12 hours later, APUA still does not know what hit it

APUA Headquaters


Browne said about 25,000 customers were affected by an interruption in Inet services today.
This included all 25 thousand landline customers as some cellphone customers.

“There is an excess amount of traffic going across the system and we are not sure where that would have come from.

We actually have our international partners assisting with it too.

We repaired the excessive amount of traffic and we had to get the equipment back up and running.

As to the actual root cause why we had this problem we do not have an answer as yet.”


Users of Inet, APUA’s cell-phone network, as well as its land line customers were left wanting today, October 12, after the company encountered what appear to be major difficulties with its system.

Reports are that land line service went down on Monday night, October 11, leaving clients unable to place calls.  This also impacted quite a number of businesses today, Tuesday, including Government offices.

Accordingly, customers took to social media to vent, complaining that cell-phone users could not place calls to the numbers of the other networks, Digicel and FLOW.  Reportedly, Internet services were also impacted.

Digicel, meanwhile, issued a notice to its customers acknowledging that they might be experiencing issues calling landline numbers.

“This is due to technical issues on another network,” the telecoms company explained, adding that its own team was working to resolve the issue.

REAL News was not able to ascertain what caused the phone lines to go down for such a prolonged period, and APUA is yet to issue a statement on the cause.  It did apologize, however, for the inconvenience caused to its customers. (REAL NEWS)

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  1. 🥱 and they will never find out. The nerve of Gaston clown 🤡 to even entertain thoughts 💭 of APUA buying FLOW and DIGICEL, he must be trying to silence the people of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬

    • Digicel and or FLOW never go down? Even Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were down for awhile about a week ago. You need to get real, this is an unusual event

      • Omg give the man a break now. All yo just suck on like a damn sliver ticks pon the case smh,Antigua ain’t the only country who Making the vaccine mandatory if all yo dnt take it,thrn dnt take it stop a yu all yard an stop complaining like a little bitch.

      • If you would read properly then you would realize I didn’t say anything about Flow or Digicel going down. I was alluding to it happening if they were owned by APUA. You must be naive or need one more man added to your name so it can be ELEVENMAN. Maybe 🤔 then you will be able to grasp mentally what’s before your eyes.

      • Old equipment fronted as State of the art, AKA JUNK. I just hope the rest of what I told you do not come true. Should have negotiated 5G with your Chinese friends. The ROOT CAUSE is the flawed thinking that simply can not see beyond the curve. If this continue you will not be able to find equipment to replace components. Yes other companies go down as well but when people strive for excellence we don’t talk that way. We do not look for reasons to prove that we can be as bad as others. We strive for excellence period.

        • I would be wary of Chinese equipment. US intelligence agencies reported that China stopped attempting to snoop through US networks because they found it easier to get information through two service providers in the Caribbean.

      • The point is, that we should be wary of eliminating competition in a fast moving sector such as technology. Even worse would be to place the only telco in the hands of the government. This is a recipe for bad service and government surveillance.

  2. …yet they have the audacity to say it will not happen again. Do these people in high offices think we are fools or something?

  3. Did the Russians do a dry run and hack your systems? L0L. Maybe it was our new Imperial Massa hacked APUA. They are showing us how unsecured our systems operates.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 what a headline. Seems like the same thing will happen to the UPP come next election – they won’t know what hit them 🤣😂😆😅

    But 4real apua needs to strengthen its system

  5. Recently, WhatsApp went down
    Facebook also went down
    And then Instagram went down
    Now Inet went down
    Seems to me the digital networks are now contracting a digital Covid contagion. Lookout what next??

  6. Unusual signals emerging from the direction of the galactic center
    Updated:12, October 2021 : 3:55 p

  7. Well it so happened that the earth was hit with a CME / SOLAR FLARE STORM. But they won’t tell us, so it had knocked out the lines.

  8. All some of u do on here is vent your hatred for PM Brown…Geeze man…
    Y’ll can’t comment without the blatant hatred and disrespect…
    Go get a life..
    Or go love yourself…cause it looks like u all have some much hatred in your heart that u hate your own damn self….

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