask the ruling party. You guys really do not understand how our system of government runs. The difficulty Gaston will have is with his legislative agenda. Not with executing his policies in the executive branch. And the Labour Party needs to remain united or we will have early election.

      • When a government grows the economy year after year by seven to eight % it has delivered. The point is that people were not looking for that type of economic improvement. They were looking for more bread-and-butter issues and what is in it for me. The fact that we have a university now and a new Cargo Port and the fact that we are now poised to receive more cruise ship passengers than ever before. The fact that we will be doing Homeporting all that didn’t matter to the voters. The bad road in the constituency did. The high prices in the supermarket did. The high price of gasoline did. The fact that we were the first to open our country during Covid and received tourists and opened our hotels didn’t matter. Not easy to please everyone. And then we vote for the party and not candidates in most instances.

        • @Sideline, are you serious? Please explain yourself because the last time I checked, the incumbent party was 6 votes away from loosing because of the lack of delivering any meaningful policies to help the people grow. Everything was about investors and no local citizens saw anything tangible that could make a difference in their lives. Instead Gaston’s personal bank account grew exponentially without transparency and accountability so please put a lid on your rubbish.

    • Dear Alex,
      Maybe the Cameroonians can take my place
      I am done, migrate I must, cause you people make me sick.
      #handouts #alltalk&nowalk #noconviction

    • @Alex…

      A…the Government is both the Ruling Arm(ABLP for now) and the Opposition!

      B…the UPP would be shooting itself in its foot, if they use the same old beliefs, that they’re not responsible to provide jobs to development of the Nation(infrastructure etc). The electorate is intelligent enough to know who’s doing and did what.

      C…the UPP should still engage those investors who were anchored off Sandy Island ready to come ashore, and invest in the Nation if they became the Ruling Arm.
      The Agriculture Sector needs development, education, processing plants etc., and with the Green Deals for global warming & climate change, private funding, grants, scholarships are all available outside of the Ruling Arm purview.
      Sport Tourism is another area where private.funds/grants can be used to develop Community Sporting Facilities.

      Alex, the UPP better not make the mistake of thinking, that they are not responsible for developing the Nation and providing jobs for the People. This is #NEXT #LEVEL of political leadership which the NATION demands.

      If their only job description is to go to the Parliament building and sit their hands, collect a check, then Kindergartners will work just as well.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

      • @Ras Smood
        The opposition in parliament is called the opposition because they are there to oppose the bad policies and laws that the ruling party wants to implement. They don’t have the resources or responsibility to provide jobs for the country, this is the responsibility of the government. They cannot seek out and
        bring in investors as this is the ruling party’s job.
        The opposition will do everything in their power to bring down the government hoping that they can takeover. That is the way it is and will always be.

  2. There are less persons with great responsibilitie. They are experienced and talented and deserve our support for the nation to continue to move in the right direction. The people have spoken.

    • @Sharon Lycorish: I do not eat lycorish.Experienced and talented you say.How did you measure those? It could not be based on past performances.Take a good look at the overall landscape of Antigua.It is the filthiest I am ever seen.The entire Island is like a Cooks Dump.Take a good look by walking into the Point Areas and Villa Area.

  3. It’s interesting that the not so favorite ministers and mps were the ones to get railroaded. Maybe the highscience was not executed on their behalf for their areas?

  4. Anyone else seeing what am seeing. Look at Gaston and Maria the novice portfolios

    Any thing that dem can thief from the country. Sad, sad, sad situation.

    • Gaston is getting bolder and bolder because he thinks he can get away with it. Does his ministers or the public protest?
      Did you include Namco and Public Works? When sensible people take issue with what’s going on, his supporters say people jealous.

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