UPP Women’s Forum Salutes its She-roes on International Women’s Day, 2023


UPP Women’s Forum Salutes its She-roes  on International Women’s Day, 2023

In a departure from the last two years, when we singled out and honoured our “Woman of the Year,” the Women’s Forum of the United Progressive Party takes pleasure in saluting several outstanding women in acknowledgment of International Women’s Day, 2023.

Last year, 2022, was a year in which many women were called upon to give of their best, personally and professionally, as the Nation struggled to get back to normalcy after the turmoil of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Accordingly, and with respect and admiration, we acknowledge and salute all the women who made the extraordinary effort to hold families, businesses, communities and country together – often at great personal and financial sacrifice – and to advance all facets of national life, including the media and the arts.

In this regard, the Women’s Forum pays special tribute to the following persons:

For undaunted social activism in the face of State-led oppression: Donnette Simon and Shenel “Bonita” Williams of the Freedom Fighters for Antigua and Barbuda.

For increasing and advancing the participation of women in elective politics: Dr. Cleon Athill, Gladys Potter, and Pearl Quinn-Williams. 


For fearless political activism aimed at bringing about national change: Joan McEwen. 

For promotion of social consciousness and personal activism through the fine arts, specifically  spoken word/poetry: Dotsie Isaac.

For rebuilding a signature small business and regional tourism’s longest-running event, Shirley Heights Lookout, after it was decimated by the pandemic:  J.Valerie Hodge.

For reinforcing the human right to freedom of information, via social media, and for balanced national discussion of political and social issues, respectively: Dr.  Jacqui Quinn and Barbara Arrindell

For public relations and scientific and economic services to the agriculture sector, in particular the farmers of the Southwest Community: Erica Phillip and Oniecia Anthony.

The UPP’s Women’s Forum congratulates these outstanding women and will be profiling their achievements and continuing work through the month of March through our various media outlets: Progressive 107.3 FM; REAL News; and the  MYUPP Facebook page.

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  1. Yet one of your sitting MP took the life of a young black woman🤔 but I forget the UPP and it’s members are innocent church men and women that can do no wrong unlike the filthy nasty stinking dirty ABLP and all them nasty gutter politics the UPP can do no wrong and have decent men and women even though one of them did shoot and kill a young pregnant woman there is no scum within the UPP all the scurge of society only associate themselves with ABLP.
    Hypocritical much eh Sister Pearl?

  2. All this international women’s la-di-la is just a load of bull.
    All the talk going around the place that women are the power and blah blah blah is just a way of trying to create relevance.
    How many women right now have to unwillingly open her legs because a man is in charge of her? How many women have to subjugate themselves just so they could get a few dollars from a man to buy food for her children? How many men take advantage of women because THEY have the power? How many judges sit on a bench and go soft on a male defendant accused of rape because they know how it feels when their back loaded and they must find a place to ease that load?
    My advice to you lady is to just cut all the soft soak stories and petition talk and start doing some up to your elbows in it tasks if you want to win your seat. It looks like your chairman made sure to award all her kin and inlaws in her women’s list. It looks very much like the other women on the list are along only to make up numbers.
    UPP is too woman centric. Too much armchair governance. Just talk, talk, talk. And all the talk is powder puff, hand cream or frilly. No dirt, mud or bush-cutting type. The last leader indulge this and paid the prize.
    Even the men in the UPP gone soft. With all them mouty –mouthy lawyers they have up in there, not one of them could overturn the decision of the chair to let sleeping dogs lie, and protest Jonathon and Lovell narrow loss in the election?
    Now lady you have to be worried. Gaston brought in the young boy down by you to replace unMARVELLOUS MAX. That could be plenty trouble. Stop looking for the easy causes to run your mouth on and start bawling about what the people down in Yorks and in Cedar Grove nuh have and what they need. Get real. This is not CCJ paper report. This is real life.
    That is why regular people not into you all UPP people. The reds dem awful but you all too cute. Too much a international women’s this and international woman that and not enough taking the fight to the red people.
    The party needs men in the frontline and fast. Real men, not the kind that in there now and fraid to speak if the Top B—tch look at them and put her forefinger over her lips.

  3. UPP still supporting that MP in Parliament that served time in prison for killing a PREGNANT WOMAN. I wonder how that MP feels for that horrible act on ( INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY) How He sits in that HONOURABLE HOUSE. Shame on UPP.

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