11 Surprising Facts About Resume Writing Services


Whether it’s finding an entry level position or nailing the next step in your career ladder, nothing helps more than a solid and exciting resume.


Thankfully, there are several services out there designed to help you land your dream job, whether you need a resume refresh or are starting from scratch.


And it’s easier than you think. Here’s a few interesting facts you may be surprised to learn about professional resume writing services.


There is fast turnaround

No two job searches are alike; some take months, others — for some of the luckiest job-seekers — take days or even hours. Resume writing services cater to you. Some offer not only 24/7 service, but also a rush service for those in need of a quick resume fix (turnaround times range from three days to even just one). And if you’re looking for a more refined approach, several offer more detailed help, such as in-depth sessions and extremely personalized approaches.


They fit most budgets

While some may weigh whether to spend any money on resume help, many services stress that they really act as low-cost investments on starting or continuing a career path. Services can range in price from $100 to $400 on average, depending on the extent of the work. Where does the “investment” part come in? Resumes matter to job recruiters and interviewers, and studies have shown that a sterling resume can boost your chance of getting an interview.


The writers are very experienced

You don’t want just anybody to spiffy up your resume — and writing services understand. Most are staffed by professional writers with backgrounds in job placement and recruiting, as well as and career coaching and human resources. The result? Resumes that appeal directly to hiring managers.


The writers also represent different industries

A wide range of industries are represented within resume writing service staffs, including finance and marketing to business and IT. Many services also feature options for very specific kinds of resumes, including those modeled for the federal government and academia as well as military veterans transitioning out of service.


You can pick your pro

Want someone who understands your local job market? Services often have that option if it’s important for you to meet your writer in person. Additionally, you can often scroll through a list of a service’s experts to hand-pick a writer you feel would be best to critique and review your resume.


It goes beyond your resume

Most companies require a cover letter to submit along with your resume, and writing services can help with reviewing and editing those, too. Cover letters provide potential employers a quick glimpse into your personality and skills, an important complement to the more-formal resume. A cover letter review helps you stand out from the pack even more.


It gets very detailed

The majority employers use a range of online services to find qualified candidates. That’s why skillfully worded resumes and cover letters make a difference. Most writing services integrate carefully selected keywords — those used most frequently by employers in web searches — into resumes so yours will appear high in search results.


Some come with guarantees

If you’re on a time crunch to land a job — and who isn’t? — several writing services offer guarantees that their first review will yield a gig. The guarantees range, but one states that if you don’t get a job in two months, they’ll provide a resume rewrite for free. That promise makes resume writing services often even more cost-effective.


You don’t have to have a resume to start

Yep, you can start from scratch. While many who use writing services begin with an already-crated resume, several services allow job-seekers to fill out forms with basic information that is then matched with a professional writer to create a formatted resume. When creating a resume, just getting started is often the most difficult step. Having a resume writing services help you begin can make a world of difference.


You can audition writers

Unsure of whether a service’s team of writers is the best fit for you? You can often ask for writing samples or examples of previous resume work before committing to a service or a specific writer. The power is in your hands.


There’s a service for everyone

Wherever you are in your career or whatever job you’re looking for, resume writing services offer a multitude of individualized products that reflect a range of needs. Some will post your resume for you on their job board. Others specialize in appealing to executives or those specifically transitioning into an entirely new field. Many can push your resume though a screening software often used by human resources departments. And they’re there for your even after writing that resume — several offer interview coaching. That well-rounded package leads to a very serious advantage.


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