Over 176 prisoners refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine in Antigua and Barbuda


Some 176  inmates at Her Majesty’s Prison, (HMP) reportedly refused to take the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine when it was offered to them on Thursday.


State media identified Acting Prison Superintendent, Jermaine Anthony as the source of the information.


Anthony said 65 out of 244 inmates were vaccinated on March 8, however, only three volunteered to take the injection on Thursday.


Over 30 prisoners were recently transferred to a newly renovated facility at the ABDF Crabbs Peninsular training area after they tested positive for COVID-19.


Anthony also said 43 correctional officers did not show up to take the vaccine, an accusation which they deny, saying that they were not notified and some had already made their own arrangements to be vaccinated.

“On March 5th 2021, out of a total complement of 101 staff to include 95 officers and six civilian staff, 26 officers were vaccinated,” he reported.


He said again on March 8, “out of a complement of 244, 65 inmates were vaccinated and on that same day, we would have had a total of 20 correctional officers being vaccinated”.



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  1. Since this is a matter of personal choice, it looks like some might be choosing death over life. It’s a personal decision. God knows.

    • A personal choice to potentially infect others with this dreadful disease. All those who refuse to take the vaccine should be housed together and away from those whose chances of being infected would have been significantly reduced through vaccinations.

  2. The Creator endowed us with FREE WILL, so …..
    But with free will comes CHOICE and choices have consequences – good and bad.

  3. They dont have freedom of choice because they belong to the government only free people have a chioce Jab them or starve them

    • Aren’t you a demonic soul. Starve them???
      Obviously you do not understand that the government has a LEGAL RESPONSIBLY to protect the health and welfare of these people. If they refuse the jab, that is their choice and no one has the legal or moral right to make it for them!

  4. Since cov has a death rate of a little over 2 percent according to the data (go to
    people need to stop living in fear! This isnt the spanish flu, people arent dropping like flies here, plus the vaccine is experimental and your all guinea pigs, all while the big pharma companies making billions while making countries sign waivers that they cant sue if they have side effects or drop over dead. Im glad everyone has a choice. Gotta stop fear mongering because I think everyone is sick of the baloney.

    People need to wake up and start following the money trail and figure out who is benefiting from this as it sure aint the regular citizens.

    God hasn’t given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind from 2 Timothy 1:7.

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