Visitors To Antigua & Barbuda Must Pay US$ 100 For COVID-19 Test


Regulations published under Public Health Act (Dangerous Infectious Disease) (Amendment) (No. 6) Regulations, 2020 will see visitors to Antigua & Barbuda paying US$ 100 for a covid-19 test.

The regulations published on June 10, 2020 states that  “All visitors to Antigua and Barbuda shall be tested for COVID-19 and shall pay a charge of One Hundred Dollars
(US$100.00) United States Currency or its equivalent in Eastern Caribbean Dollars as a charge for the test.”

It says the charge is payable to the Quarantine Authority and the money will paid into the Consolidated Fund.

The updated regulations also reflect government’s decision to extend the curfew window from 11pm-5am.

Here are the regulations which were published in the Official Gazette.


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    • What the sunglasses protects your eyes from covid it’s also a duct of entry . Lord have mercy Browne has turned into Donald Trump de ass

  1. Is that $100 for the antigen test that hasn’t arrived yet, or for the PCR test that the hospital can’t get to work? Or are you going to charge them$100 to take their temperature and say that is the test?

    • Multiple countries are doing this. The Bahamas requires one 48hrs before arrive and other countries are doing similar. They don’t want their people to get sick. But you are right.. You can’t force someone but you can deny them entry.

  2. The Covid-19 tests where I am living are done for FREE,FREE.Why should I come into Antigua and pay US $100.00 for a COVID TEST. That I could get for free.This is going to turn people away from Antigua in my opinion.The visitors could be tested the day before coming into Antigua.So why the need to test again.

  3. I would hope a current test report that we can have before we leave would suffice. Why should a couple pay $200 when insurance covers it at home and where we have confidence in the testing 😎

    • Around the globe testing is not free to all!
      In the UK we have conducted over 6 million tests. These are only on people who need them. Going on holiday is not a reason to get a free test! Insurers are not covering holidays!
      Antigua cannot afford the cost of testing for everyone. So if it means I can visit Antigua on holiday then I will pay the US$100 for the test. (In the UK to buy a test it would cost me US$130!!)

  4. WTF !! pay 200 U.S . for my wife n myself b4 we even get off the airport .$$$ Car rental $$$ Lodgin $$$ Food $$$ Miscilaneous . Trip was booked b4 Covid since in January well not Anymore !!! Ridiculous !

  5. I believe Antigua want to claw back the money that they lost during the Covid pandemic . But instead they are going to turn people away. I like the comment made by sick and tired. No matter if you take the test in your respective country , I believe when you still reach Antigua you will still have to have the test done again. I heard that a guy who got into an accident and had to travel to Antigua for emergency treatment. The hospital in the country that sent him did a covid 19 test before they put him on the plan. The flight is only about 20 minutes from each island. And when he reach in Antigua at one of their hospital , they won’t treat him until he had a another covid 19 test done even though he did one already in a island that is only 20 minutes away. Prime Minster Browne is letting President Trump idiotacy rub off on him.

  6. When Antigua fails to test citizens properly? How on earth can the government expect tourists to pay for a useless test. Most of all these tests have been donated by the very countries where the visitors come from. Somebody is very greedy. Good Luck with that Gaston.

  7. How to put off tourists? Ask them to be ripped off with a useless test before they leave the airport. A very bad idea to charge. Wow thousands in somebody’s pocket.

  8. Agree! We are traveling to Antigua next week and we have a negative test already and plan on having another one 48hours before we arrive. It’s free here. Why should we have to pay 200$ when we have proof of negatives, are asymptomatic, and for sure will not have a temperature… ???

    • We are arriving next Saturday, it’s out of our control what happens, we’re going to have to deal with it. And just enjoy our vacation.

  9. Does this apply to persons who are in transit as just about all LIAT flights goes through ANU

  10. Well it’s official now, the economic powerhouse is broke. This is going to get so much negative feedback. SMH

  11. Everyone who arrives here should be demanding to know exactly what “test” they are being charged $100 for. The government is refusing to say what the test is. The only information the public has so far is that they were planning on Sofia rapid antigen tests, which have not arrived. So what exactly are they charging $US100 for and who’s bank account is this money going into?

  12. This saddens me deeply, we have been travellers’ to Beautiful Antigua and Barbuda for 15 years, and have been in lock-down for 3 Months in Ireland so far. We are desperate to return to SJC for the last year, but their are no BA flights as yet.
    This move will not help get your tourism back…it sounds like a government claw-back for lost revenue to us…

  13. Respect regulations of each country. USA has also rules that visitors has to respect. If you don’t agreee just stay the fuck home.

    • I will stay home and save my money I am from Antigua I have a home there I go there every year why my own country trying to rip me off, I spend enough there everyday trying to maintain my shit I refuse to pay $100….it’s a rip off plain and simple we know Antigua don’t have any valid test that’s recongnized my ay world body,we know it’s ripoff I am not going to let them rob if I know about it in advance…

  14. i guess this means we will be on resort for our entire stay and no tips upon arrival or departure. Well, one tip…elect new politicians!!

  15. Antigua is just trying to rip off tourists. The entire world is suffering because of the pandemic so why doesn’t every country start charging visitors? At least some countries have proper FREE testing. Sadly Antigua has failed to test her own people properly. There are plenty of rich people in Antigua why can’t they help? Zizi you stay the f..k home too. Greed is only going to put people off from visiting. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Don’t forget tourism is vital. A bogus test for 100 bucks is just going to make people look at the other, more welcoming islands.

  16. As of Wed this week the only “test” any arrivals were having at the airport was a temperature check. This is really a major scandal, as we all know the virus can be passed on via asymptomatic people. People are self quarantining in their homes, but is that really going to work? The PM needs to stop misleading people saying arrivals are being testing. They simply are NOT being tested

  17. Antigua Governemnt has no idea what they are doing.. they will change this policy in 5..4..3..2..1.

  18. I would pay for the test if I had faith these people knew what they are doing. They have testing so many people wrongly .. I don’t trust them

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