Suspect in Hit & Run Accident Charged


Police on Wednesday charged 24yr-old Chirjeet Singh Biring in Sunday’s hit and run traffic accident on  Sir George Walter Highway.

Biring, a medical student residing at Utopia Park Apartments on Sir George Walter Highway, was charged with dangerous driving and failing to report a traffic accident.

He is alleged to have been the driver of a white Subaru Impreza motor car A49660 that struck and injured 41yr-old Gavin Crump of Coolidge. Biring on Monday, surrendered himself to police at Police Headquarters accompanied by his attorney. He is expected before the Court on Thursday



  1. As a MEDICAL STUDENT, he should have done better. Is he sure that he is choosing the right profession? How can an aspiring doctor flee the scene and leave a “patient” for dead?? sounds like he should consider becoming a lawyer or undertaker.

  2. Medical Students in Antigua tend to party alot especially under the influence of drugs and alcohol. I always wonder if they will continue that kind of life style after becoming certified doctors or maybe it’s just a phase for the time being away in a foreign country…

  3. Last time a medical school head went on air, we heard fabricated info
    Where is the press release by AUA? (Just another day at uni?)
    Driving Drugs Drinking….That’s your grade point average D

  4. Umm I’m disappointed with the charges. What happen to terrorism. In other countries mowing down people with a vehicle like he did would have been An act of terrorism.

    Who is paying the victims bill. The family of Garvin need to act fast. As soon as this man gets a chance he is going to flee the country and leave this man to fend his bills alone.

    • Let’s not get RACIST (I’m a black Antiguan), this is not terrorism. It’s terrible judgement on his behalf, not a precalculated decision. And I do believe that he should be charged appropriately. Lets call a thing a thing.

  5. These students are very reckless on the roads of Antigua and Barbuda. It is a proven statistical fact that 90% of the road accidents are caused by these students. They are “abusers of drugs and alcohol”..ALWAYS ON A HIGH ON OUR HIGHWAYS.. These students are spoilt brats sent by their wealthy parents to off shore schools because of their inability to access US schools. I was taken advantaged of one, in collusion with a police, when he ran into my vehicle “while coming through a residential area at very high speed, coupled with being on the wrong side of the road and driving without a licence. He has since left the island with the knowledge of the police so the case was thrown out after been summoned to court and leaving my work place on numerous occasion.

    But God saw it all and I wish him and the Police all the very best in the future. Karma is real!!

  6. Seems like the Tali… getting favoritism by the judicial system. Antigua certainly has two sets of laws!

    It is seemingly business as normal for him.

  7. Lock him up and throw away the keys. He left the man for DEAD! However as usual Antigua corrupt and he will get way.

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