10 Ways To Remove Toxins From Your Body Naturally


Detoxification is a long-practiced means of nourishing, cleansing and resting the body through internal changes. This detoxification practiced has been used in cultures spreading throughout the entire globe, including Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine practices. Detoxification protects the body from illnesses and rejuvenates the body’s natural ability to maintain peak health levels. This practice involves purging the body of various toxins and subsequently refueling the body with nutritious meals.

The Process of Detoxification

Detoxification chiefly works through the purification of a person’s blood. The body’s liver processes toxins in the body when blood is entered into the organ. Besides the liver, toxins are processed and eliminated through organs such as the lungs, skin, intestines, kidneys and the lymphatic system. Bodies can become toxified by malfunctioning or compromised systems, meaning that impurities and toxins aren’t being efficiently processed out. These lead to severely negative health effects that will be difficult for the body to self-correct.


Detoxification programs are designed to enhance or reactivate the body’s natural purification mechanisms by making the following changes:


  • Stimulating the liver, prompting it to process out the offending toxins


  • Taking actions to increase overall blood circulation


  • Giving the body’s organs sufficient rest through fasting


  • Refueling the body’s systems through healthy nutritional practices


  • Encouraging toxin elimination by stimulating processes within the skin, intestines and the kidneys


The detoxification process is effective because it attends to the specific requirements of the body’s cells, the basic units of life.

When to Detoxify

It’s been suggested that people should engage in detoxifying practices at least annually. However, detoxifying should be avoided for children, mothers nursing their babies, patients suffering from chronic degenerative diseases, tuberculosis or any form of cancer. It’s best to consult a healthcare professional if there are any questions about starting the detoxification process.


Detoxification should be strongly considered when these symptoms appear:


  • Mental confusion


  • Infections of minor severity


  • Skin irritation


  • Sluggish elimination (Slow gut)


  • Bloating


  • Allergies


  • Menstrual issues


  • Feeling fatigued for no reason


  • Bags under the eyes/puffy eyes

How to Start the Detoxification Process

One of the first things that must be down is to cut down on the sources of toxins building up within the body. This means not indulging in, consuming or using cigarettes, saturated fats, alcohol, refined sugars, and coffee. All of these items or ingredients become toxins in the human body and thus will sabotage any efforts at detoxification.


Stress is another thing that should be minimized or more effectively managed. Stress causes the body to release hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline/epinephrine into the body’s systems. While they can create effective “fight or flight” responses to stressful situations, they can become problematic when the stress is experienced for too long. Psychological stress, in particular, can be increased due to disturbances in the release of melatonin by the pineal gland. Melatonin’s production and release by the pineal gland usually follow a pattern called the circadian rhythm. Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe Formulas says that contrary to popular belief, the salivary glands, stomach lining, esophagus, and intestinal lining all secrete melatonin in addition to the pineal gland. Additionally, stress hormones released in high enough amounts both create new toxins and also obstruct the processes of the liver’s detoxification enzymes. To destress, practices such as meditation, yoga, and Qigong are recommended as ways to naturally reset how the mind and body react to stressful situations.


Lastly, an important step to take is to cut down on artificial, chemical-based cleaners for household goods/furnishings. Also, any artificial personal health care items such as deodorants, shampoos, face and body cleansers and kinds of toothpaste should be used sparingly. Whenever possible, substitute these artificial products with natural alternatives.

Top 10 Ways to Detox the Body

The following lifestyle changes and diet supplements can assist in the detoxification process:


  1. Consuming sufficient amounts of fiber, which can be obtained through foods such as brown rice and organic vegetables and fruits. Other great choices for detoxifying foods are seaweed, cabbage, spirulina, artichokes, chlorella, broccoli, radishes, and beets.


  1. Sipping healthy green tea and taking herbs such as burdock, milk thistle, and dandelion roots can both protect and cleanse the liver.


  1. Take recommended amounts of vitamin C, liver supplements or tonics. This vitamin assists with the body’s production of the liver compound glutathione, a compound that eliminates bodily toxins. A liver tonic helps detoxify and rejuvenate the body by cleansing the liver.


  1. Make sure to drink two quarts of water each day, at least. Taking 16 or 32 oz. water bottles on daily errands and activities would be a proactive way to get the proper amount of water intake each day.

  1. Practice deep breathing exercises. These exercises improve the ability of oxygen to flow more fully through the body’s systems.


  1. Work on managing stress by emphasizing healthy and positive emotions over negative ones.


  1. Use hydrotherapy techniques, which start as taking intensely hot showers for five minutes, facing away while the water runs down the person’s back. Afterward, the person should do the same thing but with cold water for half a minute. These steps should be repeated three times, and the person should go to bed and stay there for 30 minutes.


  1. Time in a sauna will produce a lot of sweat, which helps to clear out toxins through perspiration.


  1. Detox foot baths/foot spas can be used to clear toxins that are located in the pores of the feet. Dry-brushing the skin can also cleanse it of pores near the surface.


  1. Perhaps the most significant way that a person can detoxify is through exercise. An hour of exercise, such as practicing Qigong, jump-roping or yoga are all great for detoxifying purposes. There are a plethora of other exercises with their unique health benefits besides the ones just mentioned.


Detoxification is a process that can cleanse and reset the body through making and sustaining internal, bodily changes. The liver and several other organs play a role in processing and eliminating toxins within the body. Keep in mind that the best way to conduct a detox program is by consulting with a trained and knowledgeable health care professional. The detox process can begin once a person has created healthier eating habits, reduced the use of artificial products and found effective ways to reduce stressful situations. Following the ten detoxing steps listed above are very effective means of cleansing the body and improving overall health.



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