Antigua & Barbuda’s Economic Performance Improving

Prime Minister Gaston Browne

Antigua & Barbuda is in a better position to meet its expenses, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

He made the disclosure on Pointe FM recently while indicating that July has been the best month for revenue since covid-19.

“This last month, July, has been our best revenue month to date and it’s because we’ve actually reopened up the economy,” the Prime Minister announced.

“So, whereas before we were struggling and we had just about $30 million, last month we would have gotten $45 million — revenue up about 20 per cent, because we’ve actually reopened and people have been put back to work.”

“We’ve paid all salaries and wages … and in addition to that, we have been meeting other expenses. For example, we are sending off $2.8 million to cover LIAT expenses [and] we paid all our securities on the Eastern Caribbean Stock Exchange. Things are looking up.

“Right now we are close to 60 per cent of our revenue projections for this year, which is significantly better than what it was several months ago,” the Prime Minister said.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS. I am waiting to hear the NAYSAYERS. The best Prime Minister in the world. Antigua/Barbuda on the move again. Our Revenue shall be back to normal shortly. ALL SALARIES PAIN IN FULL. Blessings

    • I always wonder if people who just follow Gaston blindly if they fully or just blind to what’s happening in the country

      • @Chupz two Saturday’s ago the top dawg said on his radio station. ” When I speak I am speaking to the lowest elements and the least qualified in the society” whatelse do you expect from his puppies. Them no blind. Need I say more? Hell no!

  2. I was looking closely at the Slate of CANDIDATES the UPP presented so far. Now I can say that ABLP will return to POWER by a LANDSLIDE. I grew up in Potters Village with Mr. Anthony Smith but He is Young . Still have a few years to go. He will be OK in 20 years.

    We are waiting to release ALL the SKELETONS for Serpent in St. George’s. DEAN JONAS all the way. ABLP for the next 30. years. I hope ZACKIE read this posting.

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