1000 solar street lights in 30 days says government


APUA has reportedly agreed to plant 1,000 solar lights across the darkest communities in Antigua within 30 days.

Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst announced that the darkest areas include the Grays/Green and Golden Grove Extension Communities; Cashew Hill and Bathlodge; St. Phillips North and South; Pares and parts of Parham; and other communities identified.

“Barbuda will get its fair share of solar-powered lights,” Hurst said.

The government expects more than 14,000 L.E.D. lights to be landed on Antigua by Tuesday, next week.

“Plans have been put in place to distribute these lights across the country, replacing and augmenting the incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that consume far more energy than the newest technologically-green L.E.D. bulbs,” Hurst said.




  1. It would be nice to get some of them on the way up to Boggy Peak. Lots of people are hiking now for health purpose but the Boggy Peak trail is limited to daylight hours. Many persons would go up and down in the evenings if the path was well lit. The Government would benefit in the long run because more persons would be healthier and thereby costing the government less in health service expenses.

  2. We the people need to show some civic pride and stop stealing the machinery. I believe that anyone found steeling any public utility material should be given very high fines and or prison time due to the impact this has on the well being of the while country. Secondly with all the bush at the roadside persons convicted for public theft should be made to do the cleaning.

  3. I see a pattern here. The ALP distraction. 500 homes 500 days. 1000 street lamps 30 days. How about we vote out all 14 labour MPs in the 90 days. Let people who have Antiguans and Antiguas interest at heat govern the country. Not these get rich quick, heavy duty equipment owning ,schemers.

  4. It’s good to hear but are they planning to put some measures in place like a preventative maintenance operations to maintain these solar light? Putting them down and not maintaining them is bad. I never see a government that installed new infrastructure and don’t maintain it like Antigua & Barbuda government.

  5. It would be quite beniftcial to have one placed on the first road behind the Golden Grove Primary School. This has been requested over the years with no result. My grandmother has passed wishing for this. It would be nice to have this for a memory of her.

  6. Can Hurst shed light on the status of the previous project to erect solar street lights. There are some concrete supports with no light and some metal poles laying on the ground.
    during hurricane some of these were blown down or even stolen. Are there any plans to replace those or are these part of the 1000?
    What plans are in place to ensure that the new ones are more secure than the previous undertaking. (Maybe welding them shut?)

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