15-year-old boy stabbed in the back


The Ottos Comprehensive student who was stabbed last week did not know he was bleeding.

The 15-year-old boy was stabbed with scissors to his back on by an unknown assistant in broad daylight.

According to reports, while in the vicinity of a Barber Shop on High Street he and a young man got into a confrontation, and when he turned and was walking away, the young man stabbed him in his back with a pair of scissors.

The teenage boy, who is currently in 4th form, said he did not realize that he was wounded until someone told him that he was bleeding from his back.

The boy, accompanied by his mom, reported the matter to the Criminal Investigations Department.

The boy told police he could identify the man but does not know him personally.

His injuries were not life-threatening and police are investigating the matter.

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  1. The teenagers that are going around with weapons causing grievous bodily harm to other children need to be taken seriously and get them off the streets by any means necessary, please Lord let this cup pass from me.

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      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg Foot Bastard


        • @Enquiring Mind…intel says all of these aliases are the same:

          1…ERIC(THE RED)
          2…All of the Tessas
          5…Bluddy Bloke
          And several other ‘aliases’ are one and the same, sitting at two(2) or more laptops plus cell phones.

          A typical ABLP IDENTITY thief, SCAMMER and crook!

    • You are the worst of the worst… there is something bigger going on, that what’s going on the a political party…

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  2. “If you come inna me space, me go tump you inna you face”. Please, school children, I know you look up to some adults as role models but don’t follow that leader please. Read your Bible, pray every day and allow the Lord to direct your path.

    • Amen 🙏 praying for our young ones jah guide and protect them on there way to school and there way back home oh our father cover our young ones guide and protect them from evil doers there bad influences among there peers I pray for our nation our youths the violence among each other jah guide them I 🙏 🤲 selah.

  3. Ras mood. What upp have to do with the stabbing of the school child? Remember alp must have convention as well, and people will always be people where ever you go.

    • @Thankful…you can chalk this one to an ABLP Scammer and Identify_Thief, trying to use and abuse others as stepping stones to get ahead.
      A typical ABLP – 💩💩💩💩Head causing mischief!

  4. Had it been a gun, could have been a fatal outcome

  5. “Ms. Barthley, 22, was shot in the neck on Dec. 16 at Mr. Bowen’s office. The police said Mr. Bowen’s gun went off during a scuffle. Ms. Barthley was put on life support but died Tuesday of a heart attack, hospital officials said.”

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