20 Visitors Who Tested Positive For Covid-19 Have Returned To The United States


Health Minister Molwyn Joseph says the 20 visitors who tested positive for the coronavirus have returned to the United States.

It was revealed over the weekend that some of the visitors booked flights the following day after receiving their positive result.

“All of the positive tests, apart from the people who came in from the Dominican Republic — I’m talking now about the 39, which was a combination of people coming from the Dominican Republic and some visitors who came to Antigua and Barbuda, all the visitors have since returned to the United States,” Joseph said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Gaston Browne said they were threatening hotel staff and the government with lawsuit if they did not allow them to leave the country.



  1. Yes because Antigua is a fully dunce country like the dancehall artiste who got shot the other day rygin king dunce set of people laughing stock of the world is what you people are!

    • Well u want to be here in this country! So who ah the Dunce????? God Bless Antigua Land dear to us all!!!! Well done! Like I been saying. If anyone is travelling they Mandatory that they present a covid-test results to the airline 48 hours before getting on the flight Especially the flights that are coming from the regional!

  2. Nothing illuminating at all about illuminati!!!! Hope that the local authorities are able to track the future whereabouts of these twenty. Given the high daily death tolls in their own native countries, they may well rue the day they opted to return home! He who laughs last laughs best.

  3. They left on a airplane knowing that they were positive exposing COVID-19 to the masses? They are going to come in contact with 100’s of people! I am appalled and disgusted! How selfish and insensitive. And the powers that be accepted this? I wonder if the airline was notified that the passengers received Covid-19 positive results? I remember back in March that a few people were banned for life from popular airlines for not disclosing that they TESTED for Covid-19, let alone received POSITIVE results. Suggestion: if they are choosing to fly to Antigua, then abide by the quarantine rules for positive cases. How irresponsible to expose the other passengers and crew.
    Lawsuit?? Someone has to make the tough decisions. The general health of the public is more important than lawsuits. Lawsuits?
    Really? They should have been quarantined and asked to pay the fee. They should have been tested before the initial flight to Antigua. Testing can be done at the pharmacy of some major drug stores in the US. We have to be responsible for each other and do better. Just my opinion. Now is not the time to silent or muzzled.

  4. The question to be asked here: Was the airline that dispatched there 20 covid-19 positive passengers notified about the status of these travelers ? I would hope so. If not, then we are really putting our already fragile tourism industry into further jeopardy. I await for our reporters to ask the minster of health and other officials, the hard and serious questions on this matter.
    We are playing Russian roulette with our nation.
    Need to have an immediate halt to this madness.
    Tell the people the truth.

  5. These American Airlines flights are coming from Miami which is rapidly becoming the new epicenter of COVID 19. Anyone coming in on these flights should be quarantined in Government facilities until they have delivered a negative test result. Passengers travelling to Antigua should sign agreement before flying that they agree to these conditions and if they’re not willing to then they can go somewhere else as they are not welcome here. Antigua & Barbuda cannot afford to see these imported cases spread to the community.

  6. These people probably weren’t even positive.. we don’t gen know what kind of test they took. Whether it’s for the antibodies or for covid … Antigua cannot does anything right. I won’t be surprised if they go home and test negative

    • This seems to be the case of the group of 8 who stayed at Sandals. 2 tested positive and on their arrival in miami they ALL tested negative

  7. I really hope the airlines were informed about who was positive. This endangers airline staff, other passengers, airport staff in multiple airports, taxi drivers, etc

  8. Is not back home they supposed to go? We are an independent and sovereign country. You don’t want to abide by our rules and laws? Take your ass back where you came from! If any one of us went to the US and refused their test, what they hell do you think they would do? SEND YOUR ASS BACK WHERE YOU CAME FROM!!

  9. Does Molying Joseph even have a medical background? The Gaston machine only thinking about creative enrichment at the risk of our health. Keep on voting him in. Enjoy those table scraps the govt giving you. The tests are returning inaccurate results. Nothing but a pappy show.

    Close the damned borders and stop risking our lives for your personal creative enrichment.

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