10 new cases of COVID-19 in Antigua and Barbuda


(Dashboard Update for February 10, 2022)


The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment revealed ten (10) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Tuesday 8th February, 2022 at 6pm.


Ninety-three (93) samples were processed.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda is seven thousand three hundred and thirty-one (7,331); which is inclusive of five hundred and eighty-one (581) active cases.


There is one (1) hospitalized case; one (1) severe.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.


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    Wearing your mask is like waving the white flag of surrender
    It represents your status of being a slave to the tyrants who want to control you

    They keep telling you to TRUST THE SCIENCE
    well, here is the science:

    The surgical masks you see people wearing are meant to stop bacteria not viruses
    Bacteria are GIANTS compared to viruses. Viruses are incredibly small.
    For example:

    Bacteria – the smallest are 0.4 microns in size
    Virus – 0.02 to 0.25 microns in size

    Surgical mask – pore size 0.3 to 10 microns in size
    Even the best N-95 mask has a pore size that is larger then the LARGEST virus – 0.3 microns in size

    CONCLUSION: Masks do not stop a virus. They do nothing to protect you from the virus called covid-19

    • Stop spreading BS. You only think what you say makes sense because you don’t have any idea how much factual information you don’t know. Your assessment of masks above is not science despite containing a few science facts. In the real world, this virus is very small, yes. But it goes airborne as a collection of virus particles traveling inside of aerosols and larger respiratory droplets which are much much larger than an individual virus. Moreover, that nonsense you posted doesn’t even take into account the relative charge of the materials, which can have the effect of making aerosol particles stick to the weavings instead of passing through. N95 masks can stop aerosols from getting through because with a tightly fitting mask the aerosols stick to the mask fiber instead of passing through. In general, your average mask won’t absolutely stop infection but it can reduce the amount of virus particles you inhale per minute when exposed to contaminated air – if worn correctly to allow the the air to pass through it rather than around it. The same effect can also slow the rate that a person puts aerosols into the air around them. For some people these factors will play a role in determining infection severity during the incubation period. That’s the reality. If you want to take your mask off, do it and live with the consequences. But do the world a favor and jump off the bridge by yourself and stop trying to take people with you.

      • Furthermore, You described the N-95 mask superior fitting to the face as being a positive thing. On the negative side, it holds viruses, molds and other pathogens within the mask to be re-breathed which is decidedly unhealthy. The autopsied bodies from the 1918 flu pandemic revealed the most people did not die from the flu but rather it was from pneumonia from the mandated mask wearing.

        Also, the amount of oxygen is reduced with the N-95 mask which is why it isn’t recommended to be worn all day. There is also the problem with carbon dioxide buildup within the air cavity of the mask to the point where it is un-healthy. I’ve seen studies confirming these two points.

        …and with children the are a whole host of problems with making them wear masks. Since the pandemic started IQ of children has dropped 20 points! They are exhibiting problems learning how to speak and also how to read facial expressions and associate them with meaning and feelings.

      • Don’t waste your time. This “Angel” does nothing but spew anti-vax, anti protocol propaganda, none of which is supported by hard proven scientific fact. Let them carry on with their conspiracy theories about the “deep state” and “elite” nonsense. It’s just unfortunate that some people will listen to the BS and will suffer as a result.

        • @AJ…Oh please!! Reports of deaths are in the thousands and in the millions for adverse events — And many more will be added to that list because they listened to the propagation about the safe and effective vaccines that’s causing immune erosion…..VAIDS

      • @AJ
        If the masks work as as you claim, then explain why people still testing positive for covid-19 after two years of mask wearing.

  2. So you agree with me on everything except for two points.

    RE: You said, “But it goes airborne as a collection of virus particles traveling inside of aerosols and larger respiratory droplets which are much much larger than an individual virus.”
    1) Various studies have measured the sneeze droplet sizes to be in the range of 10 to 60 nanometers. The smallest droplet of 10 nanometers = 0.01 microns
    The holes in the N-95 mask are 0.3 microns so droplets easily pass through the mask.

    RE: You speculate that ionized particles are attracted to the sneeze droplets. Are the forces applied during inhalation and exhalation strong enough to overcome the electric bond? Are the mask fibers absorbent enough to provide a wicking action upon the water droplet? Can you point to a peer reviewed study showing the strength of the ionic bond and the absorbency of the fibers?

    I always live with the consequences of my choices. It is people like you that seem to have a problem with the un-vaccinated living with their choices. If you think people can’t use the mind God gave them to decide what choices they should or shouldn’t make, then you have a pretty low opinion of God’s creation. I believe that if people are told the truth, truth by the way, is actively being withheld from them by the main stream media and governments, then they are smart enough see it without any problem. The question is, why are you trying to deceive them?

  3. Peered reviewed studies that conclude masks don’t work against viruses:

    Masks and respirators do not work. There have been extensive randomized controlled trial (RCT) studies, and meta-analysis reviews of RCT studies, which all show that masks and respirators do not work to prevent respiratory influenza-like illnesses, or respiratory illnesses believed to be transmitted by droplets and aerosol particles.

    Major peer-reviewed study finds masks don’t work.

    This study used 5462 peer-reviewed articles and 41 grey literature records. … Why Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19. The site is full of studies proving masks dont work for coronavirus or the flu.

  4. @Angel
    A fearful fool will never think for themselves even if them see the truth they will still believe the lies. 2 years of mask wearing virus still spreading, they say mask works but you have to stay 6 feet apart still. If you are going to catch the virus the mask is not going to stop you, the mask has tiny holes that virus pass through.

    Some people will label you as anti vax but alot of them are anti commonsense

    • @Quest
      Maybe this information will open the non-believers eyes….

      Thomas Renz – The Coverup Phase Has Begun, The Evidence Will Bring Down Big Pharma & Fauci

      Attorney Thomas Renz is the lead Attorney in several major cases brought in Ohio, New Mexico, Maine, and Nationally against the CDC and DHHS regarding the COVID-19 lockdowns, mask mandates, business closures, false PCR data, fraudulent death numbers and more. Thomas begins the conversation discussing DOD database and how they are tracking the effects of the vaccine. Big Pharma has been forced to produce the documentation in 6-8 months. Big Pharma, the Deep State are now trying to cover it all up, the coverup always gets you in the end.


  5. Wow it seems that someone don’t even believe themselves what they are writing? No need to continue to spout ignorance and falsehoods over and over. You need to be genius to see with your own eyes that masks helps to minimize the spreading of this deadly Virus. Please don’t wear them and infected seriously and you will find out the consequences. The lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. Why do you believe the experts wears masks when they’re treating infected people. Do the people a favor and stop dumbing the vulnerable.

    • @Colombo
      It is easier to con someone then to convince them that they were conned – Mark Twain

      Official data suggests the Triple Vaccinated are developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome at an alarming rate

      An in-depth investigation of 5 months worth of official UK Government data published by the UK Health Security Agency seems to confirm predictions previously made by The Expose that the Covid-19 “booster” dose would provide a very short lived temporary boost to the immune systems of the vaccinated population before decimating their immune systems much more rapidly than had already been seen in people who had received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.

      In short, official UK Government data strongly suggests that the Covid-19 vaccinated population are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.


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