2018 was a disastrous year says DNA


The leadership of the Democratic National Alliance has described 2018 as a disastrous year for the majority of residents.

In her New Year’s Day Joanne Massiah said notwithstanding the government’s repeated boasting of economic growth and low unemployment, people have become more “anxious, stressed, tense and fearful as a result of the moribund economy, escalating cost of living, rising unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure and corresponding social dislocations and disempowerment of the most vulnerable in our society.”

She said it has become more evident that the government is operating without either chart or compass but appears to be content to continue to “meander aimlessly without policies or prescriptions to reactivate those sectors which are poised to contribute more meaningfully to our economic growth.”

She described the government’s approach to development as “hit and miss” arguing that it must be rejected by the population “along with the tyrannical, autocratic and dictatorial behaviour which sadly, has come to characterize the preferred method of governance of the Gaston Browne administration.”

The DNA called on the Gaston Browne administration to re-order its priorities and to begin to put systems in place to address critical issues – foremost among them being comprehensive constitutional reform, reduction in the cost of living.

The party also called for “diversifying our economy to facilitate the growth of new and emerging disciplines, investment in technology and innovation, strategies to curb unemployment, redress of outstanding issues burdening our civil servants, reform of our judicial and penal systems, strategies to control the escalation of crime and violence in our society and an immediate end to the nepotism and corruption so rampant in our society.”

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  1. It is clear to me that while Joanne Massiah has left the UPP, the UPP has not left her. This business of speaking in the superlative is precisely the thing that the UPP does, and it is representative of the politics of the past. It is the kind of politics that Antiguans and Barbudans rejected in the last two elections. One cannot say that while there have been challenges that Antigua and Barbuda was not in a better position in 2018 than it was in 2017. The Gaston Browne Administration has performed, and for her to describe the economy as “moribund” is simply laughable. Joanne, your blue and yellow are beginning to show just beneath the crest of that orange jacket you’re now wearing! Stop being the mouthpiece of Bruce Almighty, the man of superlatives!

  2. Joanne you will not be taken serious if your analysis of the economy does not in anyway agree with that of independent outside professional agencies such as ECLAC, ECCB, CDB and IMF. That means all you do is politicking. And you are wasting your time. As the elections done past and you will have to wait another four years. It’s OK to be critical, but do it in such a way that people can see that you are being constructive and that you have better ideas.

    • The IMF has not now, nor for the last several years given Antigua and Barbuda positive growth…. Ask the Moses to let IMF release their findings…. All the others are given statistics and their findings are projections of government. ….. Don’t just stay on the side lines, read while you are there too

    • As usual, “From The Sideline” speaks the Truth. Joanne is yesterday, just like Harry Lovell. They have been firmly rejected by the voters and kicked to the curb by their constituents. The future lies with the labourite social democrats now in office. This is a People’s Government, not perfect, but progressive. The nation is moving forward. The spirit of V.C. Bird is among us. We are inspired. Forward Ever! Backward Never!

  3. The koolaid drinker on the sideline have the nerves to mention IMF. The last time the IMF published the article IV report on A&B was in 2015 for the year 2014. This is what the IMF saying on A&B for 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018. The authorities have not consented to publication of the staff report and the related press release.
    On the sideline what is it the IMF staff saying about our economy that the two brightest bulb in the room Weston and Gaston don’t want Antiguans and Barbudans to know? The IMF is the only organization that has staff on Antigua unlike the ones that just repeat what this administration reports “ECLAC”. You speak of ECCB and the CDB please show me a report saying A&B doing 6% growth as mention by your Puppet Master, from these two organizations. I would love for you to join me in asking the two brightest bulb in the room to release all of the IMF article IV reports from the time the ABLP came to office. What the hell they have to hide? Please open link. https://www.imf.org/en/Countries/ATG
    You all come in here every day with the Puppet Master spin. I wouldn’t allow this to happen anymore. Get off the sideline and read the IMF website for yourself and get off the red koolaid it’s destroying your brain.

  4. Massiah also said the PM should not only appear on his radio station to lay out government policies. he should be on State Radio ABS. The thing is when he does come on ABS they complain that he is using ABS for his political messages and that they call a misuse of state resources. So there you have it. You damned is you do and you damned if you don’t

  5. From Zero to 100 on borrowed money sounds like a crash waiting to happen, Buckle up your seat belt China will be putting “loop-de-loop” on Antigua.

  6. “meander aimlessly without policies or prescriptions” is 100 % correct we have a governance by talk radio, call into the gaston brown radio station and make a complaint (especially if you are a non antiguan) and it become policy

    caller: mr pm i dont have any water in my area
    pm: where do you live
    caller: point
    pm: i’ll see to it you get water (calls apua water manager)
    caller: you are the werl boss i get my water
    pm: my government blah blah blah

  7. Wait! Hold up! Has the DNA held its convention as yet to select a political leader? If so, when and who was elected as its leader?

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