Two Hundred Thousand Snails Caught After First Month Of Bounty Hunting


The Plant Protection Unit has confirmed that more than 200 thousand Giant African Snails have been removed from the environment following its bounty hunter programme.

In April of 2018, the Cabinet approved the sum of EC$100,000 towards a Giant African Snail Bounty Initiative.

Forty (40) of the 75 registrants went on to sign contracts, with at least 50% falling within the 18 – 35 age category.

Bounty Hunters concentrated on 18 snail-infested locations and collected a total of 19,742 lbs of snails in the first month.

The majority of the collections were from Paynters (4,346 lbs), Fitches Creek/Burma (3,315 lbs), Cedar Valley (3,133 lbs), All Saints (2,350 lbs), and Pigotts (1,841 lbs).

On the assumption that one pound of snails comprises 10 individuals, the first month’s effort can be said to have removed approximately 200,000 snails from the environment. 



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