No Fanfare Needed, Just Fix the Problems in St. Mary’s South


Dear Senator Dwayne George:

As you prepare to launch your campaign this weekend, with pomp and circumstance, let me remind you that Southsiders are not into sensationalism. Of course we enjoy a good fete, but as you know well, we are independent minded and strive to be self sufficient.


We know that campaign promises are extremely critical in winning elections, but the ABLP is already sitting on a pile of undelivered promises. We know that because of the by-election there is this big focus on St. Mary’s South, more so than we have seen in the past 9 years.

The people out here are paying attention. So while the performances, all the fans and bicycles are good gestures, we have real issues that need to be addressed in St. Mary’s South.

  • No water in most of the St. Mary’s Constituency this week, although there are two RO Plants.
  • The major waterways need to be cleaned, as it is hurricane season.
  • No work has been done on the Cades Bay Bridge in the past 6 months, despite major accidents.
  • Cosmetic road work will not cut it. In fact, your wasteful approach to repairs is infuriating people.
  • Bolans Clinic still not in operation after the official opening in March.
  • Johnson’s Point clinic is closed. The pharmacy is still in need of repairs. The walls are falling apart.
  • Cleaning supplies are needed for both clinics.
  • The pineapple field at Cades Bay is still not in operation.
  • Urlings basketball court is still in a state of disrepair.
  • We still do not have a fire truck at the station.

Unfortunately, there was a major fire last weekend where the residents lost their home and all of their belongings. I will be listening keenly to hear you on the platform on Sunday and hopefully you will address some of these vexing issues.

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There is really no need to come with any grandiose promises, projects and initiatives in the St. Mary’s South at this point. We are practical people and just ask that attention is given to the infrastructure and meeting the basic needs of the community. That is our priority right now.

If you really want our votes in St. Mary’s South, just deliver on the outstanding issues that I referenced. You know better, a litany of promises and pipe dreams will not capture hearts and minds in St. Mary’s South.

Sincerely, Sunbeam

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  1. What about the casino in Jolly Harbour which has just changed hands & now being renovated, so big bucks can be made. No mention of severance being paid to the workers of which many were from St Mary’s south ???

    • Me na know u wa u a say a de truth Mr back bit ter u want to win y u an u government na come and open the clinic and put some work on the bridge the police station these are the the mindset of the people u kk we na play little boy not ya

  2. They take this thing for joke. Dwayne George boasting about painting the Fisheries Building. Where is Public Works? He making his own government look bad. He need to paint all the schools too. Bunch of jokers!

  3. @Sunbeam
    Your letter was well thought out and you sound like someone who just wants your village to be well run. I also admire your civic pride in your people in St Mary’s South.

    However, I believe what you are hoping for with the election of Dwayne George will not be realized. This is not because Mr George himself does not want to see these things realized, but simply because his presence there as a candidate for the ABLP has little to do with what he wants and everything to do with what his leader wants.


    Just that plain and simple.

    With that in mind, were he to win, he might get a shock to see that that would be the end of all the niceties going to SMS.

    With that in mind, we hope he would not be too disappointed if he was cast aside, were he to lose.

    When you play a game, you must be aware of the rules that favor you, and especially those that could work against you.

    • A people of My sweet little (Anu,wadali , Antigua 365.) Wa me say right a time we fu open up u eyes and look around u surrounding an see we na lie

  4. So are you the writer saying that all these projects must be completed before the by-elections? From what I can tell, you are also playing the game of tit-for-tat. You will not be voting for the new candidate as this letter was written by a UPP-sympathizer. That is rather apparent.
    One of things about politics is the fluidity and dynamism of it all. People will come and go.
    Don’t you believe that the ABLP will work hard to maintain this seat in the general elections, should he win the by-election?
    If you can’t see that, then you’re not strategic.
    The constituents of the south have to make the decision that is in their best interest.
    If they believe that the UPP candidate can accomplish more as an opposition member, then go right ahead and shew him in.
    In a by-election, at least two sides must have a candidate. That’s the way the law and constitution work.
    All the noise about loyalty and tergiversation is irrelevant at this juncture.
    It’s all about representation of the people in the executive body of the government.
    Don’t underestimate the capacity of the ABLP to keep that seat in the general elections.
    Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.
    Vote for your future.

    • Dave Ray why don’t you learn to be truthful. Listening to you on radio , showed how far you will go to tell a story by lying not exaggerating. Here you are trying to love on Dwayne George, he is no different than you. You were a traitor to your wife same way he is a traitor to the people he told not to vote for Samantha and her party. Go try escorting and scamming some elderly.

  5. @Dave Ray your long diatribe is a mixture of verbal diarrhea and BS. It’s hard to tell whether you are talking out of our mouth or your arse. Not sure whether you need mouthwash or toilet paper.
    The lack of action by the ABLP in St. Mary’s South is not unique, it is happening in all constituencies. How will Dwayne George convince us that he can accomplish what Samantha and other ABLP candidates failed to do? The gimmicks that work in other constituencies do not work in the south. Just like Samantha Dwayne George will find out.

    • A people of My sweet little (Anu,wadali , Antigua 365.) Wa me say right a time we fu open up u eyes and look around u surrounding an see we na lie

  6. @Dave Ray: The people of the South could not and cannot be bought.Why are you still in the Labor Camp.They made certain promises to you and did not keep them.Some of you like to be SODOMIZED by the Labor Party.Are you one of those? Just asking.

  7. This Dave Ray like to be in the things. His argument make no sense. If ABLP want people to vote for them they should adress the concern of the people. If the people vote against Labour in January because of poor performance and nothing change, why they going to vote Labour again. Nothing change. The clinic water, bridge still the same way. It is simple. Focus on the message that the people send in January. They were disappointed in Labour then and changing the candidate don’t fix the problem.

  8. Some badie tell de man pan de truck with his music go back a Bethesda go mek e noise no mon brethren as a big man me know u me an u go a Bethesda primary school so dat na mek no sense u can’t vote around here Mr big man

  9. A people of My sweet little (Anu,wadali , Antigua 365.) Wa me say right a time we fu open up u eyes and look around u surrounding an see we na lie

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