10 cases of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for COVID-19 in Barbados


Barbados TODAY: There have been ten reported cases in Barbados of fully vaccinated individuals testing positive for COVID-19.

Speaking Sunday on VOB’s Down to Brass Tacks, Chief Medical Officer, Dr Kenneth George said six of the ten cases were imported, while the other four were locals, all of whom had already been fully vaccinated.

“To date we have had ten such cases of which six have been imported cases, with persons being doubly vaccinated with Pfizer and persons with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. We have also had four cases in Barbados of persons who had complete vaccinations with AstraZeneca,” the CMO said.

“What I can tell you, [is] none of those persons are in ICU, none of those individuals are on oxygen, and none of those individuals are on CPAP  [Continuous Positive Airway Pressure].

“Based on those small numbers, what we are seeing is, yes, breakthroughs infections are possible, we had told the public of Barbados this … the little information from those cases we have had, indicates persons are coming in more occupying certainly the asymptomatic section.”

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  1. Why is this news when we were told you can still catch the virus if you are vaccinated. By the way I used a condom and still caught an STD.

    • Oh please! “They are asymptomatic” … As if there was no asymptomatic persons who weren’t vaccinated; that didn’t need to be on a ventilator, or cpap, that didn’t require oxygen and/ or hospitalization.

    • So, you’re going to throw away condoms and never use them again? The point is nothing is 100%, but condoms certainly work as do vaccines. The article clearly states none of these people are in ICU, hospital, or any live saving machines.

      • There are ways to make sure you’re an asymptomatic unvaccinated person. Keep a strong immune system. People are acting like there is nothing you can do besides getting an experimental shot. High levels of vitamin D reduces your chances of having a negative outcome from the virus. It is your immune system response to the virus that makes you sick… not the virus itself.

        • I think they forgot how many unvaccinated are asymptomatic becuase their immune system is working. I would just like to add Zinc to your list. As a bonus their are other immune/anti-inflammaotry items, garlic, ginger, tumeric and ecchinnacea.

          I also think persons like Skyy should do more research and see how many persons have ended up in ICU and even died even though they are fully vaccinated – Barbados may not have any yet but look in other parts of the world.

          @ . – it is news worthy becuase our cabinet met last week and it did not seem like any discussion was held on the breakthrough infection that we have here, they seem to have discussed everything else.

      • These are not vaccines. Vaccines prevents infection and transmission of a disease. Go on an take your chances with the experimental jab. And pray it doesn’t cause you to become Infertile, get Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Paralysis, Autoimmune Diseases and any one of the myriad of other long term negative effects that’s possible.

  2. Yes that’s the main point it prevents u from getting sick meaning, chances of reaching for ICU slim. So far I’ve only heard about fully vaccinated persons catching to virus just to being asymptomatic. Think i rather take the vax that wonder if I’m gonna be one of those unvaccinated cases that’s not asymptomatic ending up in ICU, or fully vaccinated being asymptomatic

  3. So of the 4,345 total covid cases in BDS, 10 of them had been fully vaccinated. Some 4, 245 were unvaccinated. Further telling is : ““What I can tell you, [is] none of those persons are in ICU, none of those individuals are on oxygen, and none of those individuals are on CPAP [Continuous Positive Airway Pressure].”

    • How many of the unvaccinated cases are in ICU or on CPAP? A positive PCR test doesn’t mean your are sick. SMDH!

  4. How many variants are there 4 different countries and that’s where AstraZeneca did the first trials with the vaccine South Africa Brazil India and the UK doesn’t that tell you something don’t just take my word for it research it for yourself I am beginning to think that the unvaccinated should be afraid of the VACCINATED it seems like the world is ready to rip apart again with all this division the VACCINATED VS UNVACCINATED = world war Z .

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