Asot accuses Chester of immoral behaviour


United Progressive Party St. Phillip South candidate Chester Hughes says he will respond on the political platform to allegations made by St. Peter candidate Asot Michael against him.

Michael told an Antigua Barbuda Labour Party rally in St. Paul constituency last night that Hughes has been knocking down his door for monies to run his campaign.

Speaking at the same event, the ABLP candidate also accused Hughes of immoral behaviour. Michael says it is because of this immoral behaviour that Hughes will lose the St. Phillip South seat in the next general election.

We have not published the remarks because of their defamatory nature.

When contacted, Hughes told our reporter that he will respond to Michael on the campaign trail.

We contacted both the Evangelical Alliance and the Antigua Barbuda Christian Council on the matter, they have not yet responded.


  1. Was Asot sober went he made these comments? “Immoral behaviour” coming from the lips of Asot Michael does not even seem logical. Is this an orchestrated distraction? Sounds Trump like. Like when Trump accused Obama and his team of wire tapping his office to distract from the Russian investigation.

    • Obama did wire tap trump tower illegally. Organized by Obama to help Hillary get some dirt on trump. Still didn’t work out.

  2. Chester never got arrested in London on suspicion of bribery. Chester was never accused by any young woman of sexual assault either and had the complaint vanish into thin air.
    Looks who is talking about morality. Antiguans don’t give a shite about morality or the ALP would not be in power.

  3. thus country is so corrupt asot has had a lot of people arrested in this country for just telling his friend cops I want this guy locked up but when he committed his act of sickness they could not touch him asot could have his men in pares and Parham plant stuff in your yard then called ray Charles to check your yard to have u put in prison this man is corrupt and anybody who vote for him is real real sick also. …stop stop voting for corruption

  4. Asot should do himself and his party a favor and keep his mouth shut. He is really making himself a joker. Best thing Gaston Brown did was to take away his ministerial powers. They should look to throw his ass out of the party next cause his is just a disgrace not only to ABLP but Antigua as a whole. ABLP better off without him.

    • Asot is a disgrace but is he worse than the other members of his government? They will not throw him out of the party because he knows where all the skeletons are buried. A lot of people would be glad if he were thrown out because maybe he would get mad and talk. The only way the party will get rid of him is if he is charged by the British government.

  5. Asot Micheal please don’t speak about immorality. Your time is coming soon though. The British will come knocking again and time around you will be held for a great lenght of year’s


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