WIOC dismisses Observer fake news about suspension of fuel

Old Logo for Observer Publications still being used (FILE PHOTO)

The West Indies Oil Company (WIOC) tonight dismissed a fake news item on Observer Radio news and on its website stating that PDVSA has suspended oil shipments to eight countries in the Petrocaribe arrangement, including Antigua and Barbuda.

WIOC says that the Company has received no such notification from PDVSA.

The company says in any event, even if it were the case that PDVSA had suspended shipments, WIOC is not reliant on fuel supplies from PDVSA for the petroleum requirements of Antigua and Barbuda.

“Indeed, WIOC has always diversified its sources for our range of petroleum products and therefore utilizes a number of suppliers.

WIOC assures the Antigua and Barbuda public that it is fully serviced by its suppliers and it is able now and, in the future, to meet demand. Consequently, there is no need for concern,” a statement added.


  1. All news outlet is known for that shit …..i still rather read or listen to observer than any other in antigua because at thf end of the day all of the rest papers or online news is owned by a corrupt labour party member……

  2. Y’all acting like this is anything new to OMG. They always selling fake news cause it is the only way the can keep their business open.


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