20 years fighting for a black presence


By Makeda Mikael

After 31 year developing General Aviation in Antigua St. Kitts and Nevis, I had decided to retire in August 2021 and have been preparing the handover to a young team of Antiguan professionals.

I never thought I would  face being unceremoniously challenged in my operations and on my own property by the uninformed who do not realize that they failed to serve the people when the airport lands were sold to Allen Stanford, and which I have since acquired.

Having held the lands for seven years hoping that Government would realize that the most fragile and vulnerable section of the airport must be brought back into the airport footprint, many proposals were submitted to the Government whereby the absorption of the lands could be accomplished by land swaps and payment terms, all to no avail.

The response has always been one of contempt for the intelligence of my negotiators who recognize that Runway 10 was used as a criminal location corrupting 134 countries around the world in the years 2002-2009 and which must never happen again.

We have now come to a point where the lands may have to permanently separated from the airport as they are in Deed without easements, and be reused for ancillary services as the Airport Authority is unwilling to share the accommodation of landowner and parking strip owner.

All the airport owns is the parking ramp known as Runway 10 as the map shows the actual breakdown of the lands owned by Antigua Hangars Inc. (26.44 acres+ 5 Gates); FBO Real-estate Holding Ltd./Calvin Ayre (10acres+1 Gate) Government (Runway 10 + 0 Gate). Clearly there must be cooperation for Aviation to exist on Runway 10 (Dis-used).

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  1. Who is this woman anyway? She is unknown to me. Somebody explain who she is, and what is her background? Is she one of the elite in this country, and what is her politiclal background and history? Thank yu.

    • @ Betty’s Hope: That place(Estate) was name for a white young woman. There is a reason. Why she is unknown to you. She is a local person and a woman. She fights for her rights like all others ought to do. I see many of you using the word “Elite” to described her. What the hell does her political background has to with anything. What word would you use to describe Gaston Browne?

      • @Beach Bump she nah born ya!!!!! She born ah St. Kitts and just like every foreigner she get rich from den tinking politicians!!!!!!!!

        • Mayzoo: She went to High School. So what if she was born in St Kitts. Do you realized how many born Antiguans and Barbudans around this world doing very, very well, financially.

          SIDELINES: TELL US THE REAL ISSUES BETWEEN YOU AND MAKEDA. When her name was Valerie. Good luck to you in retirement Makeda. I do hope you enjoy it. Just keep yourself real busy. It keeps the mind refreshed and nourished.

          • @wanna bee…
            …plain and simple
            …when it comes to From the Sideline
            …da #Garrat Syndrome comes to mind.

            One thing is certain this lady Makeda is discussing topics which we should have being openly speaking on decades ago.

    • Yes she is a rich black woman and some people have an issue with that, including Gaston, because black people should not be prosperous in Antigua unless you are a Browne or a politician. They don’t have issues with the Syrians, Chinese, and all the white people coming in the country and getting rich.
      On his radio show on Saturday, Gaston bragged about all the sweet potatoes, pumpkins, watermelon and pawpaw he has on his farm and all the heavy duty farming equipment he owns. The poor farmers in Antigua will surely suffer as they will never be able to compete.
      Does this man really care about black Antiguans? Yes only at election time when he wants their votes. We get what we vote for.

      • @Questions…it’s being years, donkey years, that many of us have being advocating to get the same incentives and concessions in the Agriculture/Aquaculture Industry, as in the Tourism Industry.
        Personally, I see growth for all in this Industry with continued private investments. Where I have issues with Gaston’s investment in agriculture, he should be more inclined to invest in the processing, packaging, marketing, distribution all of which ties in with higher education.

        There is room for growth in this industry, and my fervent hope is that DNA could get a program up and running from now until……..the Nation needs and wants this industry to improve, but not in one direction, as in the same from the #OddFellas Club.

  2. Betty”s Hope with such a historical name I would assume that you would be more grounded in the history of Antigua and Barbuda and would have some idea of who Makeda Mikael is. Anyway, perhaps FROM THE SIDELINE or JUST SAYING can fill you in.

      • FROM THE SIDELINE from all the comments I have read on ANR from you about Makeda, I think that you are in far better position to provide information on the life and times of Makeda than I could. In fact, one would get the impression that you could perhaps write her biography. However, I would expect a balance view and not all the negatives that you have been promulgating.

          • Sidelines: So that is your beef with Makeda. She came between Lester Bird and you. It really stinks to hell. Now the truth is coming out. Keep on spewing your guts. You would surely feel better,I hope.

    • It was given to her by the receivers as a settlement for a court case she had against the Stanford Group. Very Strange things happened there.

    • @CERMLE: If Makeda was a white woman. Would you be asking those questions. There are many persons in Antigua and Barbuda of black skinned. Who are very well off, financially. If you are not one of those .That is your damn business. Are you too damn bad minded.No love for your own.

  3. How long has Calvin Ayer been in Antigua and how did he manage to acquire the airport lands? Seems to me that some people have issue with the black woman owning prime property but not white people. Gaston doesn’t think that black people should be rich. Only him, his family and friends like Calvin Ayer.

  4. Makeda was the owner/operator of FBO 2000 until she sold a few years ago. She acquired all the land from a court ruling that Stanford had tried to put her out of business and for defamation.
    Ayre acquired his lot from the Stanford liquidators as the highest bidder.

    • Does Gaston and his minions have a problem with Ayre owning the airport lands, or only the Black woman Makeda? Stanford came to Antigua and acquired hundred of acres of prime lands in Antigua. Did anybody in government have an issue with that?

    • 2.11 One of the assets already disposed of by the JLs is the Stanford Aviation Hangar and
      associated lands. This property was the subject of a continuing legal battle between
      SDC and FB02000 carried over from pre-liquidation events. In essence the claim
      SDC was defending was that the grant of a lease by the Government over a quarter
      of an acre parcel of land to FB02000 for the construction of a building, created a
      permanent right of way over other lands, including lands for parking, and gave
      FB02000 exclusive rights to operate as a Fixed Base Operation. Further it was
      alleged that a hanger built by Stanford was built without approval, and infringed on
      the rights of FB02000 and the quiet enjoyment of its quarter acre, and should be
      tom down. This was an expensive litigation with no end in sight, especially given
      FB02000’s propensity for litigation and that their earlier claim to a lease had gone
      through the Eastern Caribbean Court of Appeal and was finally settled by the Privy
      Council in the UK
      2.12 It was therefore resolved that a commercial proposition would be sought to resolve
      the litigation and bring certainty to the issue. In the event and after substantial
      negotiation, it was resolved to transfer the SDC lands adjoining the quarter acre to
      FB02000, and for them to withdraw all their claims for a payment to the SDC estate
      of EC$5.5 million. At the time our estimate of value of the transferred lands was in
      the range of EC$6 – EC6.5 million, which we discounted to EC$5.5 million in
      recognition of the potentially significant time and cost of continuing litigation, which
      could have dragged on for years, and against the possibility of a ruling in favour of
      FB02000, which could significantly reduce the land value, especially if the hanger
      was to be tom down. This compromise settlement and land transfer was approved
      by the Court.

      • The main question I have is, who was the surveyor that value the entire property at EC$6 -$6.5 million. That is gross professional misconduct. That stink of corruption. And this happened at a time when the staff was awaiting to be paid their severance. Meanwhile Stanford Assets were given away. As they say to hell with the law that says Employees need to be the first to get paid.

  5. FROM THE SIDELINE the more you comment is the more you justify my view that you know a lot about Makeda and you want me to provide information about her. It looks as if you detested the close working relationship she had with Lester. Don’t you have that kind of relationship with Gaston?

    • Charles what does it say of you if even your children stay far away from you and your business. In any other situation sons would look forward to work with their mother in building up the business. Especially one as lucrative as this. Not that they have not tried. Therefore, you cannot blame them. Let’s take Trump and his children as an example. My children have since they came out of college indicated that they have no interest in the field of business that I’m in. I can appreciate that. My business will therefore die with me. But is not a case where they are in Antigua working for someone else. They are grown men and women with their own family, unfortunately living abroad.
      If it is one thing I was concern about before the 2014 election, is that Asot would have controlled Gaston as he did Lester. Gaston has proven to be exactly what he promised us. Nobody runs his life. Like how Giselle is running Harold’s life. he is a weak leader. He is controlled.

  6. I thank all of you! The well wishers and the bad minded and lub ugly! For those who defy history I was born a citizen of St.Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, Antigua-Barbuda-Redonda, Montserrat and Dominica.
    I am very rich in spirit to fight for my rights, which has delivered!

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