16-Year-Old Charged with Killing Roudi Shmaly Remanded to Prison Following Appearance Before Child Justice Board


The teenager, who is 16 years old and accused of murdering Roudi Shmaly, has been sent to prison while awaiting trial.

This morning, the adolescent from Upper Fort Road appeared before the Child Justice Board.

Shmaly, a 25-year-old, was tragically killed by a gunshot wound to the head during a robbery at the Pick ‘N Mix Mart on DeSouza Road, where he was employed.

The incident occurred shortly after 1 pm on Monday.

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      • Heaven Helps Mankind
        Wherever He ROAM
        Heaven Help Mankind
        Who Set SUCH-Tone..
        Heaven Help the MAN
        Who Gave the Thought to GUN.
        Heaven Help
        SMITH & Wesson
        God Grant US De SERENITY? Recompense !!

  1. Child Justice Board???…for what reason???
    Look…this piece of shit MURDERED Roudi. Put his arse in Gen pop and let him see what it like to be a murderer, then from my mouth to God’s ears, let the Syrian mafia pay to have him treated like Jeffrey Epstein!

  2. If you would like to know.Where he got the gun.Just ask the Police.They have all of it covered.The gun owner should also be arrested and be charged. For carelessly leaving the gun for it to be taken and be used in a heinous crime. Just hoping the gun owner has a license to carry. Or else he/she is in a dung hole.

  3. Maybe he found C H gun that the police cannot find.

    This young man has been charged with a serious crime. If he is found guilty then what? The shooter deliberately went to the shop armed, he knew what his mission was: Robbed and flee in broad day light not that it makes it better if it was night.

    Additionally to shoot anyone that gets in his way in pursuance of his mission. It appears the latter was the decided option

    Consequences: hanging would be the right option but we have removed it from our penal system so16 year old think it’s OK to shoot someone dead, 15 years in prison will be a drop.in the ocean at tax payers expense.

    Politicians need to take a robust stance against these youths and other criminals that are determined to sink Antigua further into the pit of hell than it currently is.

  4. Two scenarios here, one he stole the gun, or two he was sent to Rob the store. Just sad all the way around.

    • @Jj. So is it the ducana and choo up that make ANTIGUANS incapable of committing crimes? Which world are you living in? The same was said about the duo who killed the honeymooning couple at Jolly Beach, the Galloway guy, maybe the ones who raped the woman recently. We have to stop this rassishness about who or who can or cannot commit crimes and see the more serious picture of it being a worldwide problem with the black male. Fatherless homes, no strong black role models, single parent homes and the list goes on. We better stop burying our heads in the sand and stop believing that the ‘ forced upon religion’ will save us. The children here become misfits if they are not academically inclined. Where are the after school programs? How do the technically inclined children given the opportunity to reach their full potential?Where can they go to learn to socialize? Not even a park here. The chiney, Syrian and white neargah pickney dem, most often than not, live in ‘structured’ families. A little under populated Antigua, and men have multiple children with multiple baby mothers, may not be even living in the home. The black man has bigger problems to be addressed Jj. Join the fight.

      • @Fess Up.
        Very much of what you say is true. Here is the conundrum:we have never had a structured family life here in Antigua due to historical reasons and to be honest we as a society on the whole have not made it a priority, sad to say but true. The result is as you rightly point out is we have multiple children by multiple mothers etc., yet this is historic and even so there had never been such a wave of criminality seen here until fairly recently. Why so, why this relentless surge in anti social activity and criminality? Let me be clear; every nation or people or tribe will have its share of criminals, robbers and what else. The level of such distressing and often tragic activity is what matters. I feel very strongly that outside and imported malign influences are chiefly to blame. For all its faults Antigua was never in the parlous state it is in today. Make the punishment fit the crime but the ultimate punishment will not be carried out as there are powerful voices against it. I point a finger at the bleeding hearts and Human Rights advocates (are there Human Wrongs?) who will never, ever permit it to happen. The poor taxpayer is stuck with feeding and watering these scum for as long as they are behind bars. No way out on the face of it.

  5. When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬 When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Please don’t keep this criminal alive to kill anyone else. Get rid of the other murderers at 1735. Clean up Antigua.

  6. To this little sociopath, Roudi was just one of a million, but to many, he was ONE in a million.

    Hang his crazy RH with f*ing barbed wire!!!

    Vengeance is OURS!!!!!

  7. The killer acted without mercy, therefore he too should be denied mercy and hang his ass.

    Gaston and Cutie are oblivious that Antigua’s main source of income is tourism, therefore, we cannot, nor shouldn’t tolerate anyone who presents a threat to our existence.

    Rapists and murderers are threats to our economy and our way of life. The scums of our country should understand that their behaviour will not be tolerated. Hang them, the young and the old.

    All foreign nationals with criminal records, their Antiguan passport should be revoked and deport them including Olabanjo.

    Foreign nationals entering Antigua with criminal records entry should be refused entry. CARICOM citizens should arrive with a police report without such entry should be denied.

    Our broken Immigration services is ineffective,Immigration Officers are lazy and should be made to justify their wages. Put them to work, check visitors’ characters’ records throughly, arrest and deport over stayers.

    Antigua deserve better than what Cutie and Gaston is putting forward as a proactive package, which amounts to nothing, rapists and murderers will continue to prevail under this dysfunctional administration.

  8. Well well someone has to be the scapegoat for people to finally realized. @FESSUP & OVERSEE I endorse 100% every time I post and ask where is he from and comment that we are incapable of committing crime I do so in making reference to a letter that was circulated that is Jamaicans are the one who are committing crimes in Antigua no person can realize but anyone and I repeat anybody is capable of committing criminal activity I rest my case, I, became that goat. @TRUTH I only hope you get it now. FYI
    I’m not from where you think I am but my husband is.

  9. @Jj.
    If you are suggesting that I have said that Antiguans are incapable of committing crimes then may I respectfully request you to read carefully again my various posts on this subject. I have said and will say again that it is absurd to say all Jamaicans are criminals and Antiguans do not commit crime. Anyone who harbours such a thought needs the appropriate treatment they require. What I have said and will say again though is that Antigua has changed socially for the worse over recent years due to, in my firmly held opinion, outside and imported malign influences. Another point I have made is that there are upstanding and law-abiding Jamaicans who are a credit to the community. No one should dare suggest to include them with their anti social countrymen who do commit crimes, that is where misunderstandings arise. Separate the wheat from the chaff, that’s how I see it.

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