Tragedies In Police Detention Cells

St John's Police Station

  by Rawlston Pompey

For Law enforcement, as the ‘New Year 2021’ opened with tragedy, it also closed with tragedy. For the second time in the year, the bell had been tragically tolled. Firstly, it was tolled for a committed, loyal peaceful and non-violent Police officer ‘No. 500 Corporal Clifton Common’ [February 11, 2021]. In spite of constant hovering dangers, his tragic death has left many of his family and community members grief-stricken, as well as his professional colleagues in ‘shock and awe.’ With tragic repetition, the bell has also tolled for a ‘Suspected Mentally-Deranged’ elderly citizen, ‘Leroy Caesar 64.’ The bell tolled when, in all unlikely places, another ‘Police Detention Cell’ where death reportedly, violently visited upon him [December 29, 2021].


Then adding ‘Insult to Injury,’ both deceased met their demise at the hands of two ‘Suspected Mentally Deranged Detainees.’ This, undoubtedly, has not only left his family, loved ones and friends shattered, but also Law enforcement high command in administrative, supervisory and procedural spots of bother. Incidentally, institutionalized and judicially-known murder accused ‘Ziggy Beazer 30,’ a previously certified ‘Mentally Deranged’ murder-accused had been hastily charged with the latter’s murder. Even so, it is a requirement of existing law that a ‘Coroner’s Inquest’ shall be held to determine the circumstances under which the deceased came to his tragic death’ [Coroner’s Act: Chapter 105: Section 10]. It prompted the critical question; ‘Who shall care for the mentally challenged seen wandering at-large?’


Given the primary function of ‘Law Enforcement,’ in the absence of a structured ‘Psychiatric System’ it should be considered ‘Figment of Imagination,’ for anyone to believe that these services can be obtained from Law enforcers when ‘Suspected Mental Defectives’ are detained for want of psychiatric attention. Most public officials are aware or would be reckless not to be so aware that ‘Police Detention Cells’ are specifically intended for temporary confinement of ‘Criminal Suspects.’ Thus, a simple procedural lapse could see an Ambulance or a Hearse making its way to a Police Station. This has recently manifested itself at the main ‘Criminal Suspects Detention Facility’ at the St. John’s Police Station.


This Commentary reflects upon: (a) ‘…Two recent tragic incidents in the ‘Police Detention Cells’ that saw the lives of: (i) ‘…No. 500 Corporal Clifton Common: and (ii) …Leroy Caesar being tragically snuffed out: (b) …The peculiar role and dangers faced by Law enforcement: (c) …The dramatic end to a ‘Murder Trial’ that saw the acquittal of murder-accused ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph; and (d) …The unexplained release from Prison remand of then Co-murder accused ‘Ziggy Beazer 30.’ Both were jointly-charged with the apparent senseless, vengeful mafia-style and coldblooded murder of former Pointe resident, ‘Germaine ‘Six Months’ Destin’ [March 18, 2013].


Finally, it looks at a ‘Dangerous Uppercut’ unleashed by an apparent treacherous ‘Chief Prosecution Witness, Ingram Carson Matthew,’ ironically, more popularly known as ‘Uppercut.’ Though not necessarily criminally perjurious, his evidence abruptly and effectively brought the ‘Dis-joined Murder Indictment’ and the trial of ‘Murder-accused ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph’ to a shocking and disappointing end. Instructively, the ‘Dis-joined Trial’ allowed for a one-accused trial, as his co-accused ‘Ziggy Beazer’ was psychiatrically certified and judicially ordered ‘Unfit’ to plea at their joint-murder trial [July 16, 2019].


Firstly, however, it looks at the compassionate and persevering efforts of ‘Community and Mental Health Advocate, Chaneil Imhoff,’ as she voluntary seeks to sensitize the public and Health officials of the gravity of the condition called ‘Mental Illness.’ Speaking to set goals, she has ear-marked for establishment, a ‘Mental Health Association’ [Observer News: December 31, 2021]. Prompted by seemingly greater national emphasis and preventable tragedies, it was considered useful to look at her efforts in seeking to see more coordinate approach in bringing some measure of respite to those afflicted and institutionalized, or left to be at-large in the community.


Even without the benefit of statistical data, it has been suggested that a growing population of ‘Mentally Deranged’ people have not benefitted from ‘State Resources.’ Many have argued that vast sums have been expended in controlling the spread of the two-year-old infectious, contagious and deadly ‘Covid-19 Pandemic.’ Yet persons said to have been afflicted by ‘Mental Illness,’ have yet to see improvements affecting their wellness, safety and security. This is particularly so, for the at-large mentally-challenged. Seemingly moved by ‘Compassion’ and a demonstrating a firm ‘Resolve,’ in a private capacity, ‘Mental Health Advocate ‘Chaneil Imhoff,’ has been seeking to engage the attention of officialdom. Such engagement is intended to cause some measure of respite to be brought to those so afflicted.


Demonstrating a personal resolve in assisting the mentally challenged, she has taken her observations and concerns to both mainstream and social media. There have been innumerable appeals to those with responsibility for ‘Health and Wellness’ to give administrative attention to the situation that seems to be producing more tragedies, mourning and funerals, than caused by the ‘Pandemic.’ That which was viewed with grave concern and capable of being described as ‘Gross Neglect’ and ‘Grave Inadequacies’ had been the unavailability or inadequacy of psychiatric care of those suspected or known to have been afflicted. This was often evident by exhibited behaviors associated with psychiatric disorders.


Conscious of behaviors that have the potential for devastating consequences by persons so afflicted with mental health issues, with risk to themselves and members of the wider society. Even contending with frustration and futility of efforts, she has shown a ‘Spirit of Perseverance.’ Though with vain attempts, she continues in her desire to exert influence on ‘Health Authorities.’ She remains adamant that among other considerations, urgent attention is of absolute necessity in arresting a potentially dangerous situation. Sadly, in spite of public ‘Sensitization and Appeals,’ she, likened to members of the wider society shares the view that more of the ‘At-large psychiatrically-troubled’ are likely to die before the achievement of administrative attention.


Likened to nations not starved for ‘Wealth and Resources,’ impoverished nations struggling to grow and sustained their economies, shall not only contend with the ‘Covid-19 Pandemic,’ but also allocate resources for housing, treatment and care for those ‘Mentally Deranged.’ This shall be the case, whether or not persons are so psychiatrically certified. These are the socially-neglected ones that have been scientifically considered as ‘Mental Defectives.’ Law enforcement training speaks to this as; ‘…Mental illness or disability which requires or is susceptible to medical or other specialist care or treatment’ [1978; Criminal Law: Police Promotion Handbook: Page 104].


When State-contracted non-resident ‘Psychiatric Consultant Dr. Griffin Benjamin’ testified before ‘His Lordship, Justice Iain Morley’ and professionally opined that murder-accused ‘Ziggy Beazer’ was ‘Mentally unstable.’ Guided by his scientific knowledge and practice, the expert considered him to be ‘Schizophrenic.’ From ‘Criminal Psychology Training,’ this was said to be a condition that affects; (a) ‘…Feelings: (b) …Beliefs: and (c) …Behavior.’  He had judicially-positioned the ‘Trial Judge’ to make an informed ‘Court’s Order’ that the accused was ‘Mentally Unfit’ to offer a plea or to stand joint trial with co-accused ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph’ [ANR: July 16, 2019].


As has often been the case, stranger things than fiction often happen. His eventual release appeared ‘Shrouded in Mystery.’ When the name of murder-accused ‘Ziggy Beazer,’ surfaced as being detained for ‘Disorderly Conduct,’ officers may have been reckless not to have known his criminal background and psychiatric condition. However, given the judicially-established ‘Practice Directions,’ to all intents and purposes, he was reportedly judicially ordered to be released from Her Majesty’s Prison’ [ABS TV: March 2: 2020]. Not only was such an Order shall have considered, but ‘Public Safety’ demanded that he shall have remained in ‘Psychiatric Confinement.’ Thus, he shall have been securely kept at the ‘Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital.’


Concerning his apparent ill-advised release, that which may have factored prominently in the ‘Judge’s mind, may have been; (i) ‘…Frustration and Misery; (ii) …Lack of coping mechanism: (iii) …Being mentally afflicted; and (iv) …Acute psychological disorientation.’ Reasonable inferences may also have been drawn that ‘His Lordship, Justice Iain Morley’ may have given serious considerations to his lengthy remand and inordinate delay for trial. He may also have considered the extreme ‘Harshness of Prison Life.’ This will have been compounded by the poor quality of meals; inadequacy of beds and the existed intolerable unhygienic conditions. He was aware that the accused had been on ‘Prison Remand’ for over seven years. Though not necessarily at ‘Bar,’ he may have further given judicial consideration to; (a) ‘…The constitutional presumption of innocence: (b) …Right to a fair trial; and (c) …Within a reasonable time’ [CO: 1981: Section 15].


Whether or not persons are ‘Sane or Insane,’ the unpredictable and erratic behavior of humans have often revealed man’s true nature and propensity. The calculated and unrestrained actions of many, suggests that the pages of the ‘Annals of History’ continues to be filled with grotesque stories of tragedies of one kind or another. They will also reveal to posterity or future generations, the cruel, brutal and deadly acts perpetrated against fellowmen. Moreover, it speaks to violence often unleashed upon the innocent, thereby bringing upon them their untimely demise. In these situations, though fraught with danger, the civil societal role and functions of Law enforcement, are as costly as they are of absolute necessity.


Not infrequently, Law Enforcement personnel are called upon to perform various tasks. Not infrequently that which they are called upon to perform is mundane and way outside the scope of professional training and knowledge. Not infrequently they have come under close public scrutiny for some questionable or roguish behavior. However, that which is of grave administrative concern are usually serious acts or omissions. Thus, failing to respond to the ‘Call To Duty’ not only exposes them to public ridicule, but also to be cited for ‘Neglecting Duty.’ Though a remote possibility, negligent personnel run the risk of being criminally charged for serious neglect. Then there is the odd case when a Law enforcer never made it back home after reporting or responding to ‘Duty’s Call.’ The experiences of ‘Constable Wentworth Darroux’ [Antigua Sun: August 18, 2002] and ‘Corporal Clifton Common’ vividly speaks to this.


It is the professional knowledge that ‘Police Services’ that appear to have ‘Lost Their Way,’ often have to contend with personnel not only in want of discipline and effective supervision, but also often seen as chronically-prone to making grave professional and/or procedural mistakes. There may have been lessons from two recent incidents of death that reportedly occurred in a ‘Police Detention Cell.’ Instructively, Cells built for temporarily securing ‘Suspected Criminal Detainees’ have now become the ‘Cells of Death.’ Incidentally, these involved two psychiatrically-challenged males. Unfortunately, these incidents saw the violent deaths of a Police officer and a suspected mentally-challenged male detainee, lawfully held for the safety of the public and that of his own.


If for any modern-instructional reasons, ‘Law Enforcers’ did not know, they shall now know that at all material times, whether or not it pertains to the ‘Prevention or Detection of Crime,’ their duty is not only to ‘Protect and Serve’ the citizenry, but also all manner of persons- ‘Sane or Insane.’ Therefore, those that enforces the criminal law, shall know that it entails much more than ‘Detention or Arrest.’ They shall also know that they are not, and ought not to consider their function as rendering favors to those in crisis, but a duty legally imposed upon them. It is insufficient and inexcusable for law enforcers to inform aggrieved citizens that nothing can be done when the services of law enforcers are urgently needed. Moreover, enforcers run the risk of being perceived as being incompetent or as being seen to be professionally ignorant and useless.


From a disciplinary perspective, for the purposes of guiding the administrative knowledge and procedure of a ‘Commissioner of Police’ and to ensure compliance by subordinates, the ‘Disciplinary Code’ states; ‘…If a member of the Police Force neglects without good or sufficient cause omits ‘Promptly and Diligently’ to attend to, or carry out anything which is his duty as a Police officer to do, commits an offence’ [Police Act: Chapter 330: Regulation D]. The stipulated ‘Disciplinary Penalties’ for any such breach of the several disciplinary offences, range from the severity of ‘Dismissal’ from the Police Service to a less punitive but ‘Severe Caution.’ This however, is dependent upon the gravity of the neglect.


Now, given the concept, ‘Protect and Serve,’ law enforcers can neither shirk their responsibilities, make excuses, nor escape punitive criminal or disciplinary action. Dependent upon the disciplinary foundation of the ‘Police Service’ and the gravity of neglect, neglectful members may face disciplinary proceedings for ‘Neglecting Duty.’ For instance, duties to be performed under the ‘Small Charges Act’ (minor offences), states: ‘…Any Constable or Peace officer who shall neglect his duty in anything required of him by this Act, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars’ [SMA: Chapter 405: Section 37]. Most of today’s law enforcers, and by extension, members of the public appeared wanting of professional and academic knowledge of these irrefutable ‘Facts and Truths.’


It has been a universal phenomenon that some persons ‘Detained or Arrested’ of Law enforcement, never returned to tell stories of their brief or extended stay. Occasionally when released from detention, it is usually from ‘Funeral Homes’ with a Coroner’s authority that states ‘Warrant To Bury’ where either; (a) ‘…Inquest is Unnecessary: or (b) …Inquest Is Necessary.’ In the case of the former, this is where death has occurred from ‘Natural Causes’ resulting from underlying health conditions. Conversely, in the case of the latter, this is where the ‘Cause of Death’ would have been allegedly hastened by ‘Detention or Arresting Officers.’


In the most recent tragedy, Law enforcement personnel reportedly became aware that two men that shall have been separately held separately, were inadvertently or ill-advisedly caged in the same cell. Whether or not persons possesses the propensity to kill, it may have been a ‘Grave Mistake’ in mating detained ‘Suspected Lunatic Leroy Caesar 64,’ in a ‘Police Detention Cell’ with ‘Mentally-deranged Murder-accused, Ziggy Beazer.’ Incidentally, one of the ‘Mentally Deranged Detainees’ was reportedly found lying in a state of unresponsiveness. By the time startled personnel sought medical assistance, ‘Lesroy Caesar’ unwittingly caged with ‘Ziggy Beazer,’ was pronounced dead. It was revealed that during a violent tussle he was overpowered by the more physically-abled ‘Cell-Mate Ziggy Beazer’ [January 3, 2022].


One never knows how ‘vicious or which dog will bite’ or ‘which cat will scratch,’ until one crosses its path. Conversely, ‘Vicious Men’ never know when other ‘Vicious Men’ may strike. It is well known to law enforcement that in ‘Hostile Environments,’ there are, but two basic principles; (i) ‘…Vicious Men’ shall not lose their wit as to be seen as dropping their guards; and (ii) ‘Vicious Men’ shall not provoke other ‘Vicious Men’ to anger, for wrath may descend without notice or warning. Thus, the provocative actions, expressions, sight or presence of a ‘Vicious Man,’ in any place where ‘Vicious Men’ resort, not only have potential to provoke anger, but also the possibility for their wrath to be visited upon them. Not infrequently such wrath when visited, either came with painful or deadly consequences.


A Pointe resident had either walked on the wrong street; or rubbed someone the wrong way. Whatever the reason, he appeared to have found himself at a ‘pre-determined place’ where he shall die. On the Night Tragedy Struck’ the Villa Community. Gunshots reportedly rang out in rapid succession on the street.’ Aware of what such sounds meant, panicked residents, including ‘…Ingram Carson Matthew,’ incidentally answers to the alias ‘Uppercut,’ scampered like hares’ [March 18, 2013]. They were accustomed to hear gunshots ring out in their community at various hours at night. Consequently, most kept themselves out of harm’s way.


As the sound of gunshots subsided, curious residents in the immediate vicinity reportedly visited the scene. Inferentially, to ascertain if anyone had been left bleeding and wincing in pain or gasping for breath or not at all breathing.’ They were reportedly not surprised at the ‘Gruesome Discovery.’ The apparent ‘gangsterism-style attack, left ‘Jermaine ‘Six Months’ Destin’ fatally wounded. In the ‘Dis-Joined Trial,’ neither the viewing and certifying medical practitioner had been given the opportunity to testify to his on-scene visitation, nor the pathologist of his Findings and Cause of Death.’ Nonetheless, sufficient privilege and credible information provided knowledge of the incident. It was an extraordinary ‘Graphic Account.’ It appeared that he had been shot at point blank range. Thus, death was as swift as the incident was tragic.


With his ‘Cranium Shattered’ like glass, it meant instant death. Where he motionlessly lay, brain matter had reportedly oozed from the gaping opening at the back of the deceased’s head. The street covered with his curdled blood, as he struggled helplessly with blood profusely oozing from the ‘head, ears, nose and mouth. Gasping for breath, though an execution, it may still be said ‘He gave up the Ghost.’ His life had been painlessly, but effectively snuffed out. For family, loved ones and friends, there was weeping and gnashing of teeth and mourning and grieving. For the Police, theirs was the responsibility for bringing the culpable perpetrators ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph and Ziggy Beazer’ to criminal justice. These are not only associated with vicious gun crimes, but also considered ‘Vicious Men.’ The only man who was said not to have harbored fear of them, was ‘Prime Minister Gaston Browne.’  He was said to have been always ready to ‘Fight fire with fire.’


Invariably, there is a ‘Score,’ and besides monetary debt, some other darn thing has to be settled. Thus, in these communities, only the toughest survives. Even as residential populations were frequently reduced by tragic and frightening incidents, life goes on. Thus, residents, gripped by fear, are often tight-lipped. Thus, residents shall be compliant with the ‘Cardinal Principles: ‘…See nothing; …Hear nothing;’ and …Say nothing.’


It is to be clearly understood that when; (a) ‘…Areas are demarcated and controlled, dominions and dominance are established; (b) …Fear is then injected; and (c) …Interlopers or encroachers are targeted and eliminated.’ Universally, and in depressed urban communities, these have been the ‘Order of Business.’ There is a ‘…Strict Code of Silence.’ Penalties for breaches are to be imposed swiftly and mercilessly exacted upon transgressors. These have not only been predestined and inescapable, but also continue to be among the harsh realities of life.


It has been said that a person can hide from a thief, but cannot hide from a notorious liar.’ Undoubtedly, it was an apparent ‘Deceitful Eye-Witness Account’ of a gruesome murder and the apparent pitiful simplicity of criminal investigators, in believing the unsupported account’ that may have caused psychological stress to two possible ruthless and brutal guilty murder-accused. In a particular case, it has been the apparent ‘Deceitful Denial’ that saw a murder trial ended dramatically and disappointingly. The self-proclaimed ‘illiterate,’ but known convicted felon appeared to have out-foxed both criminal investigators and an unsuspecting Crown Prosecutor.


Likened to a sudden jolt by an earthquake, and buildings came tumbling down, likened to a collapsed pack of cards, the ending of the trial of ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph’ came when chief prosecution’s witness ‘Ingram Carson ‘Uppercut’ Matthew,’ denied implicating the accused in a heinous crime of murder. Sworn on Oath to tell the ‘Truth,’ he seemed not to have encountered difficulties in not doing so. Not only did he seek to ‘Impugn the Character and Integrity’ of criminal investigators, but also sought to tarnish the reputation of the Police Service. He testified before ‘His Lordship, Justice Iain Morley’ and an empaneled 12-member Jury that it was the Police that had ‘Lied.’ Thus, when they wrote what he had not ‘…Seen; or …Said to them’ in the non-judicial binding ‘Unsworn Police-written Statement,’ they had neither been correct, nor truthful.


In the Case ‘Queen v Dwayne Joseph’ [2013], it may have been seen as a ‘Cardinal Error’ for ‘Criminal investigators and Crown Prosecutors’ to have relied solely on ‘…possible and reasonable suspected eyewitnesses accounts.’ A witness of some notoriety and well-known ‘ex-con Carson Matthew,’ reportedly provided the sole eyewitness account of the mafia-style killing. In a purportedly ‘Self-dictated; …Unsworn Police-written Statement,’ he accused ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph and Ziggy Beazer’ of the killing. Incidentally, though his signature appeared on the ‘Police-written Unsworn Statement,’ he was adamant that the contents did not reflect that which he may have told the investigators.


After causing two possible innocent or guilty accused, ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph and Ziggy Beazer’ to languish agonizingly on remand for more than half a decade, a single ‘Uppercut’ to the ‘Prosecution’s Evidence,’ saw the end of the murder trial. Seemingly with a magical trick conjured up his sleeve, by an act of ‘Trickery or Treachery,’ he dashed the hope of the Prosecution and any reasonable prospect of conviction his evidence may have assured [March 2, 2020]. Thus, murder-accused ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph’ walked free. This came when Trial Judge, ‘Justice Lain Morley’ directed the 12-member mixed Jury to return a verdict favorable to him. In a previous visit to the prison facility, it was reported that ‘His Lordship’ had been overwhelmed with complaints.


From where ‘His Lordship’ then sits and adjudicates, it would have been within his judicial knowledge, that there had been discontent and mounting complaints by prison residents. Before his visitation, these were previously well publicized by ‘Prison Reform Advocate Jessica Thompson.’ The most recent of such complaints has been the ‘Hygiene Factor’ [ABN: April 26, 2021]. Whatever ‘His Lordship’ may have impressed upon the minds of ‘Crown Prosecutors’ the ‘Joint-Murder Indictments and Trial of ‘Dwayne ‘Littleman’ Joseph and Ziggy Beazer’ were ‘Dis-joined’ from his co-accused, ‘Ziggy Beazer.’ He had reportedly encountered difficulties associated with psychiatric disorders.’ Consequently, he was considered not to have been in ‘Mental State,’ neither to enter a plea of ‘Guilty’ nor ‘Not Guilty.’


Seemingly ‘Smarting Under Illiteracy,’ at trial, as quickly as he may have volunteered ‘an eyewitness account’, as quickly the murder trial abruptly and disappointingly aborted. Whether or not by calculation, the ‘Chief Witness’ for the Crown added more insult to injury, by testimony, claiming that he was ‘Too illiterate to Tell Police Lies.’ His testimony not only startled the ‘Trial Judge and the 12-member Jury,’ but also grievously wounded the Case for prosecution. Public reaction then was swift and negative. Today, when it was revealed that the previously certified ‘Mentally Deranged’ murder-accused ‘Ziggy Beazer’ struck again, the nation has taken aught against those that had caused his release and those that shall have known of his condition and danger posed to ‘detainees, public Safety and by extension, member of the wider society.


When death visited upon ‘Corporal Clifton Common,’ he had reportedly visited the ‘Police Detention Cell’ to render assistance toa youth said to have been mentally challenged. The detainee ‘Verel Simon 20,’ was reported to have inflicted violence to a building owned by the ‘St John’s Masonry Lodge.’ Seemingly with apparent casual approach, he reportedly unlocked the Cell door. In a violent mode, a violent thrust of the door by him knocked the unsuspected Corporal into a ‘State of Unconsciousness.’ Investigators accounts suggested that he lay helplessly and unresponsively on the concrete floor. In such mode, the apparent psychiatrically-troubled unrestrained detainee, further brutally attacked him about the head and body. The eventual rending of assistance saw agitated colleagues quickly subdued the raging detainee. Even as the injured Corporal was hurriedly rushed to the then ‘Mount St. John’s Medical Center (MSJMC),’ he appeared to have been on the other side of life. Unable to extract an explanation as to what had transpired, and before administering life-saving medical attention, his ‘Life and Career’ were all over. He was pronounced dead [December 29, 2021]. The same was said to have been the fate of ‘Leroy Caesar.’ While there are still many important ones, it begs the fundamental question ‘…Should the mentally deranged be kept in Police criminal suspects detention cells without psychiatric referrals and/or intervention?’ ***

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  1. I’m sorry, the article was too long to read completely. I understand that Leroy should have been differently housed for his own sake. About the other guys…what exactly makes a mentally ill person more dangerous than a convicted or suspected criminal? The officers unfortunately let their guard down with disastrous consequences. Do you think it would have been a different story if either of the killers had been up at Clareview?

    • Love the article.

      Should have been longer. I enjoy the unique writing style and I respect the time you put in to this article. Some of us prefer reading than candy crush or scrolling aimlessly on FB.

  2. Great article as usual and the answer to your fundamental question as to whether mentally challenged individuals should be locked up in the same police cell with individuals who are detained by the police is a resounding No. This is a matter that the authorities will have to urgently address. It is certainly not wild speculation to posit that the two deaths at the hands of the two mentally challenged individuals would not have occurred if they were not held in police detention.

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