One Of The Sudden Death Victim Had COVID-19 Says CMO

Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas

The Chief Medical Officer,Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, despite saying otherwise in a press conference on Tuesday has reported that one of the sudden death men had tested positive for the coronavirus.

The CMO revealed that the ministry had conducted blood tests on two sudden death cases  and one had been positive.

She would not share which one of the deceased tested positive but did reveal it was not the man who collapsed and died shortly after completing quarantine at the Hawksbill resort.

In light of this, Sealey-Thomas has recommended that all sudden deaths be tested for coronavirus as a precautionary measure.

In yesterday’s press conference it was announced that tests for COVID-19 have been carried out on some of the recent sudden death victims and all have come back negative.

However the CMO assured that the matter was being further investigated.

“We have tested some of those persons and they have come back negative, and we recognize that this needs to be further investigated.” said Sealey-Thomas.


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  1. Are these people stupid!? How could you not let the public know who had it so at least people are aware of certain areas to avoid. Keeping it hush hush only gonna cause more destruction you fools.!

    • They are doing exactly as the rest of the world my friend To avoid stigma. Obviously person’s concerned will be contacted.

  2. The CMO is being evasive.

    How many total ‘sudden deaths’ were there? When you say you tested ‘some’ and they all came back negative, how many out of the total sudden deaths was that?

    And then lo and behold you announce that one of the sudden deaths had coronavirus. Who was that person? How old were they? Did they have any underlying conditions?

    What else does the sudden death tell you at the very minimum?

    It tells you that coronavirus is on the island, it’s spreading, and it can be associated with sudden death.

    The government of Antigua/Barbuda needs to get their act together. Stop being the Donald Trump of the Caribbean. Be honest with the people. Initiate widespread testing and contact tracing.

  3. “The Chief Medical Officer,Dr Rhonda Sealey-Thomas, DESPITE SAYING OTHERWISE in a press conference on Tuesday has reported that one of the sudden death men had tested positive for the coronavirus”


  4. First of All! The name of any person and their medical information cannot be released due to privacy laws. That’s just not in Antigua, that’s pretty much anywhere in the world. So please stop asking for the names of people who have it. There isn’t going to be a list of names for anyone who has ANY disease at all! PERIOD! …
    The authorities will get in touch with whoever they believe came in contact! Through whatever means.. but again.. names will NOT be revealed!

    However I do believe that THERE are ALOT more people than 24 that have the coronavirus in Antigua, some people aren’t reporting it and they seek private treatment. Some just don’t know they have it. But I do believe there numbers are Much higher than are being reported.

    • Yes, obviously people must be seeking private treatment if a doctor is charging 6K for treatment.

      Why are they hiding this problem? What is going on?

      I hope this is not all about money and trying to start up tourism again before this virus is under control. t

      • Move to the head of the class that sounds so much like it , but at the same time your trying to open up for tourism to start boom . Who in there rightful mind would travel for 2 weeks vacation and to stay in quarantine but this government will do anything for the love of money and forget about the citizenry’s health . The citizens deserve better and give us proper updates in these briefings

    • Report it for what?….when u call Covid19 hotline ,they just ask if u traveled….and that u should stay at home ,take paracetamol and hot tea…right now u don’t need to have travel history to contract the virus…period…what they should do is take ppl more in serious and test them even if apparently they don’t have covid 19, if the results come back negative, congratulations, but there are other diseases like influenza, H1-N1,SARS and MERS around too…that are as deadly as Covid19…also its necessary to set up a laboratory to start to process the tests in the island…PERIOD

    • @Elisa G
      Do you know what you are talking about? Turn on CNN, Aljazeera, or any US channel and you will see pictures of individuals who died from Covid 19. How is the government going to know the people who have been in contact with the person? The names should be published as this is a pandemic, so that people who were in contact with the person can seek assistance if they have symptoms.

  5. Are you really suprisef. They now have to trace all his contact includiñing the grieving family and test everybody. Thid is hiw cimmunity spread starts. Be prepard fir a sydden spike and Tap Inna yoy darn yard

  6. 😢It’s likely Ricaldo Phillip. 5 of the people he associated with are showing symptoms and some are fearful and not self isolating .We should be concerned because you probably came across the individuals in a line while shopping and using other essential services in the last 72 hours.!

    They may be many more like Ricaldo gone to soon to heaven because they are pushing to open the country and cause apocalyptic fatalities.

  7. It is call patient confidentiality you cant just release the name just so in public you follow proper protocols but it is sad that the test on these sudden deaths take so long because those who that persons came in contact with could have it and spreading it.

  8. Lawd, ah how arwe lub melee an’ comess so? Arwe jus’ a siddong, ears glued to Observer, jus’ fu hear anodda one garn an’ a clovid-19 tek um. So arwe can say ‘tek dat’ ALP” me jus’ a tek ol’ time advice….when yu neerba house pan fire, wet you own.

  9. Let b honest with yourself Antiguan have we ever had so much death’s with in so close proximity and all suffered from a major illness and just suddenly died and look all are men I am going to b honest with myself something is wrong we need to look into this more

    • Something is definitely wrong.

      Antigua’s numbers are so much lower than every other Caribbean country and it’s for one reason only: The aren’t testing hardly anyone.

      I’m starting to suspect that they are intentionally trying to hide how bad this problem is.

      In a week or two, if we have thousands of cases on this island, it’s going to be a disaster. A disaster that could have been prevented if they would have been honest about the severity of this threat and tested people and isolated/quarantined anyone who came in contact with someone who suddenly died or got sick.

    • A&B averages 5 deaths a month, 600 a year. The Covid deaths remains 3 since the person testing positive is someone already listed as part of the 3 due to him having covid symptoms (the plumber at the airport)

    • Very interesting and informative views. One should protect yourselves. As for the virus, checking those who pass away for the virus is great. Yet imagine how many asymptotic individuals we have walking around. Focus resources on those who are ill the start branching out.

  10. I hope The World Boss would adjust the Curfew situation to total lock down as a precautionary measure and the law deal with the violators severely because social distancing some dont understand

  11. We all knew she and the minister are lying to us and are covering up their lack of preparation and incompetence. First it was ‘some’ tests done and no positive. Now 16 hours later one was positive fans we still don’t know how many were tested.

    • There is still only 3 persons who have been found to killed by Covid. The positive result is for someone already noted as a covid victim (very first victim). The plumber who worked at VC Bird. He was recorded based on symptoms. The CMO also stated, at the press conference yesterday , she expected to get some more results either later yesterday or today. Calm down

      • We already knew the 3 Covid deaths are related to Covid genius.

        The reporter was asked specifically about the sudden deaths, the 9 males who died unexpectedly. Why would anyone be asking about the Airport guy when we knew how he was on the news? I even more confused now.

      • @getthefact – if that is indeed the case then that would be great news. In the same breath it would have been irresponsible of the CMO to not have given that information at the same time she made the announcement. I strongly believe that if she had made that clear we would not have the chaos we see now in here. I truly hope you are right although that would mean I will have to question the CMO’s judgement going forward.

        • @Pat-a-cake, It is indeed the case. The minister of information, confirmed today via the cabinet briefing that deaths via Covid 19 remain at 3. Unfortunately what the CMO stated was misconstrued by a particular media house and it was then cogged.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! Ah Mi Gud Fren! You have left your Citadel of Nihilism, spewing bile and ridicule on the Good Doctor and Minister to join the Chat Room! Have you no decency! “In order to terminate this neurotic situation, in which I am compelled to choose an unhealthy, conflictual solution, fed on fantasies, hostile, inhuman in short, I have only one solution: to rise above this absurd drama that others have staged around me, to reject the two terms that are equally unacceptable, and through one human being, to reach out for the universal.” ― Frantz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks!

      These sudden deaths of young men have posed challenges as to their root causes from China to Asia to Africa to Europe to North and South America and to Australasia! So much so that many countries have had to revise their numbers as is the case of NYC and by extension the US by as much as 200 cases per day in early April!

      It has been said that “Rona” engages the Respiratory Systems! Even though respiratory illnesses are at the core of the disease, “Covid” is revealing that it is more complex than being a straightforward viral pneumonia!

      Doctors around the world, in the best emergency departments and intensive care units, equipped with the most modern technologies, financed by huge capital and operating funds and the best teaching and research minds, have found out and learnt the hard way that “Rona” doesn’t confine its ravages to the lungs! “COVID” can push kidneys into failure, send the body’s immune system into catastrophic overdrive, and cause blood clots that impede circulation to the lungs, heart, or brain! “Rona” is disease of remarkable and devastating complexity, which even the World’s most experienced doctors and researchers are struggling to understand!

      You should apologize to the Good Doctor and CMO for your misogynistic comments! “I can hear the roar of women’s silence” – Capitaine Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara, the Upright Man, Revolutionary, Pan-Africanist theorist, and assassinated President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987!

      The People of African Descent resident on the Rock are racked with Obesity, Diabetes, Sickle Cell Anemia, Asthma, Heart Diseases, pulmonary vascular disease, Hypertension, Kidney Disease, etc,!

      Antigua and Barbuda is a SIDS struggling, valiantly to maintain not only the health and welfare of its citizens and residents, but in a world of Globalization, its status as a middle income state with a laudable Human Development capacity for political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and ecological sustainability! It’s testing capacity, limited by economics and logistics as has been experienced in most developed countries! The Best in Class struggle to find available testing equipment, supplies and available laboratories!

      People of African descent must learn to live cooperatively while building a Caribbean Civilization, not simply spouting derision, tweets or comments that are no more than signals used by manipulators trying to use them as catchwords, as code words, as a foil for their narcissistic displays!

      You are encouraged to develop a collective effort to harness the creative, innovative and incubative energies of the people of African Descent to transform the present reality and to improve the concrete situation of the masses of our country!

      There is no natural immunity to this new virus! There is no vaccine! It will spread unchecked, from human to human and across our social classes, ages and genders, unless we create social immunity, woven of the ways we interact not only through social distancing but through personal care for, amicable treatment and civility for each other!

      We owe it to our ancestors to build solid National Institutions and a Caribbean Civilization buttressed with social and psychological immunity in a body politic and a cultural milieu that has been ravaged for decades by neo-liberal capitalist thought, swinging from “Entrepreneurial Socialism” to “Empowerment Capitalism” and consumed by home grown “ethical bad-mindedness” – which Dr Paget Henry & His Colleague Dr. Gordon define as an ethical discourse in which people are seen as acting out of bad motives rather than good ones: “acting out of spite, out of hate, acting with the intention to deceive, to dominate the other or to advance oneself at the expense of another.” or through “Ressentiment” – “an attempt to evade human reality through flights of misanthropy and other forms of bad faith …”- Dr. Charles Ephraim!

      • No brethren prefers to show his hatred for his own, and hide behind the flag when doing it. Truth no longer matters. He riles against it. In his mind we have tons of covid test kits and face no challenges as even the us faces. Just read an article about them under counting deaths at nursing homes (they are not alone)The self hatred deep. Anyway hopefully in the next two weeks I can do the devil’s bridge run (expect they will relax some more of the controls)

  12. That was Garfield Joseph. He is already listed as a Covid 19 death. He walked into the Hospital and died suddenly. It was early April.

  13. A total lock down should have been implemented in March. By now we won’t have all those confirmed cases and deaths. Also they say we should treat everyone like he or she has COVID-19 well the CMO and other agencies should treat every death as it was COVID-19.

  14. All the experts here saying this and that tearing down the CMO I wonder if any of you are willing to to do the job. I wonder if any of you could walk half a mile in her shoes #justsaying

    • Not everyone will sing from the hymn sheet and some will do the job without fear or favour, but certain politicians may not like what they do and try to sideline them.

  15. How can proper contact tracing be done if the person is dead? He can’t say where he has been or who he has visited. Only the people who lived under the same roof with him or someone who know they came into contact with him, can come forward for testing.SMH!

  16. The government is not telling us the truth neither are they testing pple because they want to open up the country asap to make money and if we are not cautious alot of us will continue to drop and die.

    • The date for local testing is expected to be the middle of May. Dr Lester Simon was on ABS tonight and spelled out the needed steps. This is all about ensuring the integrity of the tests. They could have started already but that would have increased the possibility of them providing flawed results. They have to ensure the quality of their results is good, hence one of the steps calls for their test results to be verified by CARPA.

  17. God forbid that a person if national importance or a relative of theirs fall dead to that deadly plague! See them scramble then to put the right things in place in a timely manner!

  18. Plain, and simple…

    A…the newest member, of the CORONAVIRUS family, known as COVID-19(which by the way is the name, of a Corporation, just like your name – research The Strawman, for further clarification), is a bad azz gangsta, whose weapon of choice is INFLUENZA!
    Heck, for a professed Christian Nation, dying should be fun, your going to heaven! Or are you scared, you’re on your way to see the satan! Hey, SANTA whose next?

    B…Just like others members, of said family, COVID-19 is here to stay. Therefore, EAT to LIVE, and not LIVE to EAT, since, staying as healthy as possible, physically & mentally, not only build a strong immune system, as Nature intended, it’s your first line of defense, against the hundreds to thousands of germs, bacteria, viruses breathe in every day! Heck, body lice will grow on you, if you don’t know what to do! Unfortunately, you cannot sell them like “steam crabs,” smothered in butter!

    C…when, flu like symptoms appear, and you don’t know what to do.
    Either consult a physician, who’ll only give you medicine/pharmaceuticals to mask the symptoms, since, they don’t have a clue, as to what to do with this WUTAN Kung Flu Klan, capturing many lands for the Chinnyman!

    Heck, we already have the remedies right under Our noses, so, if you never paid attention Grannie and Granpa, herbal treatments and remedies, PLEASE contact the nearest Bush Doctor or OBEAH Worker!

    It’s time, to LEGALIZE OBEAH!
    It’s the basis for the religion practices, known as Chinnyman!

  19. I understand privacy. However, how will they determine who the deceased came in contact? The only way I see this being don’t is by publishing the person’s name and photo in the community where he lived and even further. We must be concerned about the living. There’s no stigma for him anymore. His family will just have to deal with whatever stigma there might be for now. It will past. News eventually become no news.

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