OPINION: Jesus could not have been an Israeli

By Makeda Mikael


When one remembers the cold structured destruction of Germany’s Jews, whose numbers were overreaching the ability of Hitler to kill them quickly enough, so the Germans created incinerators reducing them quickly to ashes.

Likewise is the cold military destruction of Gaza, compounded by the boycott of electricity, food, water fuel, by order of Netanyahu and his far right, and endorsed by the U.S., ensuring mass destruction of the Palestinians!

Seemingly abandoned by their Arab neighbors, the poorest of the Middle East peoples face the wrath of the German learnt method of quick and certain death by Israel.

Great leaders like Mandela who understood the underpinnings of Apartheid, and fighting which cost him one third of his life behind bars, jailed, spoke out against the inhumanity of the Israelis and their dreadful treatment of the Palestinians.

Consider the manner in which the British, in their dictatorial rulership of their former colonies, seized the Palestinian’s lands to settle suffering migrant German Jews.

They simply drove the peoples of Palestine from their traditional lands, much like the dispersement of the original Jews by their conquerors 2000 years ago, creating a homeland for the German migrants, supported by their thousands of Jews people in the diaspora.

The new country formed by theft of lands of a people considered ‘lesser’ than; the native Arab population who had done nothing against the German Jews or for that matter was not involved in the two world wars just finished.

A people of a different race thought Semitic, but most importantly of a different religion to most of the ‘white’ peoples of Europe and the US.

Shunted into strips of land around their prior owned lands which included a nomadic space, the Palestinians have been forced into a life of apartheid governance, which can only be held in place by strife and conflict.

With the force of the US military and the commercial support of the UK and Europe where the strength of Jewish finance reigns supreme, Israel has become the U.S. bastion in the Middle East.

Now, with their knowledge in persecution tactics and ethnic cleansing gained in their German experience, the cold racist traits of their own past are now being activated to kill as many Palestinians as possible as quickly as possible.

Jesus could not have been an Israeli, He was a Jew, moral, wise, and full of love!

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  1. Any person and country who decides to go to war must count the cost! Yes, they have been downtrodden, but why engage in such carnage not counting what the response of Israel would have been. (Quite foolish if you ask me). Did they think they were just going to kill Israelis and go back to the Strip and all be okay? They knew Israel controls the surrounding areas so should have counted the cost before their foolish decision to kill Israelis.

    • Very correct there must be a matter where this is thought through thoroughly before engaging in an act that could breed the same. Excellent point

    • Then I say, the Syrians in Antigua should kill all Antiguans to avenge the death of that shop manager that the young Antiguan boy killed. Just forget that all the other Antiguans are innocent, including me. It is justified for 2+ million Palestinians to be killed because of the viciousness of Hamas — It that what you are really trying to say?

    • @No Fool: Will the bloodshed lead to peace? How could it? Think before you cheer on more death and destruction.

      The reckoning MUST be with Hamas — NOT with all Gazans.

    • everything does hava a price to pay (good and bad). The price for justice can be life itself.

    • @
      No Fool.
      If you honestly believe that Hamas did not expect Israel would respond the way it did then you are sorely mistaken. You do not undertake a mission on that scale without carefully planning for both action and reaction. Why did Hamas take over 150 hostages both young and old? Reason: as a bargaining ploy. Now we hear that Israel has agreed to end its siege, illegal under international law if Hamas agrees to release the hostages. After all, if there is no food, fuel or water available in Gaza, then guess who will also suffer? Hamas has no tanks or aircraft; what it does have are guerilla fighters who will fight to the death. If Israel decapitates the Hamas leadership then it will be replaced the next day by new leaders. It’s like a Hydra or a chameleon growing fresh limbs. Here’s the trap: I have absolutely no doubt that Hamas would like an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza. Why so? This is where guerilla fighting comes into play. Israeli tanks would would be perfect targets for Hamas as tank traps would already be
      In place and the tank crews would be at the mercy of the guerrillas. Note how Israel is not rushing blindly into the Hamas trap even with its military superiority. Things are not as clear cut as they seem. The Hamas operation has been carefully thought through from beginning to end. What of Hezbollah? They will not sit idly by and watch Israel overrun Gaza either. Think about it.

  2. What Hamas did in Israel was deplorable and must be condemned by all right thinking people. Hamas lives in Gaza but Gaza is not Hamas. To cut off all services including food, water, electricity and medical services from getting to the well over 2 million people who lives in Gaza , including children, women, the sick and elderly is a grave humanitarian blunder and a war crime. This must be equally condemned by the international community.

  3. First of all, it makes no sense to compare Hitler’s holocaust to the Jews defending themselves from a known terrorist organization. Thousands of Jewish settlers live in the West Bank and Gaza and they have lived peacefully with the Palestinians.

    The area now known as Palestine has always been a part of traditional Israel. In biblical times it was known as Judea, which is where Jesus was born and raised. What is now called Israel is much smaller than the original space they once called home before they were banished by Rome. They have continuously made concessions of land in return for peace and each time have experienced more conflict.

    After the Jews returned and redeclared their homeland in 1948, the term Palestinian used to refer to all persons living in Judea. The Arabs there are mostly of Jordanian descent. Yasser Arafat is the one who rebranded his people “Palestinians” which is how they came to be exclusively known as such. There has never been any large-scale massacre of Arabs by the Jews. They live among them and even serve in their Knesset. During times of conflict the Jewish army goes to great lengths to prevent casualties such as telephoning the targeted buildings beforehand and “Roof Knocking”. HAMAS deliberatively puts their own people at risk by putting their military assets among civilians such as hiding rocket launchers in playgrounds.

    A country has the right to defend itself. Israel is the #10 military power in the world. If they wanted the Arabs gone they would not exist. The reality is, they are surrounded by hostile nations which harbour terrorist organizations. For example, HAMAS officially exists solely to destroy Israel through Jihad.

    In my opinion they have exercised much restraint and compassion given the situation, and about Jesus not being involved in war… Have you never heard of Armageddon? The lamb of God is also the lion of Judah. He will not start this war but he will definitely finish it.

    • @ I beg to differ: Of course we all have rights to our opinion. But I believe Jane and Handit2me offered some good information that could help.

      The people to Palestine has been terrorized daily for decades but because a group of Palestinians decide to retaliate to the Jewish oppression, they are now labelled terrorist. Any time you subject humans to that level of oppression and lost of dignity, the human will come to the point that they must kill the oppressor or be killed because there is no value to life anymore. Did the Jews believe the Palestinians would not revolt?

      Now the world can see who the real terrorist are in spite of the hypocrisy of the world leaders.

  4. I totally agree withe point that the Palestinians should not be collectively punished like it had happened to the Jews during the Holocaust. However it doesn’t mean that you can refer to the history, especially when you do it wrong.
    The history of Israel didn’t start with the arrival of “German Jews” (by the way, they were not Germans alone, but survivals from all over the Europe). Jews continued to live in Jerusalem and the region called Palestine under Osman empire. Some moved legally in XIX century. Their fought for liberation started along with the Arabs against the British when the Osman empire collapsed as the result of the World War I. Jews and Arabs lived peacefully there before the British started their “divide and conquer” policy and provoked both nations to fight each other more than their British oppressors. Even when they were forced to leave the Israel-Palestine region after the World War II, they did what they knew best – sawing the seeds of hate and violence. The proposed two-state plan for Israel and Palestine was not satisfactory for either side. The British did it on purpose. And although the jews were ready to agree and proclaimed the independency, the Palestinians disagreed and attacked Israel immediately. That’s how the vicious circle has started. So please learn some history before you bring it up.

    I believe the two nations must find strength and patience to live together in this land. Respect each other. Being able to overcome religious, cultural, mentality and other differences.

    By the way, it won’t hurt Ms. Makeda to learn it too. Her constant negative remarks about “whites, people with lighter skin, foreigners” in every article published and now with the Jews are really annoying and shameful. And then she speaks about racism and poor black people. It’s the same racism. She mentioned Jesus. Here’s something what Jesus would say: And why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but do not consider the plank in your own eye?

    • To you and others who will have the descendants of the worst period of human indignity forget it before it has been explored, repaired and made good, it will not happen. Forever I will remember the evils perpetrated by whites against my black ancestors, until reparations and forgiveness is sought, and given. Then and only then will I forgive, but never forget!

      • @Makeda Mikael.
        Your forgiveness seems to be based on reparations , bluntly meaning money. This is the main goal of those who constantly whine about reparations. I am also a descendant of those slaves but it has never entered my mind to seek financial gain from their suffering. They were bought and sold. I do not wish to be bought again four hundred years later with a few dollars. I honour those enslaved men, women and children too much to be satisfied with what surely should be called—— Blood Money. While you’re at it, do not forget to also seek reparation from the most despicable of those involved in the slave trade. I refer to the African chiefs and OBAs who traded and sold their own brethren to the European slave traders for bits of cloth and glass. Their descendants can no doubt ask for forgiveness too and give you the reparations you seek.

  5. The complicity of European to include (The USA)) as such; knows no boundaries when it comes to the practice of genocidal apartied. That is how that is how the “West” was won. From the Americas to Australia, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean; as blindly witness as a common practice in Antigua with complicit approval of public governance and, not a blink of an eye from among the masses who’s tactical reality is transposed to extracting an existence from crumbs from the table of the exploiters, with satiated trappings of staid proxy independent governance. Not so for the Palestinians who have been caged in under the guns of European guilt, to give sacore and comfort to European Jews; for the past genocidal attempt of Hitler’s ethnic cleansing of Germany’s Jews. But this is a know model for the Europeans mindsets, to appropriate other people’s land under the gun (Nothing new here.) The Palestinians under Israel’s gun is a continuing festering sore, akin to an active volcano contained to rupture and vent before becoming dormant for a while, as they cry out for room to breathe from the weight of the Israel’s crushing foot upon their necks. (Not to condone wanton killings) but existence at times deem it necessary to kill or, be killed. The balance lies in the proportion of force necessary to effect the objective that is being pursued and, the dependence on reliance of alliance for procurement of resources in preparation for the counter offence of the targeted entities. In Hamas case: This is lacking: thus effecting a suicidal attempt to breathe free from the yoke of kill or, be killed: when international compassion knows no boundaries. Your guest shall never become the Master of your domain. But for the tolerance of the gun, or lack thereof. And what aspiration is the aspiring to that whom all mankind call for onto God; without peace? I beeches Thee. One World! Or, None At All: For One Mankind.

  6. When you take what is not yours, and lie about your ownership, you either have to kill the rightful owners or constantly fight them to keep it.

  7. The #ESSENCE, of the ETHER’S truth lives in the forces of nature, and not in any Religious Institutions.

    A…Religion is the albatross which hangs around #indoctrinated HUEmans neck, to control them like a herd of beasts/animals, by the #MOLDERS_of_SOCIETY.

    B…since, there was no “J” in the English alphabet, until late 16th Century(the counting of time, as designed by man), then the word JESUS is not a valid, as the name of the anyone who is, was or shall ever ge ANOINTED, and positively through their works and deeds, by, through, in, the #ESSENCE of the ETHER.

    The “Jesus_Christ” of today, yesterday or tomorrow is simply, an INDOCTRINATED MECHANISM used to mold and control the thought processes, of the unsuspecting, hybrid animal, known as HUEmans!

    And, as to this land called ISRAEL, this town, City, Nation was chartered, since, 1904(greglotian time not nature’s), on paper and this present location was decided upon after, much thought of where on the ALKEBULAN LAND MASS, it should be located, in its physical establishments began in 1948, at its present and ever expanding location.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    Child of #Mami_Wata and #Papa_Legba.

    Today, I personally thank my 95year young mother, for throwing out of the #BACK_DOOR of the church with the baptismal/christening holy water. It was a blessed day, for the forces which powers the ESSENCE of The Ether picked me up, blessed me, nurtured me through the JUNGLE of RELIGION, to become free, to comprehend all of these wars and done right brutal destruction of the hybrid animal aka HUEman.

    Vere C. Edwards

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