15 new cases of COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda


The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) has revealed fifteen new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Monday 1st February 2021.


Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard for Monday 1st February with the cut off time of 6pm, sixty-eight additional samples were processed by MSJMC increasing the pending results from zero to sixty-eight.


Of the sixty-eight samples processed by MSJMC, fifty-three were negative and fifteen positive.  Thirteen are non-imported and two imported. Investigations have begun and contact tracing and testing are ongoing.  


The sixty-eight samples are reflected in the total persons tested and total samples taken columns of the dashboard.


Meanwhile, two recoveries have been recorded bringing that total to one hundred and seventy nine. Four additional persons have been hospitalized bringing that total to twenty-one.  One hundred and ninety-eight samples are pending.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda remains at two hundred and forty-nine (249); which is inclusive of sixty-three (63) active cases.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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  1. We told you to close the borders but you wouldn’t listen, because what’s a few Antiguan lives when there is profit to be made? Now everything is going to have to lockdown again, that’s if you want to control it, which I’m beginning to wonder whether the govt actually do

    • Been screaming for months that just letting in potentially diseased people from high COVID areas and doing absolutely no screening or containment whatsoever would be a disaster.

      The borders didn’t have to be closed months ago. They just had to have some actual protocols at the ports of entry.

      Instead no restrictions on people coming by private plane and yacht. No quarantine or testing for tourists arriving on commercial plans.

      Harass locals and returning nationals.

      And at the same time keep downplaying how serious this disease is.

      Send the moron MOH out several times to talk about how the island is ‘COVID FREE’ and ‘NO COMMUNITY SPREAD’ …which only made local people less apt to be serious about this situation.

      Just a disaster all around.

      And myself and many others have said over and over again that if serious protocols are not enacted there will be a time when the government will no longer be able to hide COVID cases.

      I guess that time is now. Even with the fact that they are testing as minimal as possible, the official numbers are rising every day.

      Imagine what the real numbers look like. Probably thousands of active cases on island.

    • Close the borders then what? What happens when the borders are re-opened or are we to keep them closed forever and live in a bubble? Name one country that have closed their borders, still closed, and haven’t had rising cases.

      The protocols were put in place for our safety…….we all have to take ownership and admit we didn’t follow them. We blame the government for opening the borders, but what about the bars and restaurants who didn’t follow the rules? The hotels that let guests run rampant?

      Crowded bars,
      Private island parties
      Overcrowded busses
      Masks not worn properly
      Social distance out the window

      If the rules were so lacking and we could barely follow them, what happens when the rules are stricter?

      • That’s what I’ve been saying but some on here refuse are so stuck in their heads they refuse to see beyond their own twisted ways. Its a gobal pandamic that is not going anywhere the whole lock down thing was an epic fail.

        • Just because it’s a global pandemic doesn’t mean individual countries should welcome diseased folks into their countries as Antigua has

          New Zealand shut borders for 1 month, eliminated the virus, and then when the borders reopened they tested and quarantined EVERYONE.

          They have had a much more successful response to the pandemic than Antigua.

          The other part you dimwits fail to realize is the country will be shutdown one way or another – either voluntarily to eliminate the virus or involuntarily because outsiders don’t want to come to an island full of disease

          The latter is happening right now. No more Canadian tourists. Limited UK tourists. And the US making it harder for their citizens to travel.

          Airline ticket prices dropped from 1500 USD one way to Antigua to 176 USD one way to Antigua in the last week.

          You don’t see what’s coming, what’s already here but you’re in for some really rough times without tourist dollars and with a massive public health disaster.

          PM 🤡 and his little piggies made sure you all would be broke AND sick with his incompetent and immoral pandemic response

          • Yes good response. And people here need to stop blaming the victims, the Antiguan people, who on the whole have followed the guidelines, not like places like Holland for instance, where we see covid deniers rioting in the streets.
            The blame must wholly be shunted home to the Government and their corporate bosses. Time for us to deal with this ourselves I think, the govt clearly can’t

  2. Listen! So it go Antigua! We are in the middle of a pandemic. The borders are open … numbers will rise … nothing will stop an increase number .. that’s just that so… Antigua be safe, where your mask because covid is out and about

  3. Thank you for the adjustment to date for data and date for publication. This is easier to comprehend and digest the info

  4. The warning bells have been ringing since June 2020. All I have to say to the ones who did not listen and read scientific data on the spread of COVID-19 and its mutations. If anything happen to a family member due to COVID-19 . Me a go empty the the top dog pocket. You are negligent as the leader of government. You put health and well being of the country’s over a few powerful hotel conglomerates. The court will decide because I will not take this lying down over your bullying and buffoonery! You’re the worst PM this nation has ever elected. You choose money over life. You have no conscience. News bulletin: you can’t spend a cent when you dead. Hope you’re bubble is airtight. As you are aware the almighty Trump got infected. So they say!

    • I remember Sandals was advertising back in April/May 2020 that Sandals Antigua was going to reopen on June 1st 2020.

      This was way before the cabinet supposedly made the decision when to reopen.

      So how did Sandals know this information already?

      The government is run by billionaire hotel owners with the PM and cabinet as their puppets.

      And now these fools are trying to blame the public. SMH

  5. Antiguans are concerned about foreigners bringing the disease. The reality is testing is free and in abundance in the US. Also one has to get tested before entering Antigua. I returned for a funeral and was appalled by the price one has to pay for a covid test. With most people out of work, the the heck is just going to pay $300 EC for a test if they are not experiencing symptoms. News flash, almost half of the covid cases are asymptotic so most people will not get tested and spreading the disease. I witnessed packed bars and people smoking, sharing blunts with no regard that there is a global pandemic. They were worried about me, a national living overseas, when I get test every week for FREE. Most of the times I get my results back in hours for a PCR. They should have free or mush reduced price for testing. I know for sure there are hundreds of not thousands infected due to the daily practice, lack of possible social distance. People are just not being tested. Antiguans need to do better and stop blaming others. Yes there are plenty of loopholes when entering the country and I have witnessed them. Other small islands such as Dominica has there entry requirements airtight. Coming into antigua was a joke.

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