Second Tranche Of Back Pay Still Pending


Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Gaston Browne has been explaining why the second tranche of back pay has not been distributed to public officers.

Many public officers have been publicly calling for answers about when the funds will the paid by the Treasury.

It was promised that it would have been paid before Christmas but to-date many public officers have only received one out of two payments.

“I was told by the Accountant General that they are now focusing on their end of year processing, however, payments will continue next week,” Browne who faced public questions on the issue said.

“I am also told that some of the pensioners who are in the system, they (the treasury) have to do the necessary analysis to see whether or not they eligible.

The research has to be done and its taking a little time,” he added.

According to the prime minister, the money was secure so the issue is not the money, “It is just the share magnitude of work by the relatively shall treasury staff.”

The prime minister indicated that some people have already received their second tranche.

He is hoping that “no later than the middle of the month we will have everybody covered.”

According to Browne, it cost the government over 70 million dollars to pay workers who were owed since 2001.



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