PM Says Sean Bird Is A Lazy Man


Prime Minister Gaston Browne has told the man looking to run against his wife in the next general election that he doesn’t have what it takes.

United Progressive Party’s Rural East Branch on Thursday night elected Sean Bird to be the party’s candidate in the next general election.

Sean is the cousin of Maria Bird the Member of Parliament for the area and the prime minister’s wife.

“He’s running for the wrong reason,” Browne said when asked to respond to the news of Sean’s election.

The prime minister alleges that Bird became hostile with his ruling ABLP after he was fired from a job at the National Authorising Office.

“He has just wasted the last two decades doing nothing just running around a radio station. I guess he sees politics now as a way out, a way to make some money,” Browne told Pointe FM.

“I guess he thinks that his pedigree gives him the right to be a representative or probably to displace those those in the UPP maybe Harold Lovell to become a Prime Minister on a UPP ticket.”

“Sean is the kind of guy who want to get everything on a platter because he name Sean Bird and Sir Vere was his grandfather and never wanted to work for anything. The last thing I want is a lazy man on my ticket,” he said.




  1. That’s harsh, but there seems to be something about it that has the ring of truth. The PM knows the whole situation. Has the Bird family fired him yet from ZDK. On the street they say trouble is brewing. Is it true? At first I thought this was a joke. In fact, it gave me one old fashioned belly laugh, then I realize it’s true. PAPA is NOT amused, I am sure.

  2. Prime Minister you are correct. Sean Bird heart is not with UPP. . I cannot believe that Sean would join UPP. This shows desperation. I still DO NOT believe that Sean will go through with this ticket . We have lots to look forward too.

  3. So once a Bird you must be an ALP loyalist is this what I am gathering from some posters and even the cousin of Shawn. It is really sad and disgusting to hear the mental slavery talk that seemingly suggest Antigua was gifted by Sir Vere and everything bird must be of the ALP. Stop the VC cultish ideology and let people think and do things freely.

    • I agree! People should have the right to go to whichever party.. but the reason must be genuine. This will be something to see

  4. Gaston the reason you are going after Sean is because you are afraid he will dethrone your wife. You and your wife and the Labour Party don’t have a right to govern Antigua. And by the way anybody can run on any party ticket they wish. Talk about lazy, hope he wins so that your wife can find a job or stay home and spend your millions.

    • To “Observation”: Contrary to what you have written, the PM and his wife and the Labour Party DO HAVE A RIGHT TO GOVERN Antigua. They were elected BY THE PEOPLE to do so, and they have a strong majority. Get your facts straight. They DO have a right to govern Antigua. The People say so.

      • The Labour Party thinks the government was willed to them by God. Gaston will lie and propagandize on his radio station in his bid to stay in power

  5. A man who speaks evil against another to uplift himself only desire opportunity for himself. If your parents is a doctor/thief should the children follow in their parents foot steps. People should think for themselves! A person thst can’t think for him/herself is in bondage.

  6. You wouldn’t want Sean Bird in your party as you are afraid he will challenge you for the leadership. Be careful how you go after Sean as his uncle Lester may start confessing. After all, Lester can see his future.

  7. But PM everyone has a free will and choice. Do you have to pick on everything? You have more important things to think about – 1. LIAT. 2. Many umemployed from covid19. Please focus!. Sean is a big man just like you who can choose his own path just like you. Why do you think you are entitled to support who you want and he isnt? Stop bringing down people

  8. Sean has no place in this reorganized ABLP. He is lazy, potentially corrupt, arrogant and a traitor. He should be very comfortable among the UPP. The Hon. Gaston Browne is fearless. Sean Bird is of no consequence. If he childishly believes that peddling religion is another tool he can use to fool the fools, then he had better ask Bishop Dorsett and Clephane Roberts for some advice. Can’t wait for comedy show to begin.

    • He is lazy, potentially corrupt, arrogant and a traitor. What is potentially corrupt? How is he a traitor when you said you didn’t want him in your party. Who is more arrogant than the current leader.

  9. The PM should be the last person to call anyone lazy. PM, not everyone has manic energy thus not everyone will appear to be a ‘powerhouse’!!! Manic energy is part of the reason why the world is currently in so much turmoil. #mental

  10. The PM is a man of quality and dignity. He is a natural leader. In the eyes of most people he is an honourary BIRD. He makes us proud. Antigua is blessed to have him at the helm. Maria is likewise a woman of principle and dignity.

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