Quarry workers stop work over pay


Bendals Quarry workers downed their tools early this morning because of a failure to deliver on overtime and upgrade pay owed to them for now 5 months.

The men have been given several payment dates during this time and none, until now, have been met by quarry officials.

“They had given us a deadline which was two weeks ago, and then they moved it ahead to last Wednesday, then last Wednesday they moved it to Friday. And Friday came and nothing still happened,” complained a quarry worker who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The crushers at the quarry had also been upgraded and with that so were the qualifications of the operators of those heavy duty machines. The operators were promised ‘upgrade pay’ and have yet to receive that increased remuneration for their new designation.

A meeting between the quarry shop stewards and officials concluded with the workers’ representatives giving another extension for payment of past-due amounts to be delivered by this Thursday, 15 March.

Quarry workers will go back on the job as of tomorrow morning. The workers will also meet tomorrow to decide on pending action should their demands not be met at the mutually agreed upon deadline.


  1. Did Gaston call the election because he knows Antiguans are in for a rough time in 2018 and 2019? How is it that so many people are not being paid unless the government has no money. Hey, they broke.

  2. This is a continue trade mark of this government. They have three and half years to do daily roads maintenance. Why wait until now and rush the work?? The roads will not last too long because of hurry down work.
    I would have dropped my tools until I get what money was owed to me.


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