16 arrested at bar for defying regulations


Sixteen people who defied COVID-19 regulations were reportedly arrested at a bar in Villa this morning.

According to reports, Curte Audain, David Barnes, Roderick Wilson, Emanuel Beltrie, Gabriella Howard, Kenroy Wood, Curtis Ryan, Ricardo Lake, Ladanielle Hodge and Nassor Hodge pleaded guilty to failure to wear a mask, failure to comply with restriction of social gathering and failure to comply with the 11pm to 5am curfew.

All of the defendants, except Nassar Hodge, were reportedly fined $3000 for the offences.

Hodge was fined $3500 since he left work at 11pm and journeyed to the bar after the curfew had already taken effect.

The bar owner and five other defendants reportedly speak foreign languages and will answer to their charges on Wednesday.



  1. This should be across the board. While they locking up people in in villa, grays farm police pass and pickup drinks from a bigger party on Christian Street. Where is the consistency!!!

  2. Saturday evening a Spanish bar on Dickenson Bay Street was in full swing! I asked the question, “Way de police an dem dey?” Missing! Nobody could escape that loud raucous!


        To the ‘…Curfew Breakers,’ that was ‘…Sheer Stupidity.’

        To those that have ‘seen wrong’ and do nothing to ‘…arrest or correct’ it, they are equally, not going to say ‘stupid,’ though, ‘encouraging.’

        They could be helpful in ‘…paying one half of the fine’ imposed upon the ‘Curfew Breakers.’

        Talking won’t help them now.

  3. If you guys are seeing people violating the laws after hours please call the police .. they can’t be everywhere all the time. I’m sure someone called the cops that’s why these people got caught … if you see something say it.

    And not come on here to complain .. please let’s work together.

  4. @Susan G:If you were to see people violating the hours of the Curfew.It meant you would also be violating that same Curfew.Because you should be inside of your home by 11:00pm until 5:00AM.The only exceptions would be first responders and front line workers.I think those were spelled out by the Cabinet of ANU.

    • My dear Blackman .. people also live around these areas so you can be a resident of the area and know that bars are opened past curfew.. doesn’t mean anyone has to be violating …that’s just common sense. The take away from my post was if people are complaining about inconsistency of policing .. maybe it’s because the police aren’t aware and we can be each other’s eyes and ears if possible..: I guess common sense isn’t so common.

      • My Dear Susan:I do not live in an area with any Bars.Hence my not knowing.Do you forgive me for not knowing?

  5. I thought, that the police had access to drones.
    Drones covers greater areas, can detect sound, and of course even body movements by utilizing microwave and heat sensing technologies.

    Situations like these shows the need for mobile trailers or RV’s outfitted, as sub-stations which can be temporarily posted in troublesome Communities!

    Of course, there’ll be ‘public outcry’ regarding the invasion of privacy, and the use of drones.

    • Ras Smood . Antigua hardly have traffic lights and street lights that work.. we barely have running water and constant electricity .. do really think the police department is going to have or invest in drones that utilize microwave and heat sensing technologies… chupppss … let’s be practical here please and get out of La la land .. Susan G said it best .. if u live or work around the area and see people violating, make a report .. the police should also patrol areas with bars and commercial hang out spots

      • @Lily…I won’t get into, the management of funds by the Government, as it pertains to ‘priorities;’ however, I will state, that the RPFAB was gifted with several drones by private citizens, to assist with surveillance(s) around the Nation.
        Let’s just say, PPM – Piss Poor Management is still rampant, in the public sector, not lack of funds nor equipments.


  6. Every weekend they have big party going on at GSpot club and no matter how much time you called police, they never showed..

  7. The should lock them up and throw away the key….. Clearly they are all a menace to our society

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