11-year old pregnant girl taken SLBMCentre for fear the pregnancy may endanger her life



The Cabinet held a discussion with the officials about an 11-year old pregnant girl who was taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for fear that the pregnancy may endanger her life.

The police operate a Special Victims Unit to treat with minors who suffer similar fate from sexual predators.

However, under the law, confidentiality is required.

The name of the victim and the names of those who may have victimized the young minor cannot be released.

Confidentiality then serves to protect even those who victimize. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

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  1. Sexual assaults, a pregnant 11-year-old and a number of women being murdered in Antigua.

    Something is seriously going with a number of males in the country and needs to be addressed and highlighted by the government.


    • … and if the government do nothing, then the woman of Antigua need to come out and demonstrate and let men know that this AWFUL AND HEINOUS behaviour must cease …

    • The government cannot regulate social behavior. This is what church leaders and other social groups are for.
      I don’t know why we in this country think government should be our all in all. Morals are thought of in the social places we visit and in our homes. Look e.g. at our litter problems. No matter how many laws we put in place. No matter how many litter wardens we hire. If the people are not willing to change their behavior nothing will ever change. I watch people littering daily indiscriminately. I sometimes wish I had the authority to just go and whip them with a bull bud or something, just to put some sense in their head.
      But these social ills we need to address by educating the younger ones among us. You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Many men think it is macho to beat a woman. Some have grown up in a home where that was customary. So they do what they ahve seen.

      • Why is church leaders should take up the role of the father for these sick young men in our society? You need to be asking, “where are the father(s) who father these young men?” Too much fathers in Antigua have failed their sons. Our society will continue to get worse with sick young men as fathers keep ignoring their role as a father. God for bid!!

        • Not only have fathers failed their young men, but parents have also failed. Remember, some of these fathers are or were the same. Sex needs to be addressed in the home. Parents are still right lip, and many youths have not had that conversation with their parents. They are clueless about their sexuality, and their sexual health. Most of these abusers know right from wrong, they are sexual deviants, they are perverts, they have strong sexual delusions and follow through without regard to who they hurt or harm. When a man finds pleasure in a child he is the worst of the worst. Long prison sentences should act as a deterrent. I am for protecting the victim, but the perpetrator’s picture should be posted all over the country for everyone to know who they are.

    • No I know her she’s in grade 5 .and grade 5 boys say she dose be in bush with other boys

  2. Is abortion going to be an option for this poor soul if it’s not too late for early termination? We can segue right into the issue that is hot in America right now, abortion rights.
    In this year 2022, why do we still have such backwards thinking. If you’re anti woman (pro-life) then you can not have an abortion yourself, and even go as far as encouraging your friends and family to not have them. But every woman should have the option to safely determine the course of her own life, to determine whether or not a 3-15 minute moment can drastically alter her life. That is just 1 (out of many, many pro-choice arguments) side, well, 2, in the case of a #$%&+!! pregnant eleven year old. ANR, I think in certain cases, ‘bad’ words are necessary. How else can this outrage be expressed?
    I’m honestly not even allowing my brain to dwell on the original issue cause I’m at work, and I really don’t wanna cry at my keyboard right now. I just can’t understand these men. The number 1 cause of strife, war, violence, pain, and death in the world is Man. Not religion, or colour, or creed…just MAN. And women, the poor, black, underaged, unprotected ones, are the ones bearing the brunt of this pain. I’m on a tirade, and gettign more upset. Thoughts out of control.
    Bring back the death penalty, bring back castration at the least, public flogging and hanging should be reserved and embraced for persons or rather beasts like this perpetrator. I just can’t with these scum anymore

      • Exactly they jumping to conclusion it is a big man when for all we know the alleged accused could be 13 or 14 years old. People are always so quick to judge and come up with their own conclusion and when the actual facts come out they will never admit that their own hypocrisy.

        • This is for MR. CHARLES TABOR. I’m not saying this is the case but can a minor be arrested for impregnating another minor? Both of them are not at the age of consent. What does the law says? Enquiring minds would like to know.

    • Life is the most important thing! I do not believe in murder. God gives life and humans should not try to snuff out life. That being said anybody – man or woman – who commits a murder should be charged and punished. God’s will be done!

      • Nice to know those are your beliefs and that you abide by that ideology. However, in these modern times, no child should have to suffer through a pregnancy unnecessarily. The life of an unborn baby is not necessarily more important than another. All life is important, yes, but the unborn child cannot survive on its own. Thus, it is reasonable to think that decisions should be made in the best interest of what the mother wants because it is her body not anyone elses.

  3. 11????? Lord have mercy……

    No update on the Sex Offender registry??? UPP Frontman IAN MAGIC HUGHES needs to use Crusader Radio to call for said Sex offender registry to be implemented.

    Come on IAN MAGIC HUGHES!!! You have daughters, nieces and granpickney.

    • That IAN MAGIC HUGHES better support the registry of convicted. sex offenders and life imprisonment on the soon to be built on “PENAL COLONY OF REDUNDA”, with no exceptions WHY wouldn’t he support that?????

  4. Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature?? Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??


    Speaking of the late Customs Officer,Nigel Christian. He was gun down in cold blood.His Mother said,there were 4 men that took him from her home.However,why are there only 3 men in Custody since that time.What has happen to the fourth man? Did he vanish into the thin Antigua air? Did he swim out into the Atlantic Ocean and never to be seen again? Where the hell is that 4th Person? Time for that person to be arrested and be charged as the other three in Custody.

  5. This case should not be made into an ‘abortion’ issue. This is first and foremost pedophilia to the rape of minor.
    An island the size and population of Antigua, the recent uptick in criminal activities, yes, I know “crime happens everywhere,” however, again, the culture is becoming more and more deviant and must be addressed by all the relevant authorities from Mental to physical to spiritual to cultural HEALTH wants attention.
    Be reminded, “crime” may happen anyway and anywhere, however, preparation, surveillance with proactive actions, do solve crimes and curtail criminal activities.

    Too many of these crimes are against children and women, and this says the SOCIETY is barely listening, to what they’re hearing. Either they’re scared to act or confront these evil thoughts.
    The bigger question why are “WE” failing to act!

    FEAR is neither the answer nor option!

    • @Ras where is your womb? your fallopian tubes untied? menstrual cramps? share your postpartum depression experience.

      • @Really…😂😂😂❌☦️☦️🤞🏾⚖️😵🙅🏾🤷🏽🖤🖤🖤…
        Yes, there are many #CROSSES to bear, as HUEmans, and those such as menstrual cramps, Fallopian tubes, wombs etc, got eliminated, by and through nature, as I was conceived, nurtured, positivity blessed and enLIGHTened along the darkened highway lit as if, one is seeing “snow in salmon!”
        Therefore, as I exited this #Darkened_Highway after travelling for NINE LUNAR CYCLES, on an exit which said EARTH.

        The enLIGHTened Spirit in me, being born again, had to learn, grow, understand, what I was left with after some of those baggage’s sent with me from that black hole in space got eliminated by my designer.
        So you see, #Really, I really do not know what Burdens such things which you mention carry, but I do know my Sense Of Purpose, and one such purpose is to know, EVIL exist as we LIVE(evil spelt counter clockwise) and I shall forever fight it, until I get back on The Highway to Heaven!

        What da da phuck does having what you asked have to do with the Social ills plaguing Antigua? Pussy, dick, tongue, Fallopian tube, uterus do not think, they react to internal or external stimuli which then sets their behaviors in motion.
        Brains think and discern!

      • @Really
        As a woman, I agree with Ras – using a rare tragedy to determine laws for everyone does not make any sense. If it comes down to her life or the baby’s then the doctors will naturally do what they have to to save a life. Murder in self-defense is always justified not murder because you regret a 15 min choice or to save a dollar raising children.

        The problem with all the pro-choice arguments is that they are similar to ‘conspiracy to commit murder’ for your own benefit. A person decides that they will be happier, richer, better off somehow if they get rid of someone else and decide to rope other people into their scheme. Sure, in your mind there are advantages to the act for you but there are huge societal pitfalls to a lawless free for all lifestyle where might equals right and there is no protection under the law for the most vulnerable. Do you really want to help usher in that kind of world? It is a slippery slope to total anarchy. Pro-arbotion people are already threatening the lives of Justices in the U.S. Once you start killing others for your convenience, where does it end? Life will not be as rosy for you as you imagine when you encourage others in that direction…
        Women should instead be working together for laws that help women, children, and families e.g flexible workplaces etc.

        • Wise words and sound thinking. Rational and righteous thinking like yourself need to go forth and preach to the people. Fight against the people who are encouraging murder and the conspiracy to commit such.

  6. Is 11 years not below the age of consent
    ? I am hoping that the law will deal with the person who got her pregnant and charge them with statutory rape.

    • And if the person happens to be 13 or 14 years old will you still want the law to deal with them?

    • Cool Ruler, Another victim was only 13 years old when she was VIOLATED by then 50-year old IAN MAGIC HUGHES of UPP CURSEADER RADIO fame.

      50 year old “HARD TOARN” IAN MAGIC HUGHES messing with a 13-year old. Smh SICK SICK

  7. All of u now talking about the 11year old that was raped and is now pregnant. Are you all crying out now? Like is now statutary rape pregnancy is taking place in Antigua. REALLY?? So much 13,14 and 15 year old children in Antigua was and is still getting pregnant by statutary rape I never hear anyone crying out. I always wonder how all these underage children having babies and nothing is being done about it. I know a girl who is 14 years old who have a baby only months old. And all those child molestation that is taking place and not a drum is heard. So much children are being ruin in this country both boys and girls and no one is crying out. We as a society have to do better. Many of these children that are so angry and always ready to fight and lash out the same ones society brand as bad many if not all are being molested or have been molested hence the uncontrollable anger. Antiguans it is time we as adults stand up and protect our children, Too much hurting children and young people in this country. These big ass men and women yes women are also involved in hurting children and this must stop. It is a grievous thing and it must STOP.

  8. When parents especially mothers dress up their little daughters as hot thing and prostitutes, what do you expect. They are not dressing them up to keep their virginity for their future king.

    • Why me…While I don’t condone having kids dressed like ‘hot thing and prostitutes’, that in itself if no reason for a man not to be able to keep his little brain in his pants. That being said, a rape victim is not always the skimpily dressed individual. The woman with her long jeans and baggy sweater is a victim, the 80 year old grandmother is a victim, the 8 year old primary schooler is victim.
      Again, not condoning skimpy clothes on kids, but we need to move away from the victim blaming mentality. An 11 year old showing her legs is no reason for a man or boy or male to pass his place and violate her

      • This young lady from her school should speak up cause I’m sure the child is not telling the truth and naming names…
        Samara Allen
        May 20, 2022 At 8:34 am
        No I know her she’s in grade 5 .and grade 5 boys say she dose be in bush with other boys

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