17 candidates endorsed at ABLP convention, Asot out.


POINTE XPRESS: The ruling Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) took a definitive step in its preparations for general elections on Sunday when it endorsed the slate of candidates who will contest the polls which are constitutionally due by March next year.

During the party’s convention yesterday afternoon at its new headquarters on Nugent Avenue, there was standing room only as the ABLP’s seventeen candidates were introduced to rousing applause.

The convention heard from Chairman of a Suitability Committee, Hilroy Humphreys, who headed the team selected to interview the persons who presented themselves as potential candidates.

Humphreys said four candidates were interviewed for the All Saints East and St. Luke seat, however, Col- in James was ultimately selected as the most suitable candidate.

An identical number came forward in Barbuda, but Senator Knacyntar Nedd got the nod.

In St. Peter, two candidates presented themselves, but the three-member Suit- ability Committee voted for Rawdon Turner as the preferred candidate.

The other candidate, the incumbent Member of Parliament for St. Peter’s, Asot Michael, was deemed unsuitable by two of the three members of the panel.

Humphreys explained that the committee was only empowered to make recommendations, with the final selection of candidates left to the selection of the convention.

Following several amendments to the party’s constitution, the seventeen candidates presented were all approved by the convention.

This now finalises the party’s slate for the upcoming elections.

In his remarks, Chair- man, E. P. Chet Greene said the ABLP has proven itself through its record of achievements over the past eight years. Among them, he identified the government’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We introduced measures to keep our economy afloat and to continue paying government workers and paying pensions, even though the economy had declined by more than 20 per- cent and government was getting little or no revenue. We fought hard to ensure there was at least one person per household being paid,” he said.

According to Chairman Greene, people are now back to work, hotels have re- opened and ports of entry to the country are bustling.

“There is no denying that our economy is bouncing back, that has happened de- spite the blows delivered by COVID-19 and, it happened only because the government of this great ABLP rose, once again, to the occasion of safeguarding our nation’s economy and protecting the welfare of our people,” he declared.

Delivering the feature address, the ABLP’s Political Leader, Gaston Browne, gave a stirring account of his administration’s stewardship of the nation’s affairs since taking office.

He recalled the significant sums spent by the government on education from the preschool to tertiary levels, with student grants amounting to over $240 mil- lion since 2014.

Other expenditure on education has included the expansion of most secondary school plants and the crowning jewel of the counry’s education system, the fourth landed campus of the University of the West Indies located at Five Islands.

The ABLP leader also detailed his administration’s expenditure in other sectors of the economy:

Tens of millions to im- prove and expand the health care infrastructure.

Over 1000 subsidised homes valued at over $300 million

Duty free and tax waiv- ers exceeding $250 million to facilitate car ownership, home ownership and for capital purchases for small business development

Over $100 million to upgrade and expand the infrastructure of the country’s schools, including the co struction of the Sir Novelle Richards Academy.





  1. Asot Michael will be the fly 🪰 in the ABLP’S ointment 🧉at the next General Election.

    Legally, he’s allowed to represent his constituency according the law courts and the ABLP constitution.


    • What do you know about the ABLP Constitution? You heard about a court decision, but you have no clue what the meaning of it was. You think those in the ABLP do not know their own constitution?

  2. LIE . You hear LIE

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  4. No list of the 17 executive approved candidates published in this article.
    Presumably no current ministers of pension age have been approved to stand, in line with the Leader of the Party’s speech about pensioners standing aside to make space for younger people to reenergize the party and take it forward.

  5. Time to do a facial recognition of the cult, so that when UPP win, they will not be kept in any position where they can sabotage anything and leak information to the black rose or anyone else.

  6. Was comrade washie and Gretna at the cult meeting? Nobody help Gretna more than Asot when her house was burned down.
    I wonder if the comrades now believe the caribarena tapes with Asot Robin and Lester discussing how they colluded with Ron Saunders to rip-off the country with the IHI kickback scheme?

  7. Asot. Your move. When are you going to be play your ACE of SPADES ♠️! Nothing can TRUMP that!!


  8. “You did it before 8 years ago and you must do it again VOTE ALP 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  9. Bey bey Asot. Your political career is over as far as the Labour Party is concerned. maybe you can buy a seat at the UPP or DNA.

    • @From The Sideline…”buy a seat⁉️“
      You just admitted to the fact, that the millions which politicians spend on campaigning is to, “buy a seat,” in order for them to use that seat, to not only enrich themselves but others in their circles as well, while ripping off the public treasury(WPP, Ground_Fakings, 💯% cost overrun on the new airport, poor quality work on other projects.
      Again, the day the Nation get a leader with a true commitment, to rid the Nation of these crooked politicians habits many of them will be Ex-convicts like HUMPHREYS!

      Thiefs, liars, crooks are who you all support as politicians. It’s not surprising, that crimes of all nature are rising in the Nation faster, than bread dough already kneaded with yeast!


      • One statement of mine, and you draw so many conclusions from that. You are good. But it is very easy to make so many unsupported accusations. Why not offer yourself as a candidate? Let the change begin with you. Always busy ridiculing others who have had the courage to face the public. I know I don’t have that courage. And by the way the reason Asot is not on the ABLP ticket is proof that this PM Gaston Browne does not accept those kinds of persons in his cabinet who will tarnish his good governance record. You should therefore welcome that and applaud him for his stance. One strike and you are out. Staying on principles.

        • @From The Sideline….

          As you already know by now, my given name at the back of the church(bastardised not baptised)on a monday morning is Vere Cornwall. Of course the surname was irrelevant in those days due to the bastardisation process.

          I’ve used Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood while blogging at CARIBARENA, Observer and of course now ANR. Public opinion(s), of me do not create a balance in my living of life, therefore, offering my services publicly in an official capacity, as a Community Developer(politician) does not scare me.
          Unfortunately, in the case of the LAND of my natural birth, politics and discriminatory policies does not.allow me to do so legally. I, took the oath of another sovereign Nation therefore, thus eliminates me until such time, that there is an amendment to the Constitution or I renounce my citizenship of the other Nation. Settled roots and other commitments do not allow me to make such a decision at this time. Ignorance can be blissful, but coupled with arrogance, it’s a disaster and distorts. However, nothing nor no one, to include Elizabeth, Governor, pope, preacher, politician, individual can stop me from having an opinion on any subject matter. To do so, they’d have to murder me! DEAD! Therefore, if there are “ridicules” in any of my opinion’s, they will more than likely give off a vibe of learning!

          As to your thought, that I solved the COLD CASE MYSTERY, of “Thiefing_Politicians” from your comment, about “buying a seat,” you should know, that many COLF CASES, some decades old are solved by having fresh eyes and thoughts looking at the Case File, and that one piece of evidence which was overlooked, became the GLUE which holds the entire case together. Since, FORENSIC TECHNOLOGY keeps advancing and can do what could not have being done decades earlier. Case in point, the Arrest Warrant in the Emmet Till case.

          Here are what I will applaud…

          A…Speaking of FORENSICS, #ALL government agencies, #ALL must be forensically audited by INDEPENDENT FORENSIC AUDITORS on a regular basis from the board room to the latrine.

          B…TERM LIMITS on Members of Parliament, not on party affiliations.

          C…Constitutional Amendment to remove the restrictions of “dual citizenship.”
          D…STOP giving immunity to individuals who’re #White_Collar criminals (the forged PM signature, the theft of funds by a public auctioneer. How many times did ABLP saved Asot? And, at the same time saved others as well. Does IHI rings a bell. (Bear in mind, some crimes which are committed have no Statue of Limitations, therefore, that small, minute piece of evidence, or eye witness new testimony can make this case wide open.

          So, From The Sideline, until I get something, other than Comedians giving away our lands to the Chinese, #Pseufo Ground Breakings,
          the Hand to Mouth Culture, and of course, the WHOREHOUSES and known Drug Dens, then my applaud will be heard loud and clear!!!

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