10 COVID patients on ventilators unlikely to recover, PM says


Prime Minister Gaston Browne says the odds of 10 COVID patients currently on ventilators are not good.

He says they are unlikely to live.

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  1. Prime minister turn doctor I don’t understand this every where else have a higher recovery than death but why antigua having it like this are they selling people soul for their own gain.

    • Once people are on ventilators most of them die.

      Antigua undoubtedly has lots of people in the community that survived COVID but you don’t know about it because those people are never tested

      But yes the PM should not be giving out this type of personal medical info

      • I think PM. put his foot wrong in making statements about who will die. It’s bad enough to hear it from medical doctors but any “who say so” can now chime in – maybe the porters will tell us what THEY think ?

      • what personal medical information is being given out? were you able to discern who the PM was speaking about from these comments? You must be Sherlock Holmes

        • Because the families of those people on ventilators know who they are (and likely friends and community members know too) and their prognosis should not be announced to the nation by the clown PM.

  2. WHY is our COVID death rate so high?? This is unnatural.
    Instead of talking about it, why isn’t the Ministry of Health DOING something to stop the hospital from being a graveyard???
    Is an investigation being undertaken into these deaths to determine the cause and how any possible shortcomings can be fixed?
    What happened to the “Wellness” part of Sir Molwyn’s portfolio?
    “Underlying conditions” are not peculiar to Antigua & Barbuda, and neighbouring countries face the same challenges of diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. But their patients are recovering at a much higher rate than ours. What are we doing wrong?

    • Antigua has a higher jab rate, that’s why. Serious illness and deaths now appear to follow increases in the faux vax roll out world wide. The supposed Delta virus is thought in some circles to be cover for vaccine injuries and deaths. Whatever. Ivermectin works. We’ve been played.

  3. If you think that we have it bad here, check out Grenada. They were doing better than anyone else until they decided to participate in an unauthorised jump up. They are now reaping the benefit. Its time for us to be real and call a spade a spade. I have listened to people who went on the ventilator and it is frightening. Encourage people to take the vaccine.

  4. Are they following the CDC’S ICU protocol? If so, Yes, he’s right. That protocol is a recipe for death. Remsedivir, Midazalam, Ventilator. Studies show Remsedivir caused kidney failure which causes fluid to backup into the lungs
    causing pneumonia.

    Give the people early treatment to prevent them from having to go on a ventilator.
    Look at the state of Uttar Pradesh in India, with a population of 241 million, only a 5% vaccination rate and is basically Covid free.
    If someone there tests positve for covid, everyone in the household is given an Ivermectin pack, it’s given to neighbors, anyone who had contact with the person etc.They have been able to get covid under control WITHOUT mass vaccination.
    If Government really care about people dying they should do what is India and now Japan is doing.

    • Sugarapple you’re right on the money .
      Your suggestions usually are meaningful unlike some of the fools on here that see nothing but red in everything.
      Best decision they’ll probably make SHUUPS .

    • For whatever reason, the US regulatory agencies are not recommending treatments that have actually saved lives all over the world.

      And even worse, they’ve actively run propaganda campaigns to malign these old, safe, and cheap medications like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

      If Uttar Pradesh can end the pandemic with 240 or so million people, Antigua certainly could do the same using early test and treatment strategy.

      But your government is not looking out for the best interest of the people for whatever reason.

      All your idiot Prime Minister can talk about is vaccines when we call can see THESE VACCINES DO NOT WORK!!!!

      If they worked the pandemic would be over in Israel, the US, Iceland, Seychelles, etc.

      THESE VACCINES DO NOT WORK. It is not about being pro vax or anti vax. It’s about looking at real-world results. These vaccines have not ended the pandemic anywhere they’v been administered en masse.

      They will not end the pandemic in Antigua.

      Maybe they are lowering the hospitalization rates…maybe. But maybe they are also driving mutations.

      Either way, no need to figure that out when a government can end the pandemic in a matter of weeks with a test and early treat strategy.

    • Plz We perhaps can’t beg ivermectin. The health ppl there r pro active, not reactive folks, especially if we have to think

      • It is widely available over the counter in India, Mexico and throughout SA

        The PM would never seek to get it for Antiguans because he mindlessly follows the orders handed down from the US and WHO

  5. The Prime Minister is not God. He should not have made a public pronouncement on probability of the covid patients on ventilators surviving. Does he consider the impact that pronouncement could have on the patients’ family. Dr. Daoud and Mr. Dover were hospitalized for a long time in the ICU on ventilators and they pulled through. Please Mr. Prime Minister learn to control your mouth.

    • it doesnt appear that he ever thinks about anyone other than himself

      As an outsider looking in, I am truly disgusted with your prime minister. He’s not intelligent. He’s not decent. He is not looking out for the people of Antigua.

      Just the worse kind of slick politician looking out for his own bank account. And in the middle of a crisis (pandemic) it is absolutely a shame that you all don’t have a decent leader because a decent leader could save lives and stop this pandemic.

  6. Gaston Browne knows it all.Who are going to live and when they are going to die.If persons are in the Hospital on Ventilators. It does mean they are going to die.Where are those with their MD Degrees to come and speak to the population.Leaving things up to those Politicians with Non Medical Degrees to deliver the message on medical issues is a big mistake.

  7. UnIf the PM thinks someone on a ventilator means unlikely to survive…….this may be the cause of so many covid related deaths I Antigua and Barbuda.

    Urgent care is in a serious crisis perhaps a lack of equipment or expertise or both.

    Someone is making a decision to take persons off the ventilator..

    Less he forget a Dr spent months on a ventilator and survived and he had several underlying issues to include cardiovascular.


  8. I think Gaston is pursuing a policy of trying to scare Antiguans into getting the shots. That’s why there hasn’t been a lockdown, and why he says stuff like this.

    This is heinous.

  9. IVOR EDWARDS and GLORENE the issue of Gaston Browne’s statement is not about the divulging of personal (medical) information. The issue is about the callous and uncaring way that he has proclaimed that the 10 covid patients on ventilators will not survive. Can you put yourself in the place of a family member of one of those patients and imagine the anguish they must feel hearing Gaston Browne’s statement? One can expect the worse, but still have a glimmer of hope and optimism. What Gaston statement would have done is to dash all hope. The statement was unwarranted and uncaring. As I said before Dr. Daoud was on a ventilator for months and left the hospital alive. There is always hope.

  10. I think Gaston has convinced himself that he is God-like. Every man that has ever exalted himself, in his mind, to the position of a God, has always been cut down. This foolish man’s time will surely come.

  11. @ Charles Tabor the things that has to be corrected and put into perspective on this forum is astounding.

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