17-year-old boy stabbed at adult night club


A 17-year-old boy from Newfield was reportedly stabbed at the G-Spot night club this week.

Reports indicated the teenager visited the 18 and over establishment and spent some time in a room with a woman.

After leaving the room, boy reportedly discovered that his cellphone was missing.

When he returned to the room, an argument ensued between him and the woman over the phone and the young man reportedly took up money belonging to her.

As he was leaving, he was reportedly attacked by some people at the club and stabbed.

Investigations are ongoing into the matter.

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    It is open to speculation as to what the minor may have been trying to find.

    Not sure if ‘…G-Spot’ is the shortened version for ‘…Good Spot.’

    This could never have happened to my friend ‘…Duncy Bat.’

    G-Spot or ‘…Good Spot,’ he would have left his wallet and cellular phone with a trusted friend.

    Never know, if he had found a ‘…Good Spot,’ he may have behaved ‘Duncy’ and get a ‘Bat’ too.

    Sure the minor may have been looking for anything else, but a ‘…Stab wound.’

    Whatever he may have found, sure like hell he now know that it is not every ‘…Spot is Good’ for a boy.

    Seemed that for someone that age and at the hour of night, a ‘…Good Spot’ to be is at home.

    • @ Mr Pompey
      Spending time in a room with a woman.
      Di you think the police ignored part of the investigation.

      Surely he must account for what caused him to be in the room?

      Prostitution is also a crime.

      Mr Burton of the UPP please take note what you are encouraging. Prostitution and under aged patrons spending time in room with woman.

      Your move Mr Burton election is fast approaching. Your opponent just said check mate. What say you?


        From an investigative perspective, an investigator would probe deeply into;

        (a) …Time of, and number of visitation/s;

        (b) …Knowledge of what obtains on premises;

        (c) …Reasons for his presence on those premises;

        (d) …Identity of host;

        (e) …Activity in room;

        (f) …Duration;

        (g) …Ascertain if a fee was involved;

        (h) …Full explanation as to what may have caused the incident;

        (i) …Bodily injuries sustained; and

        (j) …Weapon used etc.

        (i) …Ability to identify attackers.

        Knowledge of these incidents has often been;

        (i) ‘…Non-payment;

        (ii) …Half payment;

        (iii) …Counterfeit Bills for payment;

        (iv) …Pawned property-mostly jewelry; and sometimes,

        (v) …Thief back money.

        Two things, patrons cannot leave;

        (i) …Without payment; and (ii) …Without a fight.’

        Just as you would like to be ‘…paid for what you have earned,’ you are expected to pay when, and whatever you have been served.’

        Watch it ‘…Duncy Bat.’ Nothing is ever free.

        Better to get yourself a wife and behave like a ‘…Bat,’ than to behave ‘Duncy’ and get a knife.

        • @ Mr Pompey
          The Police investigators definitely missed a spot not sure if it is the “G” one….

  2. We all know why the underage boy was at the night spot, my question would be why was he allowed entry. No ID no entry, we all know how old they look, ask for ID.

  3. This wounding incident could possibly lead to a case of human trafficking these things are dynamic.

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