119 active cases in Antigua; 25 are fully vaccinated


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet invited Dr. Terri-Ann Joseph, the Acting Chief Medical Officer (CMO/Ag.), to meet with the executive body in order to provide further clarification of the numbers appearing on the latest dashboard, to lend her superior knowledge and expertise to explaining how the nation has moved to such high levels and to make recommendations. The CMO/Ag. revealed that there are:

  • 119 active cases, 56 male and 63 female;
  • 7 of the cases range from ages 1 to 11 years;
  • 4 of the cases range from 12 to 17 years;
  • 108 cases range from 18 years to 87 years;
  • 11 cases are imported, 82 are residents/locals, 26 are indeterminate;
  • 61 cases are of persons un-vaccinated, 9 are partially vaccinated, 25 are fully vaccinated;
  • 9 are too young to be vaccinated;
  • 15 others cannot be determined.

The good doctor made a number of recommendations to Cabinet which were discussed. The Cabinet decided on the following, in order to curb further spread of the dangerous virus known as Covid-19:

a.Contact-tracing is to be intensified so that those who are unknowingly infected can be identified quickly and isolated, in order to prevent further spread;

b.All meetings and gatherings are limited to 10 persons, except for churches, the public market, restaurants. Those who do not have to go out are encouraged to stay at home. Everyone is encouraged to go to work and to stop any chain of infection at work by obeying the protocols which require the wearing of face masks indoors, sanitizing hands frequently, and not gathering in clusters.

c.All beaches are to remain closed on August 26, the National Holiday declared for the burial of Sir Lester Bird, from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm on that Thursday.

d.Exceptions to the “gathering limitations” are made for the State Funeral of August 26, except that only fully vaccinated persons will be allowed entry to the Stadium and the Public Cemetery; all protocols established will be then engaged — the three to six feet social distancing rule, the proper wearing of face masks, and the sanitizing of hands with frequency.

e.Targeted vaccinating is to be increased, such that those who work in places that engage the public or visiting tourists, may ask the Ministry of Health to send a mobile unit to their place of employment such that vaccination is made more convenient. The object is to vaccinate sufficient to reach herd immunity.

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  1. Uh uh… the people who come up with these protocols need to go back to elementary school.

    Point (b) All meetings and gatherings are limited to 10 persons, except for churches, the public market, restaurants.

    That makes NO sense. So I guess the virus is very selective in regard to its locations. It does not go into the market, restaurants, churches…. A very intelligent virus indeed. Maybe more so than the people devise the protocols.

    • It’s not that the virus is selective it’s just that the covid 19 is all a hoax nothing they say or do makes sense…. Something else is going on we need to pay attention but am a crazy person so completely ignore me

  2. What needs to be made public is how many vaccinated individuals are hospitalized is any? The answer might boost the vaccination drive if it what i am hearing from US authorities.

    • Did you event wonder why it took them so long to inform of the number of persons that are fully vaccinated that are testing positve? It was kept quietly and then now a sudden jump to 25.

      Why is it coinciding so closely to the time the USA decided they will be rolling out the booster shot? Do you think they might just be starting the preparation of promoting the booster shot?

      The minister of health made mention of 1 a few weeks back and then everything went quiet on that. Well maybe they finally answering out request, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Do vaccinations start at 18 yrs? If so 7+4=11. How do we have 9 persons too young to be vaccinated. Y’all numbers need better clarification to make sense to people who at least finished primary school. This is why people are having problems trusting the information you put out

    • Remember they said they can vaccinate from 12 yr olds go up. So they said 7 are from age 1-11 and maybe the other 2 to make up the 9 have conditions that disqualify them from taking the vaccine.

  4. I don’t listen news anymore they are all lying to us dressing up something on tv and the internet to look believable I trust none of them we are been fooled and lied to all the deaths that are marked from covid aren’t related to covid do y’all researches dig deep ask questions see if the answers makes sense……what are they really putting in people bodies ? why are they targeting kids now ? did the prime ministers and politicians really took the vaccine ? they come on tv showing us they taking jabs is it the vaccine really in the vile ? How do know it’s not saline ? Why is a virus around for so long ? It’s unhealthy to be wearing masks especially for so long carbon dioxide is very dangerous to breath in does the virus getting stronger after 11:00pm ? If they had vaccinated “herd” humidity hate that word to define haman being by the way would be covid free all of a sudden ? Is this the mark of beast what revelation spoke of ? Are they preparing us for the new world order so many questions so little time and why do world leaders care so much about our health when they are ones who said the earth is over populated and called us walking disease on the earth so why are they trying to save us the walking disease ? Oh lord so many questions me nah even start ask nothing yet

  5. If y’all still using the Drosten PCR test which the CDC has declared cannot differentiate between Covid and Influenza, how many are + for covid, and how many are + for influenza?
    Further, if the cycle threshold for the pcr test is greater than 35, according to Dr. FRAUDCI, 97% of those results are FALSE POSITIVES; other experts argue, cycles above 24 are false +.

  6. ‘ 82 cases are residents/locals’.
    Pray tell, how many of them had returned from USA/UK in past 10-days?

    A&B require the incoming PCR test, neg, to be taken up to 7-days before landing.(plenty time for status to change, especially from countries with no protocols).
    A&B do not then rapid test every arrival on day 3 in Antigua.
    Hence we’re not proactively identifying cases.

    Fasten your seatbelts! Numbers will increase.
    Mask, Sanitize, Distance
    & consider vaccination

  7. I believed there are more than 119 cases of Covid-19 in Antigua and Barbuda. Multiply that 119 by 3 and get a realistic number. I am basing my opinion on a lack of comprehensive contact tracings within the Nation.

  8. WHERE IS MR. Charles Tabor. MR. Charles Tabor are you proud that you were a part of a SUPER SPREADER. Even police Officer got COVID Because of you and your unlawful gathering of anti-vaxxers TRIBE. MR. Charles Tabor, WHAT SAID YOU. MR. Charles Tabor BLOOD WILL BE ON YOUR HANDS IF ANY ONE DIES FROM THIS, YOU ARE SO SO HUNGRY FOR POWER YOU GUYS DONT CARE WHO GETS HURT ,ALL YOU NEED AND CARE ABOUT IS POWER.
    119 active cases in Antigua; 25 are fully vaccinated
    HOW MUCH FROM THIS FIGURE WERE FROM MR TABOR AND HIS GROUPS unlawful gathering of anti-vaxxers.

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