19-year-old shot outside Diamond Ice


Police Probe Early Morning ShootingCLICK HERE TO JOIN WHATS APP GROUP

A man from Point is currently in police custody assisting with investigations into an alleged shooting incident on All Saints Road.

The circumstances surrounding the incident are still under investigation; however, a 19yr old man of Parham is at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center nursing what is believed to be gunshot wound to his thigh.

The incident is said to have occurred just outside Diamond Ice around
5:50 am.

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  1. At 5:00am they should be waking up to go 6:00am mass to give their collection. Instead they putting their lost dolla between a ooman krutch.

    • You sound so stupid and out of touch Diamond edge isn’t a strip club, and not everyone desires the slace master’s Kool aid

    • @ (.) maybe you need somebody to put their *lost dolla* between your *krutch* if you have any of either left…..Go learn to spell and graciously leave people alone to live their lives how they please jack, you fake christians and church goers always so dam judge-mental.

  2. Antigua is getting so bad it makes local residence afraid to leave their homes. Granted there is crime throughout the world, but on a small island, being bombarded with the dark side of life every day is a little much. You can’t ignore it, you need to know what’s going on around you so you can protect yourself and love ones.
    Shopping at the market..walking through the streets of Antigua. Make sure you have your wallet well hidden for fear someone might see you pay for something, follow you and rob you at gun point. Maybe getting attacked and killed by some crazy transient just because they can.
    Everyday the news is more disgusting than the day before. Incest, rape, murders, robberies, crooked politicians and lawyers.
    This island paradise needs good leadership.
    Just because you drive your fancy cars and live in big houses, having your helpers do all your duty work will not protect you.
    All you rich foreigners that live here, you better start doing something to help clean up ANU before people get even more desperate and start coming after you.
    All you high end politicians that are making up for lost time during the pandemic are now traveling all around the world and spending the tax payers money and staging your photos, need to get home and MAKE ANTIGUA SAFE AGAIN.

    • Antigua will never be safe again. Too many foreigners, too many copycats following the american way of life. Its the same in my neck of the woods. A beautiful paradise but not the foreigners commiting the crimes. The locals are murdering, robbing, carjacking, shotting in broad daylight. Its scary. I just wish that God would come and end it all.

  3. I am sadden from all this . My heart goes out to all parents who’s children have been traumatized with no justice and the children who have to live with scars for the rest of their lives. The mare fact that any child /children goes through these attrocious acts and still the survive the scruitiny of society and they are still fighting for a sence of belonging then we the public scorn them we are just as cruel and guilty as the ones who committed these acts to them.

    We call them names, especially if its a boy, he gets molested the perpitrator gets 3,4 or 5 yrs for this offence. He walks free the child has to face the scruitiny from society he is therefore called an antiman, battyman or a fish those were children, helpless little children.
    Why is society so cruel? We should all remember we are living on a world that spins what goes around comes around we should not be quick to throw stones. stones bounce back. We are too small minded we are too cruel. We as a community should be sitting and thinking of a way to clean up these damn streets tap call people pickney names that they dont deserve we all have neices, nephews and family members these things can happen to.

    2. Since january a fire took place in nut grove a young man is still missing a father is still grieving when is he going to get closure? When are all the families of missing persons going to get closure? All the leaders of this country where are you? Where are your feed on this matter y is it that they poor have to be going through all this rocus while you go on living your lives y because we are less fortunate if it was one of your family members results would have been here already. Family members would be found long time. It greives my heart when i imagine what these families are going through. This police department needs upgraded facilities with equipment to get cases like these solve. What are we putting our money in for high officials to live lavicious lives while our society goes down the gutter full of murder, rape, fraud, etc.and the justice system is so damm bias. Open your eyes people we all have a chance to air our views we want to make this island safe again we want our children to be safe and comforable again what are we going to do?

    In some part of the world if youthief them chop you hand off, if you rape the chop you dick off, if you kill you get the same faith too are we allowing all these crimes to escalate while these people that does these henious crimes walk the streets again an example needs to make out of one and everyone else would buckle


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