140 new cases of COVID-19, active cases 964


(Dashboard Update for September 18, 2021)


The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) revealed one hundred and forty (140) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Tuesday 14th September 2021 at 6pm.


Seventy-one (71) samples were processed at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre and two hundred and thirty-one (231) were processed by CARPHA.


Thirty-three (33) recovered cases were recorded increasing the total to one thousand five hundred and eighty-four (1584).


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is two thousand six hundred and three (2603); which is inclusive of nine hundred and sixty-four (964) active cases. There are forty-nine (49) hospitalized cases; thirty (30) mild, nine (9) moderate and ten (10) severe.


Meanwhile, Antigua and Barbuda has fully vaccinated thirty six thousand eight hundred and sixteen (36,816) individuals while eight thousand two hundred and eighty-three (8,283) have only received their first dose.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.


*Please note that two (2) Covid-19 related deaths were recorded and they will be reflected in a subsequent dashboard.

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  1. MURDER, MURDER, Antigua Barbuda going down slowly, oh gosh those in authority do something please before all of us wipe out. You do all the protocols required, you vaccinated and you still get Covid. Change the strategy please.

  2. Wake up!
    Look at those numbers above. We’ve had this virus around for 18 months but right now 37% of every case diagnosed in Antigua is an active case.
    How many more have not been diagnosed?.

    Look at the other islands, all the same story, low or no numbers in June, health systems getting overun now people dying. The French islands had more than 20 dead in August, per day. Thats is spite of them flying in an extra 1500 health carers from France. Where’s our help going to come from?

    Well past time to take things seriously, follow the protocols, get vaccinated and protect yourself and your family

  3. This season shall pass , in the mean time build your immune system, exercise, go to beach, pray and keep a positive mind. We will overcome


  5. Globally, there is vaccine hesitancy among non college educated persons. When you listen to their reasons for not wanting the vaccine, it is clear that they are not very intelligent either.

    Look, for example, at the disparity in vaccination rates between doctors and nurses. One has to be at a very high academic level to be even accepted into a MD program and undergo many years of intense academic training to qualify. The nurses or other health care workers who refuse vaccination would probably not make it through a MD program even if they gain acceptance.

    This is the reality of the world we live in. Anti-vaxxer types exist in all societies. Less educated, less intelligent and prone to believe in conspiracy theories, have prejudices such as religious, racist, xenophobic, anti-LGBT etc. etc. Think Trumpers, Taliban, Hindu Nationalists, Right wingers etc.

    Opposition parties and Unions will seek to capitalize on these persons to remain relevant even though they don’t agree with them. For example in Antigua, the opposition parties combined won 1 of 16 seats so they will clutch at anything.

    The PM needs to tone down and be less abrasive (if possible!) because these persons cannot be convinced. Trumpers will never believe he lost. 45K persons in Anu have been vaccinated and want to get on with their lives and that is a substantial majority. The legislation is in place to deal with this unavoidable minority and they have the choice to be part of society or be marginalized. That’s their freedom. Biden is President no matter what the Trumpers believe and life goes on.

    • All valid observations…as an American Citizen who gratefully spends a lot of time on your beautiful Island, it embarrassing to me daily that the USA is so incredibly divided, and that we still have a HUGE population of Trump worshippers. It’s sad and perplexing to me how so many in our nation have become so uneducated, uninformed, and quite frankly just mean, cruel and selfish…just like our ‘thankfully’ FORMER 45th President. Take care.

  6. One thought or two.
    HEALTH CRISIS! Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It’s time for all of us to act to improve our health and strengthen our human immune system. EAT BETTER and EXERCISE MORE so that we can all, especially the youths, TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALTH and be BETTER together.
    Plant, Eat, and Trade (PET action) fresh Fruits and Vegetables.
    Grow Herbs in the garden and use them.
    ” a diet in vegetables and fruit, exercise (physical activity), avoiding alcohol (moderation in all things), controlling body weight, proper rest and avoiding stress are ESSENTIAL FOR THE IMMUNE SYSTEM TO BE STRENGTHENED. …to deal with viruses, bacteria, parasites and other micro-organisms that can enter the body and alter the normal functioning of the human organism.”
    ” You are what you eat.”
    “Health is Wealth. Wealth is not Health.”


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