2 more COVID-related deaths at SLBMC


Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC):

Dr. Albert Duncan, SLBMC Medical Director said: “We can confirm that sadly, two patients, who had underlying health conditions, have passed away at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

“They had both tested positive for COVID-19. Here are the details:

Sex: Female
Age: 93
Admitted: September 21
Date/Time of Death: September 27 at 7:54pm

Sex: Male
Age: 87
Admitted: September 21
Date/Time of Death: September 28 at 4:43am

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with the patient’s families and loved ones at this difficult time.”

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  1. Dr. Albert Duncan, The Leader of UPP Mr. Harold Lovell is asking why we have so many deaths from Covid in Antigua and Barbuda? Can you please take some time out of your busy schedule to educate the poor gentleman? I mean he must have been sleeping for the last year and a half. Even the Prime Minister warned us that Antigua and Barbuda is in a very high-risk category, because of our high ratings as it comes to communicable diseases. Perhaps he is not aware of these things. And as he is a Prime Minister in waiting, we need to make sure he is knowledgeable of all these things. Poor guy.

    Harold. When you ask stupid questions, you will only look stupid. Not smart. It’s better you remain quite than to open your mouth and have poeple remove all doubt.

    • FROM THE SIDELINE what you need to do is ask Gaston Browne about his “dog inna morgue” song and find out if Antigua has reached that stage.

  2. Dr. Duncan, it is sad that 2 aged people died in hospital of their underlying health conditions.
    I really hope they lived their long lives fully and their families can take comfort from this in their time of loss.

    The big question is Did they die of Covid-19?
    It appears from your statement not.
    They tested positive but came to hospital with other issues.

    I ask you again, as you have given no answer yet,
    When people present at MSJMC with an ailment, yet at hospital they test positive for covid 19, if they die, is that death automatically added to the covid tally OR is their ailment listed as cause of death.

    I’m suspicious that anyone testing positive for covid is being listed as a covid death, when that may not be proven.

    Second question – when will you divulge the reason for A&B alarmingly high death rate?

  3. Many people appear to be passing away from the combination of covid and underlying medical problems. They are leaving their families early and before their expected time and therefore should be listed as a covid death.

    Can the Registrar of Deaths provide a report on the number of deaths each month, since the arrival of the virus, for comparison to the average monthly figures for the previous 5 years??

    The funeral homes may also be able to provide a figure.

    Condolences to everybody who have lost lives ones throughout this period

  4. New Zealand population: 5.1 million, confirmed cases: 4200, number of deaths: 27. New Zealand also has one of the lowest vaccination rate at 34%. With just about 250 active cases in a population 5.1 million and low vaccination numbers New Zealand seems to be doing many things right.

  5. What is it you guys do not understand? It is the underlying conditions that Covid attacks and cause you to die. That is why people with underlying conditions are at the highest risk of dying if they have Covid. If you Blood Pressure and you get Covid, your blood pressure will go up uncontrollable. If you are diabetic, that too will become uncontrollable. Being vaccinated will give you a better fighting chance against Covid. That is why in the early days we try to vaccinate the elderly as much as possible. But I understand some children prevented their mother, father, granny and grandpapa to go and get the vaccine. Perhaps it is there way of saying, just get Covid and die. But regretting it they should. Cause what we need to find out is where did these elderly people contracted the Covid. Was it brought by the very same family members? Enquiring minds need to know.

  6. No matter how young you are and you go the MSTMC and tested Covid positive and die you had underlying issues. I would like to know, when someone is tested positive at the Centre and is admitted, what treated do they receive other thank lying in a bed or placed on a ventilator:

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