13-year-old suspect among 5 teens in custody for raping 46-year-old woman off Friars Hill Road


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet is concerned by the manner in which illegal guns are being smuggled into Antigua and Barbuda.

The Cabinet has advised law enforcement to increase their monitoring of the Airports and Sea Ports.

The Cabinet expressed its appreciation to the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda for their speedy work in apprehending two suspects in the recent murder.

The Police also have two suspects in custody in connection with the Roti King robbery.

In the case of the rape of the 46 year old woman, the Police have five suspects in custody; one is 13, two are 15 and two are 17 years old.

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  1. If they did it them lil arses need a few proper lash with a bullbud.
    Youths now a days have no home training no real guidance and getting out of hand from the weed thing to this… Jah know

      • I agree rape them little rascals fi reel…..by the way what’s there name and where are they from?

    • Miss/sir…I understand wat u saying but as a mother of a 10 n 7 Year old all I can do is talk cause if u don’t have kids den u don’t know d half of wat parents go through deh say who fills it knows it all children will take their own path wen d times comes n all we as parents can do is talk n teach d right way! Don’t just pinpoint is a home problem!!

    • Yes, it is terrible Brixtonian to see that a 13-year-old is involved in such heinous crime. But it is also very commendable that once again our police are close to wrapping up yet another crime. Give them a big round of applause. Let’s discuss ways and means we can prevent our young guys from being involved in such criminal activities. A 13-year-old should be in school. Where are his parents? Let’s name and shame them. They have failed their children. They are not good parents. And they should take some responsibility for that. But knowing you Brixtonian, all you want to do is blame Gaston Browne for everything under the sun that is not right.

      • @Sideline, didn’t the rape occur at 4:30 pm — which school in Antigua is having classes at that time? Some parent have to work two jobs to feed their children because your master cannot pay them in a timely manner. Everything that a child does can’t be blamed on parents — They live in a society that also influences them. What the police did is not different from what police have been doing everywhere else in the world — They should be commended when they are able to PREVENT crime.

        • Exactly 👏 @ For What. For some time now Antiguans have been calling out for PROACTIVE procedures in policing when we all noticed the growth in rapes, home invasions and robberies.

          Yet, we were ignored.

          Now we see REACTIVE policing when the crime surge is getting out of hand.

          This truly could have been preventable, if the police commissioner and the Prime Minister had taken notice of what the citizens of Antigua were crying out for.

        • Only God can prevent crime, because only he can see what it is in the heart of men.
          The fact that the crime happened at 4:30pm doesn’t diminish the fact that school children would be busy at that time doing homework, or some extra school curriculum. And what has the government paying in a timely matter to do with a 13-year-old committing a hideous crime? In my opinion blame lies with the parents and not with society. We all grow up in the same society and we make choices. Good or bad. And we should know that our choices have consequences. The wage of sin is dead. It has not changed. And will never change. Our Prime Minister is a perfect example for many that want to claim they had no choice because they come from a poor family. The PM was more or less on his own from a very young age. No father figure to take care of him and his sister. No food to eat most of the time. I mean his story gives tears in anyone’s eyes that hears it. Yet he climbed up in life to the highest job in the country and can be counted as a person that made it up the social ladder. As the title of a book says, “From Raggs to Riches”. Our PM has that story to share with us. Therefore, no child should use poverty as an excuse to get into a life of crime. There are consequences to our actions and decisions. These are times I just put away my christian upbringing and wsih we had the death penalty. You live by the sword you die by the sword.

          • @Sideline, unless you’re 13 years old now, you didn’t grow up in the same society as this kid. 45 + years ago when the PM was a kid Antigua was nothing like it was 13 years ago or today. Your comparison is ridiculous! The population was much smaller, crime and violence were less prevalent, so young children weren’t desensitized to these behaviours.
            Gaston didn’t have social media, rap and reggae music that glorifies crime and violence to influence him. During Gaston’s youth, SHAME was actually a deterrent in Antiguan society.

            When a parent has to take on a 2nd job because they can’t get paid from their main one, they’re not at home to pay attention to and guide their children as needed. Therefore, those children more likely to be influenced by SOCIETY.

            Parent are NOT their children’s only influence. So if this society doesn’t change for the better, we’ll continue to see more and worst than this happening. Continue to keep your eyes closed.

          • @From the Sideline
            I guess you know Gaston’s grandfather, Novelle Richards. A red labour man. Find out what part he and Gaston’s father played in getting him a job in the bank.

        • There are schools that comes out at that time.some schools provide after classes or activities, niw I understand not every parent can afford such schools but there are other alternatives.

      • Sidey, I thought Gaston Browne WAS ELECTED as Prime Minister to “protect and serve” the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda.


  2. Where are the parents? If things are so bad now with these little thugs, what’s gonna happen in that long summer break?
    No one under 18 should be unaccounted for by their parents at any given time. Good God man. They’re wreaking havoc on this lovely island. The victim could almost be their grandmother. No respect
    Parents need to take back their children from the devil. Satan using them

    • Are you going to pass a law that the fathers have to be in their lives? These children haven’t seen their father in years so to ask for the parents to be present is unrealistic.

  3. Ok…no discussion…yuh feel yuh is a big man? All ah you…straight to jail with the adult population…fresh meat…to be raped every day until dey dead! Pieces of shit!

    • We take our children everywhere except to church, social media
      and TV has become the day care , We parents spend no quality time with them, so are instilling (good) values in to our youths???? Gone are the days when parents and children did things together and spend QUALITY family time, people wake up before it’s too late, do u prefer to visit them in jail or go to their funeral??????

  4. Questions:

    If these young men are doing what they are doing as part of a “Gang Initiation”, why is it that no one knows where this socalled gang operation is?

    How is it, more parents who may be suspicious of their boy child activities and actions, are not seeking help?

    What pre-emptive covert efforts that are being made by the police force to infiltrate these socalled Gang operation?

    Are these 13+ year olds smarter and more wickedly brilliant (for want of better words) capable of evading both their parents, family members and law enforcement?

    If they are capable of doing all this foolishness and wickedness, they MUST be charged as ADULTS since they are doing these adult crimes.

    Don’t want until it happens to you, if you see something, say something.

    Say it to someone you trust if you don’t trust some members of the police force.

    I know for sure I won’t be playing with no Kid.

    • @Bone…the “gangs” are known from the halls of the parliament to the mud alleys of Cedar Grove, the coke alleys of Point, Grays Farm to the prostitution and Epstein style pedophilia rings in the hotels, and of course The School_Yard Papi.

      The Asot and Gaston factions, gangs as well are waring in the ABLP, now; however, they’ll both remember the incubation of #Red_Shut during the late 1980’s to the early 2000’s. Former COP – Rawlston Pompey should remember, unless, he has selective memory, or #Tic_Toc amnesia.
      Then there was Baldwin and his “chop dem up” Geeen_House Posse from #da_Mud!
      Of course #Daddy_Speaks under the wings of Lester would not be outdone, as Ovals/Ottos White_Shut and Speaks began, balling together.

      Now, with all this testosterone driving the culture, Daniel’ Wendy-On-Wheels, Skels, Stables and Popeshead Street became Mamasita Pussy_Central for the Parasol Ladies, even though, #Prostitution is illegal in the Nation.

      So Bone, we can have a #BONE, or two to pick with the alleged perpetrators(who should face the brunt of the law as adults), but Our Culture over the past FORTY-FIVE(45) to FIFTY(50) years, have planted and nurtured many seeds, of discord(gangs), fertiled and nurtured them. Therefore, even though this type of behavior is #ALARMING, it’s not surprising!

      Crime and Criminality in Our Nation, MUST be approached from a holistic and comprehensive perspective, whereby, all those #WHO’RE a part of the problem(white collar to blue collar criminals) are dealt with according to the law. The biggest dnd oldest Gangs in Antigua are the political parties.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  5. Lol I can bet they came from a loving home and caring family and had a comfortable life and they parents raised them cuz they wanted to give them a life they never had growing up. Jordan’s to school and internet to research wow. And this is the youth of today entitled children y’all brought up now backfiring. What next young girls gonna get into prostitution?

  6. If I remember correctly, when this incident happened, it was blamed on the Jamaican migrant community. What say you now?

  7. The government needs to build that prison they’ve been talking about. A large one on some little island off Antigua. Throw them in jail for as long as it takes to reform them. FINE THE PARENTS. THEY ARE ALSO TO BLAME. You don’t have to be wealthy in order to teach your children right from wrong.
    What LH said today during his briefing was some backwards thinking. They don’t want to arrest and imprison people because it will over load the prison. Here another stupid remark from LH. We don’t want to imprison youth for to long because they will learn how to commit crimes better, something along those lines. I think they have already mastered the art of crime. So they just let these gangs run wild until they rape and kill people. Build A Juvenile Detention Center.
    Now your police are doing what they are hired to do. They got permission from GB to now start arresting people. They got called out by the Serian community and now they begin to do there job. Why do we the tax payer have to praise the police for finally doing something other than drug bust they turn around and sell to enrich themselves.

    • I’m glad we do not have a new prison with all the amenities as if they were at Jolly Beach. They should be held in worst condition than 1735. A place where just being there would be a cruel punishment. A place as bad as hell. So that they can get to acclimatize with where they will end up anyway for eternity. I don’t want to know that cold blooded murderers and rapists will be taken good care of with my tax dollars. The only ones that should be taken good care of are the wardens.

  8. Don’t they have Mother’s and Sisters? Is public Flogging still on the books? If yes I think this is a perfect opportunity for it to be used. Make it a pre Carnival ‘ No to Youth Criminal violence event’, $10/head to come and watch it. Then use the proceeds to feed them for the next 5 years in a youth reforming facility( not jail) but Flogging every 1/4 for the 1st year. If there is no consequence it will never stop.

    • Fooley le me add to you question. Where are the fathers? Me hope you ana one man dat abandon yours because contrary to popular opinion plenty father leave the raising of Dem son to the mother. Then she haffu work several jobs to feed she picknie an Dem. So daddy, where are you?

  9. When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬 When will the Gaston Browne administration push for the illegal printing of Antigua and Barbuda passports case to be called 🇦🇬

    Chop of their f…king hands and let the woman stick a plunger stick up their assets

  10. Did the original story say the rapers were armed with guns? Where would these youths get these weapons from? The police Need to find the source.
    What has become of our country when thirteen year olds are raping people? Parents need to start accounting for their children and a juvenile detention centre is long over due.


  12. remember Mexico has a lawsuit against US gun manufacturers, the cigarette companies were sued…
    Guess it’s time to sue the social media companies; Include the churches as well for leading the sheep to the wolves.

  13. When I heard of this rape the day it was reported, I was torn apart for the victims (mother and daughter) that this vile act can happen to them in such manner, I was calling hard for justice to be done on their behalf, very hard. I am a father, a son, and most of all a human being, and this one really hurt me, so now I’m a little relieved that some serious actions were taken to bring these 5 to justice ( and I don’t care how ole they are). Justice for this mother and her daughter who witnesses this horrible act must be served upon these vile criminals, fast and quick, and do not want to hear no nonsense about youth. If a message has to be sent out to criminals, then these latest arrest and hopefully guilty verdicts must be a clear signal to the people of My nation that the government here their cry and fully prepared to do something about it. Good job officers, and I’m actually proud that something is being done. It’s a start, but I’ll take it.

  14. I am so shocked reading these comments and as a single parent I’m broken down. No Lie my heart is breaking for that mother, for that woman that was rape, and even for her daughter that had to experience witnessing such. It is sad for someone to put in a comment to arrest the parents of these children. Really parents work their butt out to raise good boys and girls but yet still some boys and girls still turn out bad, and some boys and girls still go astray. A parent can give a child everything in the world but you cannot give a child a mind. Children right now Rebel against discipline cuz they want to do their own thing they follow their friends, bad influences bad Associations to fit in.
    Children get love affection and everything a child needs in life most importantly an education and they still end up being rebellious. What offense have their parents ever done to deserve being locked up for their actions??? Some single parents are out there bossing their asses trying to put a roof over their children’s heads make sure they have clothes on the back, shoes on their feet, and food on the table, do everything and provide everything necessary for their children and the children still disappoint them. Some parents are doing all this alone without no help but children still disappoint them to say to lock up the parents. No! No! No! That is sad is sad. Some mothers are suffering,
    struggling, and crying for help with their fathers’ help. Lord have Mercy

  15. The latest developments in Antigua with regards to the recent crimes and breakthroughs by the law enforcement officers in apprehending the perpetrators, and the likely or perceived outcome or penalties that will be handed down to these ruthless criminals has left a sickening feeling in the very core of my being. Many hard working business owners have been robbed at gunpoint, unsuspecting mother robbed and raped, young man’s life brutally ended by the bullet from a gun, and these perpetrators show no mercy. Yet when caught we are constrained by the fact that they are below the age where you can tie a twelve inch cement block around their necks and drop them off between Antigua and Barbuda. People are saying that flogging is archaic and abusive. So what’s the solution? I wish we could have some Apache squaw justice meted out to these juvenile criminals. Peel the hide off of their behind and put them in some fire ants nest until they beg to die.
    Antigua is on the brink of a very deep precipice and it’s not as a result of the Jamaicans migration.

  16. Guns in the hands of children can be very dangerous.African child soldiers has already proven that.

  17. 👏For What? May 25, 2023 At 3:46 pm
    There is a saying, “The more things change the more they remain the same”. I have raised four children and they have gone through the same stages of life as I was when I was their age. Each generation has to deal with their own battles. But yet we can always look back and see that nothing really changes fundamentally. When I was a teen, I thought my parents had no clue about the problems I had to deal with. Yet my mom would always remind us how good we have it. So too I always remind my children that they do not know how good they have it. They have Nintendo and Xbox. The Internet came later in life. And the grandchildren will hear the same thing from their parents. The more things change the more they remain the same. As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. Each generation has youth that make wrong decision for whatever they claim to be their circumstances. I can still remember some of my old schoolmates that fell by the wayside of the social ladder only because of their bad choices at that time. And you may hate Gaston Browne as much as you want, it won’t hurt him a bit. In fact, he is not even taking you guys on. He feels sorry for you. Cause his heart is pure. But it shows how crooked your thinking has become. Normal reasoning in a simple discussion such as this, you have to in some way connect the government as part of the problem. I mentioned this before, do you hold Adam and Eve still responsible for the fact that we are ALL born sinners? if you do, put the blame on God for having put the tree there in the first place. Or for having given us a FREE will. Free to make choices, and that our choices have consequences. And there is no if, but or maybe to that. Gaston Browne’s biography should be taught at school, so that our children have someone to look up to. One of their very own. Not a Barak Obama. Gaston Alphonso Browne, who came from very humble beginning and made it to the top and is respected even on international stages. And the point is he is still proud of where he came from. Whereas some people would want to forget their past. And in his life story we learn that he was one time electrocuted and were it not for the action of one Rasta man he would have been dead. And on another time, he was hospitalized because of “Mall Nutrition”. Because his daily food was a dumpling and some water. Today he is giving thanks to the community of Rastafarian by appointing the first Rastafarian King Franki as Ambassador to Ethiopia. he ensured that the Rastafarian community could worship freely and use their herb sacrament. And he builds them a school for their young boys and girls to be taught the way of Rastafari. And when he decriminalized the cannabis, the police could not criminalize and lock them up because they have a spliff. And when it comes to the economic advantages that now exist from the very same cannabis, he ensured that they got a piece of the pie. Without having to put in a dime he ensured the community got shares in the first medicinal cannabis company on Island. Browne once made a statement that the haters took umbrage at. he told you man to not sit idle by, but to do something, even if it is to go burn coal. Well guess what it was a marvelous idea. And someone not in Antigua is selling coal, neatly packed in the supermarket. People perhaps don’t know the value of coal. But in the industrial world, it was coal; before they found oil, that was the black gold. It powered many factory engines. It powered the locomotives; it powered the utility company. And even today many men are still working in coal mines all over the world. But it is wrong for the Prime Minister to tell young unemployed boys, go burn coal if you have to. I know when I want to barbecue, I use local coal. It brings a much better flavor to the chicken. Coming back to the discussion and my point remains, it is the parents that have the responsibility to raise a child. And where a father figure is missing the mother will need assistance. And fathers that are MIA should also be held accountable. This is not a dog’s life. Just breed the woman and go about your business. That mentality needs to stop. Civilized men take care of their offspring. When Gaston was a child, his father was missing in action. But when he made it in life, suddenly his father came on the scene. That is how many men behave and that needs to change. We must take responsibility for our action. If we let these things go freely, we will end up with a society of single mothers and children that do not know what fatherly love is. And then we wonder how come our boys are like that. I am glad that my father was there and showed us his love and I will always remember and love him.

  18. Brixtonian May 25, 2023 At 2:34 pm
    Poor you Brixtonian. Every Prime Minister in the world takes that Oath.
    But do you hold them responsible for every crime committed?
    I mean each time we have a mass shooting in the USA the President goes and comfort the bereaved. And he promises them time and time again to do something about the gun crime. But he just can’t. Gaston promised the other day in parliament that we would be taking the fight to the criminals and letting them know that crime does not pay. But they will surely pay. And not even a week has passed, and we see the increase in police stops and other patrolling actions. I guess he had a stern word with the commissioner. Bear in mind that the police are independent. But you should also know that he can be removed if the Prime Minister has lost faith in him keeping the peace. The government is not to engage in the fighting of crime, but they are to provide the police with the means to do so. In this country we seem to forget the separation of powers that exist. No wonder the opposition last week in parliament keep making the mistake of wanting to have a court appointed administrator come before the cabinet. That is not how it works. The courts do not answer the executive. In the USA they just tried to call the Supreme Court Chief Justice to come before a Senate Judiciary Committee to answer questions. He just told them where to get off in a nice way.
    One day these UPP guys will learn.

  19. @Sidelines, I’m convinced your senile. You’re the one who interjected Gaston in your comment about make your point and I referred to him to make mine. What did I say about Gaston that would suggest that I hate him? I don’t know the man and I don’t hate people I done know. Gaston cannot feel sorry for me because he doesn’t know me or anything about me. I’m not on the mooching gravy train. Your comparison of 45- 50 years ago to now is ridiculous. And that was my point. You’re talking about my reasoning? You should check your own. If pointing out that when people work and can’t get paid means I hate Gaston then so be it. I live in a country that I don’t have to worry about that sort of thing. The 13 year old was in the midsts of 5 males none of us knows if he raped that woman. Two of them was reported to haved raped her, which two was it? If you think that everything a child does is the parents fault then something nis clearly

    • wrong with your thinking. Didn’t Gaston’s brother rape some child? Was that his mother’s fault? I have to wonder why your such a staunch defender of Gaston? Ever when he’s not attacked your jumping to his defence🤣🤣🤣. There is no way you are firing on all cylinders.

      • That was not a brother from his mother’s side. Not someone he grew up with. He grew up with his sister. But surely that must be something to think about. As the scripture teaches,
        ◄ Proverbs 22:6 ►
        Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

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