12k In Equipment Stolen From Church


Creek Side Seventh Day Adventist Church has lost critical items of praise and worship to thieves.

The church is under construction but praise and worship activities are still being kept there.

According to police reports, the perpetrators gained entry into the building from the second floor and then stole the items from the ground floor.

The stole a compressor and two speakers valued at 12 thousand dollars.

Police are appealing for the public’s assistance to solve this time.


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  1. Thives are waking up to the fact that churches are not what they preach they are.
    If what they are preaching is truth, then God must have seen what happened.

    Now the preacher brings the word from God, and God gives him messages to give the congregation.

    I would expect him to tell the police who did it and where the items are, surely he can ask God, after all he sees and knows everything.

    The thives of today are awake, and dismantling the game.

    It is for those outside looking in to learn the message from the thief. That a church building is just another building and their is nothing special about it.

    If churches was what they claim they are, the doors should always be open, no need for locks, burgular bars, security cameras, security guards etc.

    No thief would consider stealing from a sacred place. The very thought would have caused the thief much anguish.

    • We the people are really in for some terrible times police , politicians can do what they please and nothing for it....16 years for rape? Held her down and rape her We the people are really in for some terrible times police , politicians can do what they please and nothing for it....16 years for rape? Held her down and rape her

      Na they will receive death just listen out for a few car accidents

    • @Melchisedec laugh till ah choke. There will be a collection plate from now for “the builders funds”

    • “No thief would consider stealing from a sacred place.” ???? you’re speaking for thieves? by your words you shall be known …

    • Don’t forget Belshazzar! He messed with God’s sacred vessels from the sanctuary! God let him, but look how he fell to the Medes and Persians! God is not rushing to stop people ! He is giving them a chance to repent! If they don’t, then God shall bring every work into judgement with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil!


      You have always been a ‘…provocative commenter.’

      Watch it though. God is watching you. Me too.

      Don’t know what exactly what He might be designing for you. Me too.

      You are free to say you don’t care about the responses, but on this one, you are up against ‘…them and Me too.’

      You seemed to be pretty hard on the Preacher.

      What is stealing from the Church to do with the Preacher’s knowledge of the culprit or the price of tea in China?

      Why do you think ‘God’ would tell him to identify the culprit to the Police?

      Yes, God moves in mysterious ways, but don’t believe Preachers are psychic to know who steals from the Church.

      In English law, ‘…our jurisprudence,’ all criminal acts committed in a Church are called ‘…Sacrilege- stealing; …rape; …murder; …buggery; or wounding a Preacher or congregant.’

      Outside the Church. they are called what the law defines;’… Murder will be murder.’

      Should not gloat over it or use it sarcastically in attacking preachers and God’s Sanctuary.

      Look out Melchie Boy! Me too. Never know when God may strike.

      Might be too late to ask a Pastor to come and pray.

  2. Low lifes who tief from churches are nasty and corrupt in their minds and hearts, and should locked up in 1735 for years and years. They are unfit to be in human society. May the judgement of Almighty God strike them now. In Mother Africa such thieves would be beaten and stoned by the people, and then the courts take over from there. We don’t do things that way, of course, but justice must prevail. Turn them in. Nothing worse than a tief who tief from God and His work.

    • @ CErmle

      I can think of two who are worse off the top of my head, rapists, pedophile and murderers…thats 3 really but who’s counting

      • You’re right. You named 3, but it should be 4: rapists, pedophiles, murders, and those who teif from God. Bring back the hanging rope. It’s still on the books, and still legal no matter what some outside countries may think. Antigua an independent country. England don’t rule here. China, Philippines, the USA, and our Muslim friends don’t put up with such nonsense. They set their own rules no matter what anybody say. Africa especially knows how to deal with these cases.

  3. I am sure some if this man was caught, the person who apprehended this man would have been charged with wounding with intent. Ignorant folks.

    Even Churches now are options for these criminals. Now let the ignorant fools respond to my post.

    • The brand of Christianity that are displaying now is a failure, so people are no more fearful because they see a bunch of people going into a building that are not serious about serving God and bringing people to christ, so one of the musician in the church took the instruments, this congregation are simply not standing on holy ground

  4. How are these items “critical to praise”?.
    I thought Heaven hears all praise silent or outspoken??.
    Maybe Gods like gadgets and keep cell phones under their crowns??.

  5. A time ago, thieves would steal from everywhere except church. There was a saying that when you steal from church, God’s curse would fall on you and your family. Nowadays, no one, no where is exempt from the bandits. The truth is, most times they don’t need the items that are stolen…..it’s money they need so then we must begin to look at those who buys electronics and other items for little or nothing. Once the market for these hustled items are there, then they will continue to plunder households, churches, even individuals. I am appealing to everyone to make a report to the police when people come around selling these cheap stuff.

  6. What has become of the people allegedly caught in Epicurean with stolen family heirlooms?

  7. @hahahahaha
    Thank you.
    Now repeat after me…
    1 There are some things we know that we know.

    2 There are some things that we know we do not know.

    3 There are some things that we think we know that we really don’t know.

    4 Believing and knowing are not the same thing.

    5 Believing is confidence without clarify. And that is called ignorance.

  8. @New

    Are you saying that the all mighty God need some sinful police officers to solve his problems? What kind of God are you serving?

    Just like the story of the Ark of the covenant the thieves should have suffered on the spot.

  9. Those thieves if they don’t repent will receive their judgment here on earth before their eyes close….

    • What kind of church can afford something like that? Doesn’t sound anything like the Son of God who had not a place to lay His head, a man of the people. Time to get back to the old time, Holy Ghost, old fashioned message of the King of Glory. Brling back the old time pentecostal power with holiness (unto the Lord). Get the world out of the church.

  10. @Mr Pompey
    Born in the west your God is Jehovan

    Born in India your God is Shiva

    Born in China your God is Buda

    Born in Israel your God is Allah

    The Rastafari say no Hailie Selassie is God.
    Take your pick who is right because all cannot be.
    My Godliness cannot be contained in no building.
    It is not the first time thives are hitting churches. There experience in their field of lively hood how ever wrong it may be, must have thought them something. Pay attention Mr Pompey

    If there was even a smidgen of evidence that something mystical happened to one of his associates do you think he would hit the church?

    Something mystical happened to ticks his corpse was on top the Earth longer than normal.

    • @Melchisedec, you couldn’t have said it clearer ……There are some things that we think we know that we really don’t know. Go on, continue spreading the news! Mi go hold a meds here in the right corner and be still.

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