10 more Booby Alley families receive keys to temporary homes

PM Browne
Prime Minister The Hon. Gaston Browne, Parliamentary Representative for the St. John’s City West Constituency is currently handing over the keys for new Temporary Homes on Pestaina Steet, Villa to ten (10) families from the Booby Alley Area.
Photo Courtesy Office of the Prime Minister

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      • The people who are getting the houses. No Chinese in that group, unless they Antigua born. This man is a natural leader. How blessed we are to have him at the helm in times like these. God bless Gaston Browne.

      • @ DESERT ROSE

        I hope DESERT ROSE and CHARLESWORTH TABOR see a real Leader . Please tell your Candidate Alister Thomas to pay the 92 year Gentleman rent for His house . How can Alister run for Public Office when He cannot manage His own simple life ? Alister is a DISGRACE.

        • RUPERT MANN you have given me a good early morning laugh to start my day. I must confess I do not know DESERT ROSE and therefore could not have recruited her. However, as I have said before her comments are like a breath of fresh air and she/he seems to have you guys/girls scrambling — JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, PHILLIP G, CARSON B, ERIC CARDEN, FREDERIC LAMPTON, CErmle, RAWTID and TENMAN. I commend you DESERT ROSE and keep up the fight against the two or three ALP minions on ANR (at least I know BEEF and TENMAN) who present their comments under many fake names.

          • I guess you have nothing to say about the article itself. Not even to congratulate the recipients of the homes. As that would look like you syaing something good about the PM

    • When did you do the survey to determine that Destruction Browne “the Red Clown” is the best Prime Minister in the world. In the Caribbean they make jokes about him.
      Last week, Boris Johnson told him to go to hell.

      And you call him the best Prime Minister in the world.

      Hey, ON THE MOVE, is this your other name

  1. @ IN THE KNOW


    Balwin Spencer never done anything for GRAYS FARM
    I hope DESERT ROSE AND CHUCK TABOR see progress.

    • Gaston Browne has been MP for Point for nearly 20 years. Have you seen the conditions there!

      Your expectations are low. Ah well, what do I expect, you support the Labour Party

      • Beautiful isn’t it. All the roads paved. New Clinic and have you seen their primary school? Best in the country. And have you seen the new housing development. Like in some expensive posh neighbourghood with underground utilities and solar pannels on the roofs. I mean compare that to Rural West where the former PM was their rep for over 30 years. of which he was 10 years the PM and nothing to show for. Sorry only the Chinese built King George the V ground has a new basketball court which was not even finished during his term. Oh how I wish the PM was representing my constituency.

        • Why don’t you move into Pointe seeing you think it’s so beautiful and then he will represent you.

  2. wonderful news. Happy for the residents of Booby Alley.

    But what plans do Allister Thomas have as the next MP for the area? What innovative ideas, goals and vision will he use his genius intellect to bring to fruition?


    Alister Thomas cannot manage His own affairs. How can Alister Thomas have plans for Others ? Alister Thomas must answer to the 92 year man for His house. Alister Thomas is the BIGGEST LOSER. There are alot more on the UPP ticket who cannot manager Their own affairs but want run for office. Shame on UPP.


    Hon. Gaston Browne said on POINTE FM that allegedly ALISTER THOMAS refused to a 92 year man rent for His house. The Prime Minister also read a letter from the 92 year old Gentleman to Alister Thomas. How can Alister run for Public Office ? Alister I am very DISAPPOINTED in You. You do not want this baggage running for office. Hon. Gaston Browne will destroy you. Clean up your act my Brother. Does Not look good.

    • Interesting you should talk about rent owed. I heard on the Snakepit on Saturday, that Comrade Melford cannot get into his constituency office because he has not paid rent.
      The venom of evil made him go to Parliament to take away the property that belongs to a Comrade. Pure evil!

      Do you know about that!!!!!
      Oh you did not hear it on POINTE FM . SMH


    For a while now Tabor was the LONE WOLF fighting the UPP cause on ANR. Now Tabor has recruited DESERT ROSE. Let Us welcome DESERT ROSE . Tabor why there is no UPP Supporter as dedicated as you Just asking?
    Hope DESERT ROSE would not be burnt out soon.

    • RUPERT MANN you have given me a good early morning laugh to start my day. I must confess I do not know DESERT ROSE and therefore could not have recruited her. However, as I have said before her comments are like a breath of fresh air and she/he seems to have you guys/girls scrambling – JUST SAYING, FROM THE SIDELINE, PHILLIP G, CARSON B, ERIC CARDEN, FREDERIC LAMPTON, CErmle, RAWTID and TENMAN. I commend you DESERT ROSE and keep up the fight against the two or three ALP minions on ANR (at least I know BEEF and TENMAN) who present their comments under many fake names.

    • Not a chance my friend, not a chance. You know why? Because I love my country. I am a patriot , not a sell out. Unlike the three ALP supporters who pretend to be Legion, I am not paid to come here under different names.

      Who actually owns these houses? What does the contact say? Perhaps Eric “The Red” could tell me.

  6. No where in the world you see this kind of philanthopy. I wonder if the people really appreciate this gesture. Cause the Barbudan people certainly didn’t show any gratitude to the PM for all that he has done for them.

  7. This is an unrelated post. However, please read following

    The swetes basketball and netball complex
    This is the condition for about 10 years or more.
    The ladies of the community want to revive the netball so they decide despite the neglect and condition of the surface they gonna do what little they can do.

    The community is tired of crying out for assistance.

    Can the power who be do something..

    Dont tell us about Colin James, I know if he have the resources at his advantage he would already do what he ought to do..

    Also dont tell us about Pringle, time and time we hear him to also appealing to the government ..

    Neil had done his part putting on the back boards and rims..


    So clearly this is not a Colin, Neil or Pringle issue, this is a government issue and the community is fedup.

    You are killing a generation of sports in the community and the school next door

    All we begging for is resurfacing likkle asphalt we will do everything else

    • There is a saying “God help those who help themselves”. In Antigua we rely too much on government to do everything for us. When it comes to paying taxes we suddenly don’t want government to collect. Government we know is broke. Especially in these dying Covid times. Business hardly give to charity as many are facing closure as well. The Old Road Community has their own fund raisers to aid their community development. Perhaps the Parliamentary reps and the wannabees should be a little more creative and lead their community. When you meet obsticles throwing your hands up in the air is not the first thing to do. As I said “God help those who help themseelves”. In the old days villagers use to come together to do lots of work that we now call on government to do. Like cleaning the gutter or filling potholes, keeping waterways clean from debris before a hurricane. All that has gone these days. We are sitting on our laurels and waiting for government to do it all for us.

      • In which country do you see citizens cleaning gutters and filling potholes? These functions are the responsible of the government. Tell the government to do their job.

        • In a country where the citizen accept responsibility for their environment and also love their neighbourhood and have a strong sense of community. But that was what Antigua used to be in the sixties, seventies and early eighties. We lost that community spirit. Its every men and women for themselves and the government for us all. Perhpas you’re too young to know these things were it took a community to raise a child. Where your neighbour can give you as much licks as your parents if they saw you doig something bad. Where you respect the elder in the village. Where you looked out for oneanother. When you leave your door unluck for your children to come in after school you had no fear that someone would break in. I mean even in the most developed countries like the USA it is still so in some of the suburbs. And I know cause I have friends living in suburbs and the are a very close nit community.

    • So now that they have been given a new more livable home you are waiting to seen how they will pay their Property tax, Electricity bill and water bills. You really love to see people living in substandard conditions. It makes you feel good to see them suffer? What a mentality.

      • @Sideline
        These are good questions. A lot of these people didn’t have running water and maybe electricity before. Now they are given houses to live in. Do they have jobs to pay the bills? Are they Paying rent? Who is responsible for maintaining the properties? Could be another ghetto in the making.

        • Normally I do not respond to silly questions. But I chose to do so this time.
          First of all, these are temporary homes. They have not been given the homes as their property. They have given the homes to live in while Boobey Alley will be rebuild. Thereafter they will be given brand new homes. So lets worry about the property tax at that time. Electricity and water are consumption based. So if you use much you pay more if you use less you pay less. Same with water.
          And let me tell you something about gettho forming. It happens where housing conditions are poor. When you improve the housing of people it tends to eliminate the gettho mentality. Many European cities have done just that in the mid eighties early nineties. They have sometime forcefully demollish getthos and rebuild the area with better homes. They have also successfully breaken up gangs living in these getthos by spreading them over other areas far from each other. Breaking down Boobey Alley may take care of some of these problems. Children born in a gettho have a higher change to get into trouble with the law. And society usually generalize and stereotyp people based on the area they come from. Our PM is therefore one of the few succes story of a child that grew up in the gettho. That is why he is moved with heart and soul to do something for these people. As they remind him from where he comes from. When you have lived it you can have empathy with those living it. You’ve been there. I have never know hunger. I cannot tell you what it is like to be hungry. The PM can give you stories of his own life not hear say so. That is the difference. And yet he remains very humble. Thank God for the man Gaston Browne as our PM in these times.

          • The last time I looked, the whole of Pointe is a ghetto. Is Booby Alley going to be a gated community in a ghetto? When and if Booby Alley is rebuilt, are the homes going to be rented, sold or given away for free? My Chrystal ball tells me that the so-called temporary homes are permanent homes and these people will not be moving back to the prime real estate in the making around Booby Alley.

        • @Asking

          Don’t bother wasting time with FTS. Their head is buried so deep up dictator traitor tyrant Gaston Browne’s ass they can’t see straight and when Browne dead, they will suffocate.

  8. ASKING those questions would not be important to FROM THE SIDELINE or even have crossed his mind. His only concern is to sing and magnify the praises of Gaston Browne for the slightest thing. Yes, I am all for giving credit where credit is due, but to have the mentality of turning trivia into immense importance (as From The Sideline does) of everything Gaston says or does is pathetic.

  9. And having said all of that you still were not able to bring it over your heart to congratulate the people of getting keys to their new homes at no cost whatsoever. As I said it all about how it would look for you in relation to Gaston Browne

  10. FROM THE SIDELINE what rational person would be against a person moving from a shack to a house that is more livable. I am not against the residents of Booby Alley getting better housing. When the project is finally completed we will be able to get a better idea when all the information is put on the table. We will also see how the relocation back to Booby Alley is handled. I know you expect me to praise Gaston like you do, but my analysis of his leadership and performance is much more objective than yours hence the difference in our assessment.

  11. I was not asking if you were for or against it. I was just saying that you cannot even congratulate the new residence with their new homes. But you like to dance around the issues before you. its that simple.

  12. FROM THE SIDELINE must everything be presented to you pellucidly clear (as Sir Lester would say) for you to understand. I thought you pride yourself as being an intelligent person. If I am not against the residents of Booby Alley moving into better houses(and better houses are provided), I would have thought that any sensible person would see in my position an implicit happiness for the beneficiaries of the houses. FROM THE SIDELINE in the circumstance my congratulations are axiomatic and I do not have to proclaim it like you from the top of Boggy Peak.

    • One of the thing the Bible teaches us that we have to confess things with our mouth. We cannot leave things for persons to interpret. As a lawyer you should know these things. The judge will not read your mind nor interpret what it is you meant. That is why my question was a simple and direct one to you which up to this point you cannot do. Say congratulations to the people of Boobey Alley for having been taken out of a dispicable situation and brought into a decent house to live. Plane and Simple.

  13. @Asking
    I really don’t know when the last time was for you, but even during the last election the critics complained that all the roads in City West were paved just because it is the PM’s constituancy. Point Community runs from New Gate Street to Dickenson Bay Street and I can tell you all the streets there are paved and yes the houses are small, but apart from Boobey Alley no ghetto there. Yes poor people most of them. Ghetto is where people live in unsanitary condition. Like Boobey Alley is. But look at Point FM right in the middle of Point. Look at the Fisheries Complex. And now we getting a brand new Port Facility.

  14. FROM THE SIDELINE their is nothing for me to say congratulations to the residents of Booby Alley for. I am happy for them that their Representative was able to do something to assist them. I hope in the long run the greater benefit is not to him and his family. Time will tell. Your logic in this matter is very flawed – it is upside down and inside out. At least you have congratulated them and also thank your idol Gaston Browne.

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