14 new cases of COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda


(Dashboard Update for January 31, 2021)


The most recent reports received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC) and the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) have revealed fourteen new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Saturday 30th January 2021.


Subsequent to the publication of the dashboard for Saturday 30th January 2021 with the cut off time of 6pm, an additional ten samples were processed by CARPHA increasing their total from forty-four to fifty-four samples while one hundred and twenty-three samples were processed by MSJMC which increased the overall pending results from one hundred and sixty-seven to one hundred and seventy-seven samples in total.


Of the one hundred and twenty-three samples processed by MSJMC, one hundred and nineteen were negative and four positive while of the fifty-four processed by CARPHA, forty-four were negative and ten positive.


Two of the cases are imported and twelve non-imported. Investigations have begun and contact tracing and testing are ongoing.


Meanwhile, two new recovered cases have been recorded bringing that total to one hundred and seventy-seven. Three additional persons have been hospitalized bringing that total to seventeen.

There are three hundred and twelve samples pending.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is two hundred and thirty-four (234); which is inclusive of fifty-one (51) active cases.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.

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    • Stop with this propaganda

      Stop blaming people for getting a respiratory disease

      We don’t blame individuals for getting the flu or a cold

      We all have to breathe.

      No mask is 100% effective

      There would be no outbreak in Antigua if the border was properly managed and if the MOH hadn’t for months said we were covid free when we weren’t

      What to blame someone? The buck stops with the PM

      • I woulduld ignore them . it’s not the first time they wrote that and always get the response they’re hoping for maturity lacking .

  1. This is what we we’ve been saying for nearly a year was going to happen

    I got called a covidiot numerous times for warning how easily this virus will spread if real measures are not enacted at the border

    Sadly if there are 50 official cases, there are surely at least 500 actual cases and probably many times more than that on island

    And active cases will continue to grow exponentially until this government gets serious about this pandemic

    The cases are coming in at the border where it’s a free for all for visitors

    1 month serious lockdown and close all borders

    Prophylaxis with ivermectin, zinc and vitamin D for the whole population

    Reopen in a month with real protocols at the border —

    1. test ALL on arrival

    2. Tourists pay for their testing

    3. Quarantine ALL for at least 5 days until a second negative test

  2. Time to buckle up. Assume that everyone around you has covid-19. No time to chance it. Follow the protocols, my people.
    If this continues the upwards trend, then rest assured that more restrictions are coming. Government may have to move to close schools again.
    The vaccines are no in hurry to get here. Every country is looking out for its own. The UK will only help when they are satisfied that they have enough for their own people.
    Our only hope now is to strictly adhere to the protocols.
    I am begging everyone….just do what is needed to protect yourselves and others.
    Now is the time to demonstrate that you can be a good citizen.


  3. Let us just pray that it does not reach the point where our health system is overwhelmed. Some hard decisions must be taken sooner than later. Contact tracing is not completely full proof. It is never a perfect trace. That is why we have to be so responsible and diligent.
    I make the appeal again for the people to act wisely.

    We can fight this .

  4. @noitisnot YES agree.

    How come PM makes ‘pronouncements’ on his private fb page & his private media house Pointe?
    Not office of the PM fb
    Not ABS the state media house
    Not Min of Health

    Any ‘pronouncement’ regarding Covid-19 is the peoples business, national business…NOT private power play.

    When will this PM & cabinet step up & behave responsibly & professionally and honestly?
    Lives are being lost on your watch.

  5. Its not 14 its 1400 so says da resident troll also please note its not the locals its the tourist so says the troll here he comes under ma comment like the phucking cyber stalker her be☕

    • You’re the resident troll

      And yeah you were wrong. COVID is serious. It should be taken seriously rather than mocking those who take it seriously as you have done for months.

      People will die because of ignorant attitudes like yours

      • In the words of Mariah Carey why are u so obssed with me. U cant phuckkng see my comment and leave me alone. U really ah one phucking cyber stalker. Get a phucking life u loser!!!

  6. Wow everybody wanna cry help now? Who don’t want school clothes want borders closed. When are we going to realize that this is life as we see it now and we just have to follow the rules and protocols put in place for us. Close the border yes but how many more persons will be out of work and the funds will not circulate properly. Then we go to government and blame them cause the money is not there and beggin for freebies. There is no way to please everyone its all about survival. Closing borders or not we still have to face covid some time. And get the same result. Just try ur best to stay safe and protect ur family.

  7. Avatar photo Instead of making your comments and suggestions on such a serious article you write nonsensical garbage . Attack attack thats your style even when you're not . Very last response to you because you're a troubled person and a Baiter .

    They should charge you for every dumb comment you make , Àntigua newsroom would be rich by now . Don’t put yourself on that high of a petistol because your not .The only stalker is you who BAITS people into responding to you . Even when I don’t comment you call me out , does sound normal must be something mentally wrong with you . Keep it moving . Scum like you always wanna talk and no one understand what you write or talking about . I have people that depend on me for a paycheck . You on the other hand stays on here all day and make no meaningful contribution a total waste of space .

  8. The Covid- 19 blame and focus have been misplaced. The government can do so much and no more so it’s left to each of us, young and old to follow the protocols to protect ourselves and those we know. If gatherings, like the motor bike event at Fryers Beach yesterday, continue we will continue to see more Covid-19 cases. The bikers and most of the onlookers were not wearing masks and there was no social distancing. People, Covid-19 doesn’t care how old you are, if you are national or tourist, UPP, ABLP, or DNA supporter, rich or poor. Stop gatherings, wear your mask properly and wash your hands!

    • Wow! Thanks for info Anu Sunshine.
      Bikers & people like that abusing the beach access we now enjoy usually means beach restrictions/closure for all of us who respect the regulations and enjoy beach exercise. Young kids love the beach & its a good tonic for us all. Make me vex.

  9. One hundred twenty three samples processed by MSJMC and four positives. Fifty four samples processed by CARPHA and ten positives. Why are the numbers from MSJMC always lower than CARPHA even through more samples are processed by MSJMC than CARPHA?
    Believe there are questionable statistics.

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