LETTER: Inexperienced governance caused a lost of election

Dear Editor,
A burnt child always dread the fire. It is because of the dreadful experience when UPP was managing the country’s affairs, why I dread voting for them again. I must admit that I was an ardent supporter of  UPP.
I had liked their policies & programs on paper.
However, during their time in office I think they failed us miserably and clearly showed us that they were not ready to govern.
They were inexperienced and all lost focus thus causing the following results

1. Baldwin Spencer as PM failed to develop his own castle ( constituency  )
2. They erected an incomplete car park in a green space causing wasting of money
3. They erected Incomplete bathrooms at Yasco & Golden Grove causing wasting of money
4. They erected impromper gutters causing St. John’s  to flood from debris buildup
5. They erected street decors at street corners in St.John’s causing challenges for drivers
6. They attempted to sell valuable local assets like PCS & State Insurance
7. They sold Royal Antiguan Hotel very cheap to an investor.
8. They bought BenCorp building at an extortionate price to host APUA
9. They used a Community bus as an entertainment  center 
10. They spent excessively  to resurface the VC Bird runway
11. They Increased the price of LPG
12. They Increased the price of gas at the pumps
13. They Introduced the Personal Income Tax
14. They purchased old power plants that could not be maintained 
15. They failed to improve the water problem
16. They implemented Social programs that were not properly managed
17. The courts indicated they were Very abrasive & aggresive to shutdown ZDK & Cable TV
18. The focused too much on ALP’s 28 years
19. They created platform to allow best teachers to leave the teaching system
20. They embarrased Antigua & our national hero with SVR stadium using sand as foundation
21. They spent excessively on the road around SVR stadium
22. They laid off 91 workers at the port
23. They called the elderly, Rag Tags & allowed some to die without getting their pension
24. They disrespected the father of the nation indicating his works will go in the dust bin of history
25. They referred to the non nationals as paupers and other derogatory names.
26. They managed the MSJMC Hospital poorly thus resulting several Medical disasters 
27. They did not pay the Hadeed’s APC  causing many days of island blockouts
28. They implemented policies to prevent Cuban Medical graduates from doing   their internship / rotation at MSJMC
29. They Lowered the common entrance exam grades to allow to students to pass exams
30. They requested from the citizenry to bear with them bcuz they need to learn how to govern.
31. They introduced ABST program 
32. They opposed  education levy

33. They introduced the IMf program

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  1. And this is just a concise list of their failures. The real list would be ten times longer. But in a nutshell, they just ran the country into the ground. Once you have no other options than to run to the IMF you can consider yourself to be a failed state. There is no other way out for you. The lender of the last resort must come to your rescue. Can anyone imagine if the UPP had to take us through this pandemic? IMF would demand we introduce the PIT and cut the public service by at least 50%. And we would not be able to cushion any price hike of the fuel. Social Programs will have to be cut to a bare minimum.
    Thank God we have competent leaders in the ABLP that can steer the ship of state through these stormy waters. That even during the pandemic they were able to grow this country’s economy by 5.3%. What an outstanding job. And that without going to the IMF. And I must admit. Many local contractors have not been paid. But they surely will be paid in the not-too-distant future. Their credit was part of the sacrifice to the country to stay afloat. And so are the many public servants that have not been paid overtime.

    • I guess you would say that Barbados and other Caribbean states with the IMF are failed states. You think that because the government can borrow over $4billion at a higher interest than the IMF loan, they are geniuses?
      Poor people who were not paying income tax are worst off with all the ABST they now pay. But people like you try to convince them PIT was bad for them when only people like you are benefiting. Gaston would rather beg and borrow to run the country, but when the lenders come calling, there will be hell to pay. Maybe he knows he won’t be around then.

    • According UPP’s track record, I am sure that many more persons will be jumping off the UPP ship with Fizroy….. It is very obvious that the ship has on tooooooo much weight and clearly, they will not be going down on a ship that is heading for disaster.

    • END OF LINES TIME:You must have received your pay.You are back on along with Tenman.So when is the Election? I say,call it now !!

  2. Your letter would have had more resonance with people if there was MORE balance to it.

    You touched on a couple of things that a previous correspondent – named Fitzroy – had mentioned. I didn’t agree with everything that he said, however, his piece was well written and BALANCED.

    Remember, it only takes a little effort or a few words to start a lot of trouble.

    Mischief comes by di poun, and go by di once …

  3. “Our argument should’ve been that we are the lesser of two evils – not that we were a hope that was needed now more than ever.” That quote was taken straight from a 17-page United Progressive Party (UPP) post-election 2014 report, which was recently leaked to OBSERVER media.

    In the section of the document titled: We diminished Baldwin Spencer & Undermined Our Brand, the author wrote, “As I have maintained from the beginning, I think that “Leadership Matters” was the right brand in November 2013. However, our campaign CONSISTENTLY UNDERMINED the brand by DIMINISHING BALDWIN SPENCER and his leadership brand.”

    It was a “self-inflicted” blow, that “undermined our brand”, which was that “leadership matters.”


    • “25. They referred to the non nationals as paupers and other derogatory names.”
      BRUCE GOODWIN, UPP Member and UPP-appointed ambassador

      “14. They purchased old power plants that could not be maintained”
      In chronicling the lead up to the shutdown of the plant, Matthias said that the 30-megawatt plant which housed six units already had rusting before the point of its commissioning in 2011 and was decommissioned 5 years later.

      While the electricity business unit manager stopped short of giving an amount, he said Antigua and Barbuda is STILL REPAYING DEBT FOR THE PLANT.



      • Aren’t most of the non nationals poor people? Why else would they be coming to Antigua? Antigua is not New York. You should listen to tape Knight plays with what Gaston had to say about non nationals.
        Are you sure there was something wrong with the power plant or the mego man and his accomplices had to kill the competition. Spencer didn’t want no one man or company controlling electricity. He also probably knew that there were labour politicians who had a vested interest in power generation. When the power is off, think about why. Don’t pay them and see if ⎌they don’t lock down the country.

    • She went for some R&R on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌😂🤣 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Never again will South Korea donate any school buses to the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  4. “Around 11:00pm Spencer telephoned Browne and conceded defeat.

    Crime, poverty and a drowning economy were the key factors that led to the defeat of the UPP.

    Apparently the country’s economy never recovered from the 2008 global financial meltdown and bad decisions saw a shrinking private sector and the government sometimes had difficulty in paying public servants salaries.”


    • Errol Cort luxury compartment coach derailed from the tracks to send the economy spinning out of control due to mismanagement and incompetence .such a fool. too much arrogance with these ppl who think they are the brightest bulbs . Do you think this is a hotel lobby? do you want to see blood or wine on the floor? inept and incompetent leadership. then followed by another corrupt arrogant Gassy regime, Antigua is being sodomized by these self centered corrupt leaders left right and center., blue or red cool aid, same shit.

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