Recycling Efforts To Be Boosted With Additional Man Power


The Ministry the Environment says it will help fund labourers to be stationed at the local recycling plant.

Having been  informed of a temporary closure of the Antigua Barbuda Waste Recycling Corporation, the minister invited officials to a meeting at the Ministry’s Headquarters today.

It was disclosed that ABWREC’s temporary closure resulted from a shortage of labour to cope with the increased volume of recyclable plastic bottles and aluminum cans.

The Ministry committed immediately to assist ABWREC by organizing an additional eight labourers on that specific request. It is anticipated that the additional support will be realized by Monday 28th January 2019.

Both parties discussed a long term strategy dealing with a more robust and extensive recycling program and agreed to establish a closer collaboration in order to meet the nationals demands.


  1. The only solution i see here is that government takes over the operation. For the past months I have been going there the place is a real dump and forms a real health hazard for the neighborhood. It is filled with rodents. The recycling of plastic and cans is not a profitable thing and it is in the interest of the entire country. Just like Cooks Dump. Pay off the Rotary Club for their equipment and give them a one time donation for the part they have played all these years. And actually I suggest re-locating the plant somewhere else not close to the homes.


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