What are the most relaxing things to do in Antigua & Barbuda?


Chilling out and relaxing is a part of life. It is not always given the respect it deserves as we all rush around in our daily lives. To avoid falling victim to stress and fatigue, finding ways to unwind is crucial. There are many ways you can go about relaxing, from using a Betfair casino promo code for playing casino games online to taking a nap. One very popular way you could also think about is taking a vacation.

Getting away from it all is great for helping you to feel less stressed. That is only true if you pick the right place to go. Antigua and Barbuda has long been known as a global hotspot where people can unwind when they need too. A large part of this lies in the range of relaxing things you can do on either island. But what are the most chilled out things to do in Antigua and Barbuda?

Take five on the beaches

Antigua and Barbuda are famous for having some of the best beaches around the whole Caribbean. From the most well-known larger beaches to cute coves and charming inlets, there is a beach for every taste on both islands. If you are looking for a way to truly relax while on vacation, this is perhaps the number one choice. There is just nothing like sipping a cocktail while lying on a sun lounger and staring at the tranquil ocean to help you unwind. If you also fit in some light paddling and a few good books to read, all the better. From Dickenson Bay to Hawksbill Bay, you will be spoilt for choice.

Wander around Nelson’s Dockyard

While you might not be planning lots of walking and adventure on a relaxing break, a gentle stroll around Nelson’s Dockyard is advised. You would be surprised at how chilled out you will feel afterwards and how a walk close to the water’s edge can help you de-stress. Ships have been coming into this dockyard for more than 250 years – you may even see a luxurious yacht coming in from Freemans Bay in modern times. Listed as a heritage attraction, this site is ideal for sitting on the quayside to look at the old Boat House and to simply think about what stories might have unfolded here in days past.

Enjoy some sunset drinks and gorgeous food

When it comes to awesome things to do in Antigua and Barbuda, food and drink must be mentioned. There is no greater pleasure in life than sitting down at one of the many bars on each island to enjoy a rum punch or cocktail come sunset. Having a few drinks and watching the sun go down will leave you feeling very chilled out. Of course, enjoying a few drinks and having fun is also the perfect way to spend your days or evenings in this part of the world. The food here is also fantastic, with jerk chicken, rice & peas, and BBQ fish ready to enjoy. Bumpkins is a trendy spot to head for, and you will undoubtedly feel more chilled out after a day or evening there.

Enjoy the slow pace of life and music

One of the best things to do here to relax is simply to immerse yourself in the atmosphere and local culture. The pace of life on both these Caribbean islands is slow, and this means you will feel more chilled out merely by wandering around and meeting local people. You cannot fail to hear some reggae music at some point either, and their gentle grooves are also great for making you feel less stressed. When you combine both, it makes Antigua and Barbuda a superb place to relax.

Pay a visit to the many spa’s

Visiting a spa is always relaxing wherever you go on vacation, and this is true in both Antigua and Barbuda. The islands are home to many fabulous spas, such as ‘Pam’s Wellness Centre,’ ‘The Powder Room,’ and ‘Touch Therapies.’ All offer a friendly service, a good choice of relaxing treatments, and luxurious surroundings to enjoy them in. Booking into a spa for the day is a great idea and will certainly help you feel more refreshed when done.

Antigua and Barbuda is the ideal place to let go

Few locations around the world can match Antigua and Barbuda for pure serenity. Whether it is chilling on the many fabulous beaches, relaxing with a drink, or checking out a spa, these islands are all about bringing your stress levels down. If you have never visited before and need somewhere to let go, maybe it is time to book your trip.







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