10 New cases of COVID-19, 49 active cases


(Dashboard Update for August 8, 2021)


The most recent report received by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and the Environment from the Sir Lester Bird Mount St. John Medical Centre has revealed ten (10) new laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases in Antigua and Barbuda as of Friday 6th August 2021 at 6pm.


The Epidemiology Unit is still in the process of ascertaining whether the cases are imported or non-imported. Once the investigation is completed, the information will be given in a subsequent publication.


One hundred and fifty-five (155) samples were processed at Sir Lester Bird MSJMC.


Consequently, the total number of persons with laboratory confirmed COVID-19 cases including Antigua and Barbuda is one thousand three hundred and thirty-eight (1338); which is inclusive of forty-nine (49) active cases. There are six (6) mild hospitalized cases.


Meanwhile, thirty eight thousand six hundred and five (38,605) first doses of the Covid-19 vaccines have been administered of which thirty one thousand two hundred and ninety-eight (31,298) received the second dose.


The dashboard has been updated to reflect these changes.


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  1. And the rest who swan around from house to house in swanky motor cars and fly in and out without any regard for those who are poor.

  2. COVID-19 on the rise again. Who’s to blame now? Or are the authorities administering the nation’s health and well being going to take action.

    It is apparently and abundantly clear that there is a correlation with the reintroduction of a wide open tourism industry with an increase of positive cases.

    Revenue is needled and lives may be lost due to the economic reality of relying on tourism to fund government expenditures.

    Seven years in government. With all the brain power, educational degrees and common sense. No one in the cabinet of deplorables saw it fit to diversify the economy of Antigua and Barbuda.

    The banker and world traveler head is empty of ideas to grow a sustainable economy that can withstand global shocks. Such as COVID-19.

    Time to VOTE them OUT! Send them into retirement. They had there chance and produced nothing.

    This pandemic is growing and growing. To the Government of the Day. Get the vaccines that the population is comfortable taking. You have the resources and connections. So it’s been said. Use them to procure and stop begging!

  3. A&B currently on UK ‘green-watch’ list.
    We can be downgraded to Amber at anytime based on cases, variants, medical facilities & MANAGEMENT of the pandemic.

    Maybe that’ll be a good thing, as fully vax Brits can travel to Amber & not have to quarantine when they return home (partially or un-vax have to double test & quarantine hence less likely to travel).

  4. I knew this Gaston Browne administration was going to mess things up. Just a few weeks ago we had 0 cases. The problem is probably lax screening at the airport.

  5. Israel has almost 90% vaccinated. They’re well beyond the theoretical herd immunity threshold. They went down to zero cases two months ago. And yet, just yesterday, they had 4221 new cases in a single day. And it’s climbing rapidly. Almost every case is vaccinated. What changed ? Delta arrived.

    What happened is not surprising. Long before the pandemic, it’s what science said would happen if we tried to use a vaccine to control a coronavirus. Governments are still clinging to this unscientific belief and are now trying to force people to take something into their bodies that doesn’t actually make herd immunity possible….and their argument is that they want to force compliance to achieve herd immunity to save economy. The fundamental requirement for herd immunity is that the immunized must be able to block the spread of infection by not being infected themselves. It simulates isolation of the infected by surrounding the infected with people they cannot infect.. But that’s not what’s happening now. Vaccinated and unvaccinated are getting infected and spreading the virus, making herd immunity impossible. Meanwhile, the lambda variant has been found to be invulnerable to the vaccine. There’s going to be more new variants in six months. Right now, we’re not doing the one thing that will stop the pandemic…. developing and using rapid testing on the entire population and everyone entering the country. You’re not going to vaccinate your way out of this one because the virus can and will mutate its way around every vaccine you come up with.

  6. 49 CASES and counting. Where is Molwyn Joseph in this matter? I thought he was a Medical Professional. An expert in communicable diseases and Viruses. Come out of your cave Dr.Molwyn and discuss this upward trending in Covid-19 cases in Antigua.

  7. The virus that is worse than the delta variant is the political variant where the government can’t stay in their lane. Making hypocritical decisions based on their emotions, bad leadship will sink any ship

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