VIDEO: PM Browne reacts after royals gift him framed photograph of themselves


Blogger Lainey said: It’s true, it’s tradition for royals to gift people signed photos when they’re abroad…but it’s also been made quite clear during these times that certain “traditions” are what people are pushing back against. When people are protesting colonisation and the British royal family’s historic involvement in the slave trade, and these two, with their titles and their royalness, roll up with a photo of themselves, signed and wrapped, like it’s a thing to be treasured…

Of course the critics are going to say it’s tone-deaf, because it is!

So I go back to the royal handlers, the team that’s tasked with working on these details and putting together these “gifts”. Were they not paying attention a month ago? Did they not read the room when the walls of the room basically closed in on them? Are they actually listening when they claim to be listening? What is going on in the offices of the palace? How can these people who consistently make such terrible decisions keep getting the opportunity to keep making mistakes?!

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  1. Thank JAH this Failed Experiment willn’t be Prime Minister for much longer, to continue chatting crap on behalf of Antiguans and Barbudans. Time for him and the bounch of old renegades to go and go now. They are like parasites on the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans.

    • Yeah the UPP POLLS show that Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas is leading him 5:1

      Big up ya self Linley Winter 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • I can assure you Mr. Knight that you will only see the back of esteem PM is when you vacate your big blog self off the political landscape. If you don’t I hope you won’t get intoxicated with medication to sedate your nerves

    • Well said indeed.

      “They are in our possession, not necessarily on a wall per se to be celebrated. I should add here too that we are very respectful of all, but WE DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY FORM OF SUPERIORITY WHEN IT COMES TO HUMAN BEINGS”

  2. How many times this Bountiful of a human brain said Am!!! Is that a word? Comrades correct me if I’m wrong. I’m familiar with “arm” but not Am.

    You criticize one on the they said for saying “foots”. How abut his utterances? Fair is fair!!!

  3. If I was the Prime Minister, I would dash way this narcissistic gift … couldn’t these royal parasites do better than this? WOW!

  4. Ah! Nutten fu brush #fly oval! Some would say, #Big-Deal! Big Deal⁉️
    Now, back to work!
    Mr. PM, your newest housing initiative is flawed, in several ways.
    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes 🙌 👍🏽 👍🏽yes 👏🏾 🎁the working class at the lowest end of the income bracket need and want good affordable housing.
    However, beyond the affordable housing what else?
    How about, well designed, built and managed #MULTI-USE SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES⁉️

    These communities would have mixed income properties for sale, lease, rent-to-own etc. Since, for the most part, these are one or two bedroom dwellings, design them in such a way, as in condo’s with businesses on the first level; flat roofs for green and community spaces, courtyards for entertainment, and play spaces for children/kids.

    Trash to sewage to water supply to MAINTENANCE are better managed with these designs, than single family units, especially, when you’re designing and building housing projects based upon INCOME.
    The MIXED USE design to include income, businesses, schools, social activities tend to make for an overall better community and not only increase the standards of living, it created generational wealth which is the desired result($) of EMPOWERMENT!

    As for royals on the wall. We got rid of JFK … JESUS. … MLK. off the wall Lang, Lang garling time. R u jus a ketch up! But, the fries would reject you’n!

  5. Every minute is am, am, am, am, am when this man talk but uncle gassy I’m with you on this on. Stick them picture in your broom closet to sell later hahahaha dem mussa feel them name God that ppl gonna be excited over a stupid picture of pale skin …………………………

    • @Neutral. Check out ABS Facebook page you see the photos of Jamale Pringle reaction to greeting them. Never seen Pringle so excited and star struck. BIGGEST GRIN plaster across his face. Almost look like his mouth touch his forehead. Guess for him it’s the contrast of his midnight skin to their “pale skin” (as u put it).

  6. Pringle and dem royals like two peas in a pod. It was hard to watch. Other than being the youngest child of our Queen, this “Prince” guy has no official standing here. Show it to me in the Constitution!!!!!! A picture of the Queen might have been appropriate, but not of those two. They were just ordinary tourists, nothing more and nothing less.

  7. “We don’t believe in superiority”
    While presenting them with a parade and making little children stand in the sun for hours.

    • it is called P-R-O-T-O-C-O-L according to the Vienna Convention. Read it sometime instead of staying “in your feelings”. The same was accorded to Baldwin Spencer when he travelled on offical visits.

  8. Was this a ‘protocol’ opportunity for a reciprocal gift from A&B, a book pack of three books: To Shoot Hard Labour 1&2 , The Life and Times of Samuel Smith, an Antiguan workingman 1877-1982; How Britain Underdeveloped the Caribbean; A Reparation Response to Europe’s Legacy of Plunder and Poverty by Hilary Beckles?

    • or even the book “How To Accept Kickbacks: John Ashe and Baldwin Spencer”, “Wadadli Power Plant: The Tale of “NEW” Engines” or even “How Lovell Plunged the Economy into the IMF Pithole”

      Former prime minister Baldwin Spencer is said to have accepted a ‘kick back’ from Dr. Ache’s ill-gotten gains

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