20-Year-Old Woman Fatally Shot, Becomes Third Homicide Victim of 2023 in the Nation


UPDATE: 20-Year-Old Female Marks Third Homicide of 2023 in the Nation Authorities have verified the passing of a 20-year-old woman who was shot on Monday evening in Greenbay Hill.

Despite medical efforts, she tragically lost her life while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

Regrettably, she becomes the third individual to fall victim to murder in the country this year.

Under the cover of darkness, a lone gunman or a group of assailants unleashed a barrage of gunfire upon the young woman and a 25-year-old male hailing from Jennings.

The male victim presently remains hospitalized in a grave condition.

At this point, the motive behind this dual shooting remains undetermined.

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  1. Bring back public execution. When these assholes are caught red handed, quick trial and execution. Slapping dem on d wrist and putting dem ina corner not doing a damned thing for this country.

    And who bringing in all the guns that these assholes can buy just so? I have heard rumours and they need to be brought down too. They paying you know who to look the other way. I will laugh when I hear one a dem family member get killed by the same guns dem bring in.

    • The threat of possibly being executed isn’t a stalwart deterrent to prevent crime. It is counterproductive and an unnecessary means to an end.

      What is required is prevention. Electronic surveillance and higher police presence in vulnerable areas known for high criminal activities,

      Social services and programs such as drug rehabilitation centres, food banks, after school activity centres, planned parenting programs etc.

      We need to help those most affected by poverty and the less fortunate of our society instead of simply eradicating those who become lost due to circumstance.

      The authorities need to get to the source (the men, women & children) who are affected and are located in these areas.

      Help is what’s needed not barbaric practices.

      • @Mikey Mouse. Lots of great suggestions except the poor doesn’t need the type of “planned parenthood” some organisations are pushing these days. Young people need more Parenthood Preparation instead. In olden times, a young man wasn’t allowed to date a young lady in private until he had his career sorted and they were officially engaged so that their children could be raised up well. In these times, young people should be encouraged to hang out in places other than at fetes, instead spend time talking and getting to know one another at more wholesome entertainment places or whilst doing community service etc. They should work on things like their education, job, and saving up a deposit for a home for their family before getting too deeply into serious relationships. This will help their children to grow up in a more stable and secure environment when they eventually have them, resulting in fewer troubled youth. Society currently offers very little to help teenagers and other youths do the right thing, just fetes and more fetes.

  2. 🤔Somebody on a mission to prove a point like people’s lives aren’t worth anything these days.

    Knowledge watch yourself, I see you hanging out alot these days. It’s like you and Cowboy have the same Obeah man are you fully guzu dung. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

  3. @ where can we get an illegal gun.On any street corner. I am now wondering. What is the Police Commissioner going to say about this sad situation.

  4. Wen death come for u , u can’t run. The man was shot right in his bed an die. So go home stay home or Rome bro wen it’s ur turn it not going back without u.

  5. Gm,my condolences to the young lady family, she’s was such a young soul, and gone to soon inner stupidity of a asshole gunman, or gunmen. The government need to do something with all if these guns, coming in Antigua. Stop the Violence people, the Lord will stop you all one day.

    • And who says there being brought in?

      These guns right here!

      Just a few weeks ago 2 license guns were allegedly stolen, so how are you sure these or this was an unlicensed gun?

      Sometimes I think you guys should just read and don’t comment.

    • O M G 🤦🏾‍♀️ I thought we got rid of you. Ffs WE KNOW HE DID AND HE SERVED TIME FOR IT TOO REMEMBER OR YOU CONVENIENTLY FORGOT THAT PART?? Maybe u shoulda been this vocal telling Te$$a not to be involved with married men because any threat to their marriage and home will cause them to become temporarily unhinged. Let the girl Rest In Peace the man did his time MADE DAMN GOOD USE OF HIS TIME INCARCERATED BY HELPING THOSE WHO CHOSE TO STRIVE TO BEING BETTER!! It’s time you let it go NOBODY WANT HEAR U NO MORE. GO HEAL AND PRAY FOR A FORGIVING HEART … ITS OVER

  6. Deliberate and deadly hit!
    Let me give the stupid Antigua police a hint…Check ex-boyfriend/s and baby daddy!
    And check out who is on the street ‘renting’ guns to scumbags to commit crimes.

    • You gwan feel like them police na know bout the streets. Down to them likkle youth man that got them Fanny packs cross them chest as young as dem be dem mans got dem scene in dem bag. But u see when people a sponsor multiple major events in the country from sports to carnival we tend to not see a lot of things BUT only cry out when them and dem family become victim. Do U know how embarrassing it was to see the Syrian community SUMMON Antigua MP’s and top cops like lil boys to scold dem over one of their own dying by the hands of guns being in the wrong hands?? Then again it come right back to me saying ONLY WHEN IT HITS HOME, HINT HINT. Will these same MPs respond to the grieving parents of this 20yr old woman??? I FKN HATE IT HERE 🤦🏾‍♀️

  7. I remember I saw a video on youtube ,WHO TO MAKE A GUN ,it doesn’t have to come in by boat or whatever, it can be made here

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