Government agencies to move into ADOMS building



Cabinet Notes: The Cabinet invited the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance, who also serves as the Chairman of the Tenders Board, to provide greater clarity on the Procurement Act which comes into effect on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, replacing The Tenders Board Act.



Regulations were also being tweaked based on the successes of recent Cabinet oversight which, during the current administration’s exercise of authority, has virtually eliminated many of the known excesses of the previous administration.



The Cabinet members pointed to: a) the purchase of old buildings by the previous administration for excessive sums; they include Bencorp and Food City buildings; b) the excessive over-spending on several building projects, including the new Treasury Building and the ADOMS Building.




These excesses were unknown to several UPP Cabinet members who learned of them by the ABLP in opposition.



The Cabinet is of the view that causing decision-making to fall exclusively within the several proposed Ministry-specific boards is an invitation to wrong-doing.



The Procurement Law is so structured that it minimizes disruptions when the Tenders Board Act falls away. It is designed to foster the development of local businesses.



The law allows for set-asides and to engage a small number of disadvantaged groups—like women—to achieve some a preference.



These are recognized and accepted internationally. There are also sustainable policy guidelines which ensure long-term survivability of certain goals.


A training component is also created under the Act which ensures participation by many who might otherwise be excluded.

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  1. ANR where does it state in the copy paste from cabinet notes to create this article, that ‘ Govt Agencies moving into ADOMS’ building?

  2. I guess it makes the government feel powerful when it repurposes buildings built by the UPP. Five Island school, the GrayGreen spots complex and the Adoms building. What has the labour government built since they are in office?
    Gaston is being disingenuous when he accuses the UPP government of costs overrun when his government Is the one that cannot account for the excess monies which were supposedly spent on the ADOMS building. Look at the building UPP left for Alp to complete and it was within budget when Gaston’s took over. When them done steal all the money they are trying to blame UPP.
    Gaston is also aware that unforeseen water problems were encountered during the construction of the new Treasury Building resulting delayed completion and higher costs. Gaston likes to talk dishonest tripe, knowing that his foolish followers will believe him.
    What Gaston should be talking about is the stupid looking delux building he bought he says for a creative arts centre. The building is more suited for a shopping mall. The place doesn’t even have parking. Why didn’t Gaston build a beautiful new building for the arts with parking? There is a House of Culture. Why wasn’t it expanded into a creative arts centre? The Labour Party is filled with people of ghetto mentality.

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